Other psychological problems, however, might be caused by life experiences, such as grief over losing their close friends or spouses.

Courses in these programs focus on the physical, psychological and social changes that happen as people age. Some of these problems might be caused by physical changes, like mood swings that accompany menopause or depression caused by chronic illness. Gerontologists work with, or on behalf of, the elderly. They may offer counseling or therapy for things such as depression, anxiety, and grief. According to World Wide Learn, gerontologists can hold a variety of jobs. Today, gerontology is still a growing field. Gerontologists might also be able to find employment in residential retirement communities, attending to the physical and emotional needs of older adults. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. Due to the field of gerontology being so vast in ways to use the degree, a variety of jobs can be held by a person who has a degree in gerontology.

This means more demand for gerontological professionals. Home health aides earned an average of $9.34 per hour, and nursing aides made approximately $10.67 per hour, according to World Wide Learn. Because there are more effective medical treatments in the world today, the number of elderly individuals in the world today is higher than ever.

The term does not necessarily refer to one career in particular; it describes professionals from various educational backgrounds who aim to improve seniors' standards of living by supporting either their physical or emotional health, as well as promoting and ensuring other related lifestyle needs. In 1945, the Gerentological Society of America was founded, and Birren was one of its first presidents.

Individuals interested in a gerontology career might go on to work as researchers, or they may choose to work directly with older adults. Find Schools. In the 1940's, James Birren began organizing the field of gerontology.

Administrative Gerontology: Administrative gerontologists are responsible for the programs and leadership related to applied gerontology. The average salary ranks 12th among states in the country. Find out which top universities offer degree programs in health and fitness. As scientists create more wonder drugs and treatments, more and more people are living to ripe old ages. Adult enrichment programs provide recreational therapy for senior citizens.

Professionals in this field can help meet the needs of older adults on a mental, emotional, social, and physical level. In 2006, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found health care managers reported a median annual income of $73,340. Gerontologists work in many different facilities. Gerontologists may also work with other health care professionals to help meet the unique needs of older adults. As we grow older, our minds and bodies begin to change slowly. Answer the following questions to find the best school options for your degree. Aides with medical backgrounds can provide more specialized physical care. In general, to start a gerontology career, many students usually start with a bachelor's degree in psychology, social work, or nursing. Experts in the science of aging, Gerontologist cater to the unique needs of older adults. Undergraduate degrees are usually enough for some to start their gerontology careers in entry level positions, such as aides in senior centers and nursing homes. People who have graduated with a degree in gerontology commonly hold jobs as social workers, health … Health care workers who hold degrees in gerontology often work their way up the ladder to become health care managers, according to World Wide Learn. Employment Outlook & Career Guidance for Cultural Psychologists, Following in the Footsteps of the Psychology Experts, Online Psychology and Counseling Programs.