The island is a pirate stronghold ruled by Xenia.

Included are walkthrough, guide, tips, and more for Episode 5! It's perfect for ranged combat with bows & arrows. The Amazonian's Circlet can be acquired by eliminating Pallas the Silencer in a Conquest Battle in Achaia. Most of the temples are heavily guarded by soldiers or bandits. This is a temple in Attika, found in the south of the Sacred Plain of Demeter. As far as i know (AFAiK), Korinthia contains 20 historical locations. Rock and Roll; Stone Cold

Jason's Golden Fleece can be acquired by eliminating the mercenary with the suffix the Resplendent. You'll need to head into Sparta in Lakonia to locate the temple. Argolis and Korionthis are what you’ll be exploring after Athens if you are looking for level appropriate content. Return to the Adrestia and when you dock at Koressia, a cutscene reveals that Gotarzes is Xenia's brother. It's best paired with Adrenaline increasing weapons such as the Sword of Damokles to be effective.

It can be hunted in Kythera Island.

The Waistband of the Immortal can be acquired by eliminating Melite in Kydonia in the land of Messara. It's the perfect armor set for sneaking around & eliminating targets quietly yet instantly. Xenia has a commanding presence and she will display behavior not often associated with a supposedly bloodthirsty pirate as the conversation progresses.

You'll receive a clue about the Arena after you've defeated your first mercenary - Talos. It's an effective all-around armor set for those who are fond of using their Abilities. You'll find the artifact in one of the chests. The Cultists be hunted down after completing the Episode 3 of the Main Quest.

Agamemnon's Waistband can be acquired by eliminating The Centaur of Euboea in the Copper Mine in the northern-central part of Euboea.

This chapter of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey walkthrough includes a description of all Ainigmata Ostraka hidden across Korinthia. level before you fight against the 2nd round of Arena opponents as most of them are at Level 50 already & can overpower you. She now goes by the name of Phoenix and she sailed southwest. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use.

This set is one of the best set to use to deal massive damage. This is just west of the fast travel point at the statue of the Reclining Lion.

Version: 1 | Updated: 05/14/2019 FAQ of the Month Winner: May 2019. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. The crew has mutinied and mean to kill their captain.

I'm at the part where I'm heading to Lakonia.


After killing Kallisto the Bear, go to Daphnae & turn in its hide to receive the Master's Artemis belt.

Location of Ainigmata Ostraka: You can find it in the Sacred Cave, within the city.

When journeying through the lands of Greece, you'll come across ornate legendary chests that hold treasure inside. You may need to proceed further in the story to eliminate these members. It's perfect for brawlers who want to jump into the frey of the fight, without worrying about enemy damage. Check Out the ... by eliminating Chrysis at the end of the "Ashes for Ashes" main story quest or "Death Comes For Us All" Side Quest in Argolis.

Athenian War Hero Gauntlets can be acquired by eliminating Brisos at the Salamis Marble Quarry in Salamis Island, Attika. When equipped, the Pirate Set grants an additional 15% damage to your Assassin abilities. You can loot the Pilgrim's Boots from a legendary chest inside the Temple of Britomartis.

Meditate until nightfall and you may need to drop one or two to reach the top of the building to retrieve the tablet.

Speak to Obelia on the Keos dock.

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Mallet of Everlasting Flame (Heavy Blunt), Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon (Heavy Bladed), 【Genshin Impact】City Reputation System Guide, 【Genshin Impact】Unusual Hilichurls Location, +10% Intoxicated Damage and Weakening Effect, +10% Health Restored with Overpower Abilities, -40% Adrenaline Consumed by Shadow of Nyx Ability, +15% Assassin Damage +20% Movement Speed while Crouching. . Equipping the entire Spartan War Hero Set will grant you a massive damage boost when you use any Warrior Abilities. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The house is defended by six guards, but killing them all is not necessary.

Please say if u know of any other historical locations.

Noxious Boots can be acquired by eliminating Midas in Argo's Agora located in Argolis. It also comes with a legendary spear & a Spartan Renegade skin for Phobos.

It's the temple in the City of Argos, in the region of Argolis.

The Isu and Cult will take you to the rest of the regions that you haven't visited yet and IMO it's better for immersion when you first arrive on an island and then do your business before moving on like one continuous journey.

On this website u can see maps revealing the 364 historical locations that i & others have found in AC Odyssey (plus 6 more which are debatable) To see the historical locations for each region please click on the Orange Rectangle Buttons BTW purple armor is better than gold because it gives more engravings. The Greek Heroes armor set is ideal for all-around defense & damage control.

Head to Messara, to Little Egypt, at one of the narrow points of the island. The Pirate Hood can be acquired by eliminating Melanthos who is sailing around the seas to the west of Messara. Each part of the Spartan War Hero Set can be acquired by defeating Cultist members of the Peloponnesian League. Achaia. One of the chests is located in an underwater passage. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks.

Check Out Best Skills to Unlock & Ability List, Spartan War Hero Set - Stats & How to Get, Athenian War Hero Set - Stats & How to Get. It's also a good mix of city and nature with few barren areas. Check Out How The Phokis Side Quest Guide! The Amazonian Outfit can be acquired by eliminating Belos, Beast of Sparta - a contender in the Arena in Pephka.

Despite her reputation, she will be forthcoming but that information has a steep price. They are bantering about a valuable shipment of miltos that has been highjacked south of Keos by a pirate captain named Gotarzes.

Spartan War Hero Boots can be acquired by eliminating Kallias, can be spotted near Fort Koroibos in Elis. Legendary armor sets are useful & powerful equipment that you can collect throughout your gameplay. AFAIK, Akrokorinth contains 2 historical locations: AFAIK, Isthmus of Poseidon contains 7 historical locations: AFAIK, Korinth contains 8 historical locations: AFAIK, Kraneion Plains contains 2 historical locations: AFAIK, Valley of Judgment contains 1 historical location: This armor set gives a good bonus to Warrior Damage but truly shines in its Adrenaline-boosting perks - virtually never running out of Adrenaline for Ability use. Interact with the doorway and you will witness her fury when she teaches a slaver a lesson, savagely marking him and sending him away. Each part of the Pirate Set can be acquired by defeating Cultist members of the Gods of the Aegean Sea. It's best to check the list to see which mercenary is carrying what piece and then track them.

The Pirate Armor can be acquired by eliminating The Octopus who can be found sailing in the seas below Thera & Anaphi, above Messara. The Slithering Belt can be acquired by eliminating Sotera who can be found near the docks of the Port of Nisaia in Megaris.

Kill him and he will have a Cultist clue. 1 year ... I’ve always wanted the next AC game to have an immersive camera angle. The following section focuses on all major choices in the fifth chapter of Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

Cyclopean Head of Medusa, (The provinces of Grove Kromyon & Valley of the Pegasos contain 0 historical locations, AFAIK), Locations which reveal info only when HISTORICAL LOCATIONS' selected on the map, but which don't trigger the "NEW HISTORICAL LOCATION DISCOVERED" message !. Spartan War Hero Armor can be acquired by eliminating Skylax the Fair, the Nation Leader of Euboea. He'll appear during a Naval Conquest Battle in the Obsidian Islands. You may need to proceed further in the story to eliminate these members. Assassin's Creed Odyssey > General Discussions > Topic Details. The Pilgrim's Hood can be found in a chest in Eleusis Telestrion. One is located on the beach and five underwater near the wreckage. She says that an ancient Minoan treasure map has been stolen and stashed in the former leader's house.

The Athenian War Hero Belt can be acquired by eliminating Rhexenor the Hand in the "A-Musing Tale" Side Quest in Athens in Episode 8. You may need to proceed further in the story to eliminate these members.

7- argolis 2- korinthia 1- megaris 4- attika 5- boeotia 1- lokris 6- phokis 1- maris 3- makedonia 2- thasos 3- lemos 6- lesbos 5- chios 6- euboea 2- skyros 3- samos 3- kos 4- keos 1- seriphos 2- delos 3- mykonos 1- paros 4- naxos 1- hydrea 1- melos 1- thera 1- anaphi 5- kythera island 9- messara 3- pephka.

Partnered with its unique perk, it can perform excellently in long fights such as Conquest Battles. Press J to jump to the feed.

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Spartan Renegade Set - Stats & How to Get, ▶Assassin's Creed Odyssey Official Website. This chapter of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey walkthrough includes a description of all Ainigmata Ostraka hidden across Korinthia.

You can find the item on the planks lying on the sand.

Sail south to the small islet of Lestris which is located south of Keos. Disembark and be aware that killing any of Xenia's minions will cost drachmae, so make your way to her marker at the Temple of Athena Nedousia, avoiding confrontations along the way. It's ideal for assassination missions while using poison abilities & weapons.

do i really have to sail all the way there or can i somehow teleport my ship Sneaking in to simply steal the National Treasure is doable, but expect several hostiles to loiter nearby. The Athenian War Hero Set not only boosts Hunter Damage, it grants bonuses to Bow Charging Speed & some Hunter Abilities. Each part of the Agamemnon Set can be acquired by defeating Cultist members of the Silver Vein. You may need to proceed further in the story to eliminate these members.

Makedonia and Messena for sure you'll be visiting.

Each part of the Master's Artemis Set can be acquired by killing the targeted legendary creatures throughout Greece in the "Daughters of Artemis" Side Quest found in Phokis. He is roaming around the island of Lemnos in the Hephaistos Islands.

This triggers the side mission, We're Treasure Hunters. You must be fighting on the side of Athens for Pallas to appear on the battlefield. The Pirate Waistband can be acquired by eliminating Sokos. Amazon's Greaves can be acquired by eliminating Deianeira who can be found roaming Boaetia or in the Cave of the Oracle.