Town Halls have the same influence cost as trade unions, and a larger radius. I'm sure the right combination of items gets you -100%, or you can settle for -50% and augment production. Also if you have 100% worker reduction and therefore no houses on your island your island is immune to fires and riots. If you made it this far I applaud your dedication to my dreadfully dull explanation of such an important and interesting aspect of Anno 1800!

But the items gained as described in your post can also be gained from the World Fair. Press J to jump to the feed. This is targeted to those looking to focus more on aesthetic design for their world or sustain diverse populations across multiple islands. Because those happen too rarely, especially "gift" quests, to justify the influence spend on town halls. To compesate it's size it has some advantages compared to a normal townhall.

Correct, however building a pub takes up less space and maintenance cost although doesn't look at pretty. Just provide some fish, work clothes, soap, and school and the rest is taken care of. Stuff like range and increased workforce don't seem particular useful either. Gordon the Master Grocer - +5 happiness and free beer, perhaps I'm biased but this really is a great item for anyone going for anything other than investor farms, and even then still a great item.

Again similar to trade unions they cannot overlap, but due to the increased radius placement is more forgiving. Increased happiness increases quest frequency and ease, it turns from find x to heres a gift for you every few minutes. Frankly I'm still not convinced on their use though. To drive this point home here are two screenshots of absurd ranges enabled by using NPC sold or easily attained items. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He also sells an item that makes Marketplaces +10 attractiveness. Combine this with the item below for absolute shenanigans.

This guide should help newer players grasp the often overwhelming complexity of town hall mechanics, and aid experienced players in utilizing game play elements they simply haven't had the time to explore.

Unless you're cheating.

It's also possible they've been included as easter eggs.

Mssr. agree you also have many items to use jornaleros instead of obreros for certain buildings (and thus needing a lot less goods to produce to make obreros). While lategame acquiring pearls usually isn't too problematic, gold can very often be a bottleneck with engineers and investors. If they're short on range you could just, you know, build another one.

The developers did state in the past that there would be easter egg items in the game that keen eyes could point out. In this Trade Routes, Items and Expeditions Guide for Anno 1800 we’ve covered all the different types of trade routes & their pros and cons as well as items and expeditions. Granted, you'll only get specialists. I've got a very limited amount of influence left, and it just doesn't seem worth it to me to spend the remaining influence in town halls. Again, I'm really interested in what you think off all this! Seriously?

What are character items used for? For aesthetic builds these are the items I see underused the most, there are 0 reasons to compromise on need importance when your public services (church, bank, marketplace etc.) So now the very 1st thing I do is to go to La Isla townhall, get Dr. Louis out and put him back again. Link to my project beautify post which showcases these items in use!

As aforementioned, happy citizens = better gifts + more festivals = better access to endgame items. Range is helpful for building aesthetically or decreasing maintenance costs overall, but what most of you don't know is the happier residents get the better gifts they give you. Couple that with just three slots in the town hall and it's too limiting.

When you combine this with Archibald in a town hall, build a pub and marketplace (Or combine both with grocer to build only a pub) and watch as your workers needs fill to 100%. The only items that are super relevant for an investor farm play through are items like the old factory bell (50% workforce and 25% reduction in maintenance) which can help you bring workforce down to 0 , can only be acquired through super happy workers. Lord Farquahar's Alcohol Tax Amendment - additional +12 happiness from alcohol needs. - Gordon the Master Grocer (for the free Beer), - Millicent's Manifesto of the Suffragette (this one i think is the best, +18 happiness, +15% workforce and - 30% riot chance). So I'm really interested in what you think of my views. Another key use of the Town Hall is with items that add attractiveness to really boost your visitor population. For example, I still don't grasp what happiness does exactly.

While at first glance this may look like a bad item the need reduction does NOT negatively affect newspapers. I assume you got them through quests?

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Buildings. If you enjoy this content or would like to see more be sure to follow and let me know in the comments! The idea is to try and increase the workforce as much as possible in the New World while meeting their needs/happiness. Townhall-monument. It does NOT replace xforce's Mod Loader, but simply installs it from his github repository, and manages the mods in your mod directory through an easy to use UI. There's also another common item there that reduces the maintenance cost by 75% and a book for -25%, which is a great way to boost attractiveness.

A commonly found rare item from visitors and very easily overlooked for the huge range boost. What may be even more impressive is that university in the center of the city (near the bank) provides 100% university need to all of those engineer residences.

- Dr. Mercier's Anarchy Poster [Income per house: -20%] [Workforce: +25%] [Chance of Riots: -100%], - The Historical Sophism of the Doctrinaire School of Communism [Happiness: +15] [Income per house: -15%] [Workforce: +40%]. All book items too my knowledge are sold by Eli Bleakworth and Sir Archibald Blake.The various item values that can be adjusted are as follows; Each of these has various different applications however the most useful I've found are the values in bold below.

Right now I pretty much got all my influence invested in trade unions, my zoo, museum, ships, commuter piers and islands. Sales Clerk - +40% range and +10 attractiveness for marketplaces.

There is a lot of information on how to create what I call investor farms (gameplay focused on sustaining massive late game populations). Increases happiness +5 and supplies beer.

9 I get for example 8 roasters and 16 coffee plantations with -95% workforce.

If I have just changed things around, have tons of people, I give them happy people. In summary you're right, but only for playing one very specific way. Fun fact you can set up a trade route to an NPC by selecting their island on the map in the trade route menu, and do this automatically to sell off excess goods. But realistically ... they are just going to sit there pissed on rum eating the sewing machines and asking for photos every time one of them gets a job, so ... Mostly I give them industry and serfs and just build a few more hospitals. It uses the processes in place and made popular by xforce for modding. I chose not to include them since most players post with townhalls being used in this way, and to me it feels like exploiting game mechanics.

And lots of this info can be useful in multiplayer as well. I don't know whether this bug affects everyone or only part of the players, but everyone should be aware of the possibility. I'm open to editing and adding if this gets a positive reception as well as diving into other aspects of gameplay.

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Cookies help us deliver our Services. Patriarch Grigor's Calender of Holy Days - +60% range on church and chapel. What's the point in investing the influence to help your world residents lead happy lives so they can consume metric tons of assorted goods? This item is insanely good and affects all resident tiers with an especially strong increase to workers and artisans. Share with friends: Description; Image & Screenshots; Videos; Credits; This mod adds a special townhall, which you can build up in 3 stages. View mod page; View image gallery; Townhall-monument. Through items like Nate's Human IncarN8 Nr.

Doch aufgrund ihrer Vielzahl sind die verschiedenen Items auch für erfahrene Spieler nur schwer unter einen Hut zu bringen. Specifically, as opposed to other ways to spend your influence. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. With beer supplied by item the excess production of this can be sold to Pirate NPCs (Jean and Anne) for 520 a unit.