New Zealand- “Surf Nelson” (90’s), “Wave Rave”. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. Most are all in the 90’s. Get unlimited & exclusive access to market insights, jobs and news articles plus subscriber benefits and more. Surfing Life has been the premier Australian source of all things surfing since 1985. In all there were 20 issues of “The Surf” published every week on Saturday from December 1st, 1917 until April 13th, 1918. France also produced a one off titled “Surfing Cote Basque”. News Facebook Instagram You Tube Tik Toc LinkedIn. 1966 saw another US title “Competition Surf” being produced and a one off “Surfing Times” newspaper style production. Catch surf has attracted the world’s top pros and surf personalities to its team; which continues to push the company’s ethos to the max; by surfing massive waves, doing huge airs and simply having more fun than anyone else. Coaching Judging Renewals. Once upon a time the only way to stay in touch with the surfing world was to get a copy of the latest surf magazine from a shop or a friend. In 1954 the first Makaha International Surf Championships produced a program, which is widely recognized as the first full surf publication. Surf Schools Boardrider Clubs SurfGroms Memberships Shore Thing Surf For Life Subscribe. Germany- “Brett”, “Stoke” History of Surfing followed, then Above the Roar. 1995 Australia “Deep” , Argentina “Rad” still in production but known as “Mondo Rad” produced in Puerto Rico, Brazil “Lineup”, Canary Islands “Rompeolas”, Germany “Surf Wave”, “Lineup” and “Surfers”, Japan “Flow” now known as “F+” and “Nalu” both still in production, South Africa “Soul Surfer”, USA “California Wave”, “Hapa”, “Wahine”. Now in the digital world with a global audience and reach, Surfing Life continues to be your trusted source for surfing and everything which surrounds it. Queries please email me on [email protected]

I’m a thirty-something surfer living in and loving Cornwall.

Late in 1962 December “Australian Sport and Surfriding” was produced and lasted 8 issues until June 1964. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, 7 of the best environmentally friendly wetsuits, 8 of the best high-performance shortboards, A Guide to the Best Wave Pools in the World, Understanding Opioid Addiction in the Surfing World, 2020 Boost Mobile BL Blast Off Global Video Challenge. 1996 Australia “Mal Magic”, Brazil “Informe Surf”, “Jornal Extra Surf”, Canary Islands “Radical” still in production, Costa Rica “Surfos”, France “Ride On”, Germany “Surf Wave”, Italy “Surf Latino”, Japan “Warp”, Portugal “Portugal Radical”, USA “Electric Ink”, “Locals Only”, “Rare Breed”, Soul Surf”, “Shred” and “The Juice”. Drift is a coming together of the things we love. At the time, SALT SURF was run entirely out of a single room that functioned as a studio, showroom, office and bedroom.

Our business is built on recommendation so it’s essential that we provide you with the best information and the perfect solutions. Input your search keywords and press Enter. Catch surf carries this same avant-garde attitude towards fashion with its premium line of men’s clothing in a timeless and classic surf-prep style all its own. Matt Warshaw wrote a book called Encyclopedia of Surfing. Freesurf Magazine prints 20,000 copies per month, which are distributed free to 400-500 of locations in Hawai‘i, Southern California and the East Coast. If one publication was to survive into the future our choice would be Surfer’s Journal. Along with the mags there are thousands of surf event posters, mostly multiples of each, including Triple Crown and Eddie Aikau ones, stickers (Eddies) and magazine double ups around 3000-5000 (not sure). Think about it that’s only just $8 per mag and with shipping these days it costs that much for one Ebay mag. key: "AU2_zezokvkwgjwehjclqonkustk2q", Over The Dune is a surfing blog about the in-between. It remains South Africa’s most successful surfing publication.

Here you can find surf-inspired slices of life and other inspirational stories from all over the world. Among them Australia “Foam Symmetry”, “Waves”, Brazil “Fluir”, “Alma”, “Surfar”, Indonesia “Lines”, Japan “Surfing World”, Portugal “On Fire”, “Surf Portugal”, USA “Surfing”.

The magazine is published by Orca Publications at their Berry Road Studios, in Newquay, Cornwall. Since those early days, SALT SURF has grown out of that small studio, but still maintains it’s original vision. Great blog. MELBOURNE SET TO BECOME THE WAVEPARK CAPITAL OF AUSTRALIA. 1994 Australia “Australian Surfer”, “Surf Secrets”, “Underground Surf”, Brazil “Journal Paulista de Surf”, France “Surfers Journal” French version still in production and “Trip Surf”, Holland “Surf Sport and Style”, Italy “King Surfer”, “Surf News”, Japan “Surfaholic”, Mexico “La Ola Mexicana”, UK “Carve” still in production, USA “Surfwriters Quarterly”.

It’s attempted to carve a niche in the market that is inclusive, open-minded and straightforward. Tracks is a monthly Australian surf magazine, promoting itself as “the surfers’ bible.” It is published by Nextmedia.

Tracks is a monthly Australian surf magazine, promoting itself as “the surfers’ bible.” It is published by Nextmedia. SurfGirl was founded in 2002. Way before that, he wrote Above the Roar, which was all Q&A pieces with surfers. pagerGroupSize: 1, In the same year, 1965, South Africa produced “South African Surfer” while in the US the East Coast started up “Atlantic Surfing” and “Surfing East” while on the West coast “Petersen’s” started up “Surftoons” a collection of surfing cartoons, which lasted 15 issues until January 1969 and another paper style one off appeared titled “Surfing News”. 1981 Australia “Lineup” and “Southern Flyer” and UK “Wavelength” still in production. Our verdict: Clean design and in-depth features, Wavelength are less about girls in bikinis and more about real surf adventure. I hope you will enjoy it and please be patient while the site is developed.

By March “Surfing” was back in regular production and “Surfing Action Around the World” continued on for three years producing 15 issues in total. 1975 Australia had another new title “Backdoor”, while Brazil came into the surf mag times with “Brazil Surf”. Excuse me for not updating more often. Catch surf was conceived by George Arzente in Laguna Beach, California and is headquartered in San Clemente, California, USA. Since then it has grown to be a major surfing publication. SURF ART MAGAZINE from Guatemala @surf_artmag. Everything ready to be put on Ebay and make some money. The mag is also in Apple’s Newsstand and available on all platforms through PocketMags. Featuring bleeding edge surf photography, top-notch features and all the best bits we can find in the surfing world. 1997 Australia “Locals Only”, Brazil “Surf Link”, “Vertical Surf News”, Costa Rica “Planet Surf”, France “Free Surf”, Japan “On the Board”, “SWS Side Ways Stance”, NZ “Runt”, Peru “Tubos”, Puerto Rico “Surf in Rico”, UK “Surfers Path” still in production, Uruguay “Mareas”, USA “Surfing Girl”, “The Alternative Surf Connection”. Equador- “Amigos del Mar” and “Radical” If you’re looking for a new board or wetsuit, make sure to check out these 10 incredible Aussie surf brands. The following is a list of surfing magazines in the years they were first produced that I have in my collection or know of. In April of 1965 New Zealand entered the surfing mag countries with a production titled “New Zealand Surfer” but this quickly changed in the next edition in July to “New Zealand Surf Magazine”. 1986 Australia “Off the Lip”, “Ocean Express” and “Wave Talk”, Brazil “Jornal do Surf”, “Surf Nordeste”, “Surf Noticias” and “Surf” photo annual, France “Spot” and “Surf Session” still in production, Hawaii “Wavelength”, Japan “Surfer Japan”, South Africa one off “Moments”, UK “Edge” and in USA the first of the modern longboard magazines “The Log”. The magazine also has prominent distribution at Agenda and Surf Expo trade shows, and is on hand at surf and beach events in Hawai’i throughout the year.