The projection of this fragrance was about 3 feet – just right and not overpowering. The 100% genuine and authentic golden bottle of the perfume will absolutely rock your mind off!

One way to get Creed Aventus for less is to buy a decant. Replicating these would make clones as expensive and so defeat the object.

There’s no explanation to be had here: Aventus is the best smelling Creed cologne. I've had a passion for perfume since the age of 18. What’s it smell like?

It’s a nice smell, at this point, and the Aventus comparisons really pop into my head. This is an expensive fragrance, so, I don’t think you need to pick it up if you already have Aventus. The Viking is fine, but not something I would pay that much for in a larger size.

There’s no initial, alcohol smell at all which is often noticeable in cheaper fragrances. I could definitely smell patchouli (t’s one of my favorite fragrances), wood and rose. Then let me assure you, that you don’t have to worry about this when you have used Creed Aventus on your body. Not only that, but the customer reviews on this perfume are also really impressive as well. The mandarin orange note is very nice and doesn’t have that same sharpness, that the pineapple had in the original fragrance. Creed Aventus Review — Creed Aventus is recognized as a legend of men’s fragrances in the fragrance community and has proved itself as one of the greatest colognes for men since its release in 2010. We provide quality how-to guides, product buying guides, and product reviews.

It’s safe for work, casual, or even more formal events. Aventus Cologne is very easy to wear. Aventus has been a best selling fragrance, for a long while now.

It’s a lovely fragrance to wear in its own right, not just as a clone.


Six hours later, there was still a lovely scent on my skin.

The best Creed Aventus clone as far as I’m concerned is Perfumer’s Choice No.9 Victor by Milton-Lloyd London because it has a similar scent profile, smells very like Creed Aventus and is the cheapest of all the clones. I’m a fan of Zara fragrances in general. However, Creed Aventus is one of those great classic perfumes that just beat other competitions and will live up to every expectation. For that reason, you could use this as a direct replacement for Creed. You can feel that Aventus is an expensive yet powerful perfume and you will love it. I bought the three sampler set from Creed. I've created Purely Fragrance to answer popular questions and provide guides to a whole variety of scents.

Guess what?

The Creed Aventus end note is a pleasing vanilla note that absolutely rounds of the fragrance.

It dries down to a nice woody, patchouli smell after an hour or so. This is a very tall order with a niche fragrance of such high quality. Not one of the following would make a true Creed Aventus fan give up the real thing – unless they fell on hard times and could no longer afford it!

Buy with 9 other Creed Aventus loving friends and share it out.

Overall, do I like Aventus Cologne? There is a pink pepper note, but it honestly, gets buried underneath the ginger and mint. A-three spray application gives the right projection and lasts about 4 hours. Aventus Cologne opens up different from its predecessor.

I hope you find the site helpful. Before I tried Creed Aventus, I read many independent reviews and all of them listed different notes in its fragrance pyramid. For me, the loss of the smokiness was no big deal; it still has that nice dry quality, without the heavy enveloping cloud. It may seem like Creed Aventus is pretty mainstream if you search online for the reviews, but it’s true that in real life, you will rarely meet someone who uses Aventus . It’s in a dark bottle that protects its contents from light damage.

If you like Creed Aventus style fragrance, and you’re on a budget, this is an admirable alternative. January 19, 2020 January 19, 2020 by Best Men's Colognes.

Aventus has a complex scent profile that’s difficult to copy exactly. While buying a new fragrance for men, there is always one question that runs in our head: Will I be different than others? I do. Several fragrance houses have captured the very essence that everyone loves about Aventus resulting in a very good selection of clones. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Well, that moment came, and we have now been given Aventus Cologne.

I collect vintage perfumes and can quite happily spend hours at a perfume counter sampling new fragrances and admiring their gorgeous bottles.

It’s kind of like Creed Aventus but not a cologne I would mistake for it. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'purelyfragrance_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_4',121,'0','0']));My verdict is that Perfumer’s Choice No. If you double up on the sprays, it can go an hour or two more, but that’s it.

amzn_assoc_linkid = "12d0e52450032fc1f48e6bed5908cd11"; Aventus Cologne becomes less fruity and has a green, woody, and a slightly different take from the original. You should consider buying, if the original Aventus was too powerful or had too much, pineapple and smoke.

You’ll repent going for the smallest size, because once you become a fan of this heavenly fragrance then you surely have to buy it twice.

It is a very sweet fragrance that carries the essence of masculinity and great achievements.

Creed company always states that they are very careful regarding their strict quality check, but there can be some modifications in batches for instance if they have to buy some ingredients from a different place or location. If someone smells Aventus Creed they will immediately think of success, leadership, luxury, and fame.

I actually like the start, quite a lot. Aventus has been a best selling fragrance, for a long while now. There’s more about this later on.

9 is not exactly the same as Aventus – no clone truly is – but it’s close enough to make it a really good choice if you can’t afford the real thing. Top Notes > Apple, Pineapple, Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Heart Notes > Jasmine, Rose, Birch, Patchouli, Juniper Berry, Base Notes > Ambergris, Oakmoss, Musk, Vanilla.

At about $45 for a 3.4 fl.oz (100ml) Eau de Parfum it is very affordable.

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Creed uses very old expensive infusion methods to produce their fragrances. How To Find One? It’s not going to offend anybody.

The citrus was still obvious, mingled with an earthy, musky, leathery scent and a subtle hint of vanilla. Here are some of the best alternatives to Creed Aventus currently on the market, in no particular order except my favorite one is first: I ordered this particular copycat after several Aventus lovers’ told me it’s the Creed Aventus clone they like best.

But its scent is addictive. It’s quite like Creed Aventus when initially applied but doesn’t dry down to the same scent. But the cost means this isn’t a problem.