It's the PS4 hard drive undergoing some bad sectors. If this is the case, you may be able to fix your drive fairly easily. Wake up using power button (“Keep Application Suspended” disabled). Wake up by putting a disk in the disk tray (PS4 won’t take the disk for the first couple of seconds after waking up). In case the problem is serious, do not leave the drive plugged in for more than it takes to determine if the drive is still beeping and immediately unplug it. PS4 Not Connecting to WiFi Network | Fixed by Experts, Best PS4 Internal Hard Drive Replacements [Nov 2020], PS4 Sound Is Not Working | Totally Fixed By Experts, Why Is PS4 Beeping, and How to Fix it? If you confirm then that it’s the PS4 hard drive that causes this issue, you have to try first to fix it before seeking a replacement. It is sometimes possible to retrieve data from a failing external drive by removing it from its case and connecting to it directly to the computer via SATA cable. Wake up using power button while a game is suspended. Some external drives (e.g. This is only successful in about one in ten cases. With most hard drive malfunctions, unskilled attempts to fix the problem — or repeated attempts to reconnect the drive — can cause further damage. Before you roll up your sleeves and attempt to do your own repairs, though, carefully consider the value of the data on your external hard drive. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All Rights Reserved. It is suffering from bad sectors... Wake up using controller (“Keep Application Suspended” disabled). Do not attempt this procedure if you do not have the proper equipment and experience! Experts Suggest, PS4 Hard Drive Failure? Your email address will not be published. Different external hard drives indicate different kinds of problems by emitting an audible beep. Required fields are marked *. Maxtor OneTouch or Seagate FreeAgent Go Classic) come with dual-port cables designed to hook into two USB ports at one time. You’ll need a SATA dock or a SATA / USB adapter at a bare minimum. If you hear beeping sound from your external seagate hard drive, don’t worry. I saw it connected to the previous owners ps4 and was able to tell that it was working I get it home and plug it in, go into devices, and it's not showing up as connected. While hooking up both ports is normally not necessary, plugging in both connectors may give a starving drive the power boost it needs! Try to full format it by connecting it to a computer. Tried it…..and so far no more beeping. In some situations like yours that might work as the problem is with the Disc drive. Copy all your files to an alternative external hard drive or, even better, to a cloud storage service. I’ve learned over the past, that if you want the very best odds of recovering your data successfully, your best bet is to bring your drive to a data recovery specialist immediately. Hard Drive Beeping Noise; What should you do. Read a fix about tape over eject sensor. Now just follow these steps and retrieve all Depending on why your hard drive beeps, the specific issue, you may or may not have access to the drive when it’s plugged into your computer. Ensure that the latest system software update is installed on your PS4 system. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. What’s the Best Replacement Hard Drive for PS4? (DO NOT ACTUALLY REMOVE THE SCREWS that hold the drives’s metal casing together, or open the actual hard drive itself). If your external drive starts beeping at you, you should really contact an expert sooner rather than later. HOW TO FIX External hard drive beeping and clicking - YouTube Pressing eject button while no disk is present (PS4 beeps twice). | Reasons, Symptoms and Solutions, Cannot Start the Application (CE-30005-8) | Fixed by Experts, PS4 Storage Expert | All Rights Reserved ©2017-2019, Common and Easily Fixed Beeping PS4 Problems. What happens when a faithful external drive gives up the ghost? Click the link to know how to fix PS4 external hard drive issues. | Experts’ Advice, PS4 Won’t Turn On | Totally Fixed By Experts, PS4 External Hard Drive NOT Recognized NOT Working [Fixed], How to Fix Frozen PS4 Completely? In this case, the disk is completely damaged an unusable; there is not any way Wake up using controller while a game is suspended. Plug your drive into a different USB port on your computer, and try using a different cable if you have one available. When it comes to more aggressive repair work on your drive, you should tread very carefully. only with that particular game or with every game? While the details vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the most common problem that causes beeping is a lack of power (no manufacturer is immune: iOmega , Maxtor, Western Digital, LaCie, Seagate, Toshiba, etc). Hard drive failures are intensely frustrating, but they’re not all that exceptional. If this is not the problem then your drive is experiencing a  more serious issue: One fairly safe step to take is to try a few different connection combinations to restore full power to your external hard drive. You may not have to try them If the data on your drive is particularly important and you’ve never pulled a drive from its case before, it’s a much better idea to simply take it to a specialist. You all are gonna laugh but I have the beeping Randomly and sometimes it tries to eject a disc that isn’t there. Tags: beepingExternal Hard DriveExternal Hard DrivesiOmega External Hard Drive, RAID RecoveryHard Drive Data Recovery Service. Yes it's the hard drive. Thanks for sharing your experience with us that may help some readers. PS4 external hard drive issues can be quite frustrating, especially when you have new titles waiting to be played. Firms that specialize in this field have a vast array of tools and techniques at their disposal to get your data off your drive and restore it to proper working order (if at all possible). If your external hard drive starts making a beeping noise, here’s what you need to know. Your email address will not be published. If you can, connect it to another PS4 and check whether it works there or not. Tip: Maybe your Seagate external hard drive beeps 11 times but not recognized with a flashing light or you meet hard drive beeping and not booting. Published 12/08/2018. You can troubleshoot the issue by following the clear instructions below. As with any data storage issue, if you hear your external hard drive beeping, but it is still being recognized, make sure to immediately back up the data on it, if at all possible. Updated September 29, 2015. The issue may well be caused by a faulty cable or a bad port. What an external hard drive beeping noise might mean Different external hard drives indicate different kinds of problems by emitting an audible beep. I recently bought a used external hard drive for my ps4. If the PS4 hard drive is not physically damaged, a full format should restore … replace the PS4 internal hard drive with a better drive. © 2016 - 2020. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Improper shutdown due to PS4 crashing (PS4 beeps multiple times). While the details vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the most common problem that causes beeping is a lack of power (no manufacturer is immune: iOmega, Maxtor, Western Digital, LaCie, Seagate, Toshiba, etc). Now, if the external hard drive passed all these three points, yet it still not recognized nor working, you have to suspect the PS4 console. We’ve put together four steps below.