The other required buildings are the School for Workers/Artisans, the University for Artisans/Engineers, and Electricity for Engineers/Investors. Press J to jump to the feed. Fulfilling luxury needs in Old and New World makes the population pay higher taxes and raises happiness. Fulfilling basic needs increases the number of inhabitants in each house. Fulfilling heat - the need to stay warm - in The Arctics will also make the Arctic population pay higher taxes, but instead of raising happiness, this will help prevent outbreaks of the Arctic Flu. The amount of people moving into each house of this tier due to fulfilling this need. May I use this for a calculating website? For example, one extra pig not used each hour eventually filling up your warehouse forcing you to either sell it or do something about it. For my city, the two trees I used were the Mature Tree and Apple Tree from the Farmer tier, though feel free to experiment with other trees from other tiers.

We take our time and don’t let ourselves be rushed by release dates or news trends. One thing to pay attention to is how you connect your middle residence in blocks that are on the edge of your coverage zones. Any chance you could upload it somewhere else? Houses have to be full in order to advance to higher population tiers. In the image to the right, you can see examples of residence only blocks, blocks with public buildings, and even how to arrange residences to allow a railroad to move through existing blocks. Since luxury buildings are not a requirement to fill or advance a house, dark green coverage is not a necessity for every residence.

However, each tier shares a needs building with the tier above and below it. The Anno 1800 Needs Calculator is a spreadsheet showing you if you meet the needs of your population based on your residences and production.It includes functionality for residences spread across multiple islands and taking the efficiency of your production chains into account.. Anno 1800 Needs Calculator. Connect the middle residence from different sides compared to neighboring blocks. It's easy to create, and expandable to fit your workforce and population needs.

In some instances it might be more efficient for two or more public buildings to share the same block, but aesthetic variability will favor placing them in different blocks. Try not to continue tree lines from one block onto neighbor blocks unless you have no other option. This thread is archived.

166. A lot of this will depend on the shape of your island as well. The end result is the exact amount of production facilities you need.

1 1. However, the luxury tax you gain from a residence house will decrease very sharply the further they get from the dark green coverage. Then join in or support us financially. For anyone who's interested in having the excel file:, I love the idea of using the offline spreadsheet but this link will be easier for me to use from my phone! The Anno 1800 consumption calculator by Schwubbe And to stay in-topic, community member Schwubbe demonstrated some serious engineering skills (and probably 1.1kg Coffee/min) to put together his Anno 1800 consumption calculator. Anno 2070 Deep Ocean - Supply & demand calculator v1.01 ... Now you can download the calculator to use it offline! This is where the modular placement really comes in handy. If you've tried to make your blocks out of 9x9 or 6x15 sizes, for example, you've probably run into difficulty if you needed to add a public building as your citizens advance. Green is the total count of production units that produce the desired end-product you need for your population. This guide will help you create your very own variable and modular city layout using 10x10 blocks, with room for aesthetic enhancements as well. Here's just a couple tips in making blocks: 1.) To start the layout, it's best to begin in a corner of your island where you can fit at least 4-5 blocks in each direction. 3.)

There are a number of calculators available to help you calculate the needs of your population and how many production buildings you will need to satisfy them, you can find an overview of all available calculators here. With an optimal ratio of production buildings you can easily achieve a positive monetary balance. Adding luxury buildings and connecting buildings to other sides of the block.

the flour mill does not depend anymore on the bakery (becoming unnecessary) and the wheat depends on the bakery. Is it easy to tab out of the game, change the stats of the excel and tab into game?