It's been so long that I don't recall how the special effects were but it's tone and moodiness have stuck with me to this day. To all who loved this film there is an online petition : Here is also the address of a new growing and interesting group : The reason why I write here those explanations is that I admit that the Bermuda Depths lovers are in a difficult situation.

Maybe they could do some kind of remake or clean up the effects somehow, but if you liked films like the Big Blue or Atlantis then this corny little number is for you. I think I had repressed the memory in my 20's and 30's, until the past couple of years. Anyone is free to email me at [email protected] for any information on finding this super movie. I saw some of it again recently on a poor quality VHS tape and the minitaures suck, the title sequence is corny, and the acting is wanting, but the story itself, the images and tones that it offers from it´s romance of the sea is simply lovely and wonderful.

I beg any movie lover out there to please try to find this and watch it because they don't make movies like this anymore it is so simple in its presentation yet for my money is better than any $100 million Hollywood blockbuster because I forget half of them when I walk out of the theater but I still remember this movie from over 20 years ago.

For years I had strange dreams about this movie and like most others, nobody else could remember it. Magnus goes down to the beach and meets Jennie. At Doshan's insistence, Dr. Paulis boards a helicopter to fly out to the boat. I can be reached at [email protected] Just please be warned, it is not a well made piece, just a great story and tribute to the mystery of the ocean.

Doomwatch is the nickname for the Department of Measurement of Scientific Work. Please!

Paulis explains that Lionel was conducting tests regarding mutation in sea life when he was attacked and apparently eaten. Like most everyone else here, I saw this on TV when I was a kid, was haunted by it, never knew the name, couldn't find anyone who had heard of it.

I picked up a bit on the mood of the doomed summer romance, etc. He shoots at a form he can see only vaguely. Special effects and creature elements were handled by Tsuburaya Productions, most famous for the Ultraman franchise. A getaway driver comes out of retirement to pull off one last run - one that could send him to an early grave instead. My current one at the time was a wood turtle named Dimitri. I saw some of it again recently on a poor quality VHS tape and the minitaures suck, the title sequence is corny, and the acting is wanting, but the story itself, the images and tones that it offers from it´s romance of the sea is simply lovely and wonderful. Traumatized, orphaned college dropout Magnus Dens returns to Bermuda to find the cause of his father's mysterious death years before. Echoing what others have said, I saw this movie when I was about 16. I found this review site and was amazed at such similar stories. This one *seriously* needs to be released on DVD. I was 8 years old when I saw this movie and all I remember is the sound of the ocean and the haunting memory of a lovely phantom girl who waits for her childhood love. Interestingly enough, the 'haunting' music that some reference, for me, wasn't "Jenny", but rather the the whale song played throughout and at the end of the movie. If anyone knows how I would be able to obtain a copy of this movie, please let me know. Anyways back to this film I saw it when it came out. Then it disappeared. No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. It reminds me of the style of Ray Bradbury. After sundown, the boat's power mysteriously gives out, the compass spins crazily. We saw it in 1979 when I was 11 years old, and my brother was 7. He tells her some of his memories from childhood, while she describes the quadrilles her father would hold in their great hall. The trawl lines finally catch the turtle, which is so large it begins to tear through the net.

Eric and Magnus resume trawling. To wrap things up, I found at Amazon for a good price and watched it with my family last night. Magnus is intrigued by the necklace she wears, which resembles his own.

The Bermuda Depths is a Japanese / American co-production 1978 fantasy film originally broadcast as a made-for-TV movie written by Arthur Rankin Jr. of Rankin/Bass fame. Based on that, I don't know why I bothered to watch it, but I'm glad I did. It was beautifully shot and though some of the special effects are outdated, it doesn't really subtract from the movie. Magnus leaves the boat's cabin, finds Jennie on board the ship. Use the HTML below. He also meets Jennie Haniver, a mysterious young woman who was once his only childhood friend. After some trawling, they again find something dragging on the line. an eerie, wistful, dreamlike horror-fantasy. What I mean is ditto to every other comment on this board. Certificate: GP Make sure you sign the petition at the website listed in a previous comment!

On the ferry leaving Bermuda, Magnus removes the necklace Jennie had given him and sadly throws it into the sea. His description of the incident to Dr. Paulis is not taken seriously.

For some reason, I thought it was "Archelon" Maybe a local station changed it or something. Two scientists suspect that there is someone other than their research primates inhabiting their polar station.

Dr. Paulis calls out to Delia to hurry up with dinner. I've mentioned it in passing several times and always got a crazy look. The movie first aired in the United States January 27, 1978 on ABC, and was later released to theaters in Japan. - but since the majority of the Rankin/Bass catalog today seems to be under the control of Warner Brothers (who are clueless about releasing older movies on DVD), it will probably never happen. Awards I remember the movie as if it was yesterday. Am I the only person who has ever seen this?

i.e. I guess the first viewing may of disappointed me a bit. giant turtle in lovely blue Bermuda waters. Films with screenplays by Arthur Rankin Jr. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The sounds made by the giant turtle are in fact, This page was last edited on 22 September 2020, at 02:41. Please I beg anyone who remembers this movie to try to find a way to convince the copyright owner to re-release it on DVD I think they would be surprised at the response it would get. It turns out she has psychic and telekinetic powers, and she uses them against a rival sorority. Defying orders to lay-off the case, two Los Angeles vice-squad cops go after a local mobster and use unorthodox methods to achieve results. While her future seems bright, she soon learns that everyone around her wants to use her.

At the Bermuda Biological Station, he finds Eric and Dr. Paulis, friends and colleagues of his late father, and joins them on a quest for gigantic sea creatures. This may be their best known, if only because (especially evident in these user comments) so many people remember it from their childhoods! Action. Maybe they could do some kind of remake or clean up the effects somehow, but if you liked films like the Big Blue or Atlantis then this corny little number is for you. 28 years later, by pure accident, I wind up in a conversation with someone who knew of the Bermuda Depths. Did a Google search for "giant sea turtle movie," expecting to find a bunch of links about Gamera, but what do you know, I find this whole community of people on IMDb who were just as affected by that movie, all these years later -- weird. Magnus awakens to Eric and Dr. Paulis arguing. Search for "The Bermuda Depths" on, Title: External Reviews She returns to the ocean, telling him her name is Jennie Haniver. I thought I was the only one who remembered the giant sea turtle movie, or maybe I dreamed up the whole thing. It is available on DVD-R on-demand directly from the Warner Bros. Warner Archive shop.[1].

This movie is my Holy Grail.

I remember my brother recorded the song Jennie because we loved it so much and to this day it still haunts my memory. As a result of watching the movie, this piece of music, my love for my turtle, and the haunting nature of the story became fused into one. Thanks, Nancy, I to remember watching this made for TV movie when it first aired in the 70's and I haven't seen it since. I can't explain it I think I was like 9 or 10 when I watched it with my mom and my brother, and to this day we still talk about it and wish we could find it on tape or DVD. Jumping a few years later, both are playing with a grown turtle, Magnus carves "J+M" inside a heart on the turtle's shell while Jennie makes a cowrie shell necklace for Magnus. Late 70s early 80s…prologue has young boy playing with girl on beach. I can see why, since there are some haunting images and scenes (like the long opening where hardly a word is spoken), skillful use of classical music, themes of loss and despair, and a decidingly un-Hollywood ending. Paulis is dismayed. Suddenly, the boat lists violently to one side and the net they pulled up has been shredded by something very large and strong.

Scientists investigating the briny deep are threatened by a giant turtle and the spirit of a young brunette swimmer in the Bermuda Triangle.

I even have a song called Sea Turtle that I feel captures the bond that Jenny hanniver has with the turtle. We sometimes find that summer romance in life that is just lasts that moment and is gone. Metacritic Reviews. I recommend this movie for anyone who's been to Bermuda or is thinking of going.I stayed up late one night just to tape this movie on my VCR and I'll tell you,it was worth it !!! The doomed romance element still makes my heart ache. I was reminded of Bermuda Depths while watching Whale Rider last night, and the scene where the girl begins to ride the whale into the depths -- that scene in Whale Rider reminded me of the end of Bermuda Depths (of course Whale Rider had a happier ending), where the guy gets dragged down by the turtle, and the carvings on the turtle, ooh boy has that stuck with me.