In the 1980s, we were all enjoying C-3PO's, a honey-flavored cereal similar to cereal but shaped like little B's and 8's. Thankfully, the die-hard waffle lovers have stuck by the cereal, and you can easily track it down online from the comfort of your own home. One mouthful could be cherry and grape, the next orange. Sugar Frosted Flakes went on to become Frosted Flakes and this banana treat went the way of King Vitamin. Remember in the good old days, when Trix was shaped like the fruit it was supposed to taste like? This sugary General Mills treat took your average cereal and covered it in rainbow sprinkles, because why not?

The '90s were a heyday for sprinkle-covered treats, and we aren't complaining. The 1980s gave us Nerds Cereal, and if you think making a cereal out of a tiny sour candy may not be a good idea, well, maybe you're right, but we loved this cereal anyway.

The heroes in the half shell got their own cereal in 1989, complete with pizza-shaped marshmallows. I vaguely remember trying these once, and not being convinced that they were better than an actual cinnamon bun. $7.81 $ 7.

It didn't matter; we loved it, along with the plastic bowls the cereal was packaged with. Or would a new, featured toy buried at the bottom of the box win me over?

But General Mills took that breakfast-food-turned-into-cereal formula and gave it a maple syrup spin with this red-boxed bad boy: French Toast Crunch. Time is fleeting. Wheaties Dunk-A-Balls were the cereal every '90s kid remembers playing with more than eating.

I still remember the haunting voice that at first gave me very real nightmares, and had me avoiding the cereal for months. Sometimes you can’t beat a classic.

This cereal was released in the mid-2010s and was exactly what it sounds like: mini Trix pieces.

Blasphemy, I know. And though this cereal could easily be brought back—Star Wars hasn't exactly gone away—it hasn't been. A distant cousin of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cinnamon Mini Buns were an attempt to transform the cinnamon bun into a crunchy cereal kids would go crazy over. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. But as The Smurfs got less popular, so did the cereal. Who wouldn’t want to eat a bowl full of Oreo-flavored loops for breakfast? But you didn’t know what was inside until you bit down. Like we said: What is not to love?

Who writes with their pencil standing straight up? Unfortunately the cereal fell flat, much like the movie. The cereal certainly tasted just as good as the packaged Rice Krispies Treats you get in stores today! Overly-sweet candy turned into cereal that's meant to be eaten with milk sounds like a terrible idea, and consumers probably thought so too — the cereal was ultimately discontinued. However, the sister Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles cereals, also from Post Foods, remain on the market today, making them the oldest surviving cereal brand based on characters from a TV series or movie.

The idea had merit, as some people put actual banana slices in their cereal. Like, a lot.

We're always down for making breakfast into a game. And for more throwbacks, Only 1970s Kids Will Remember These Restaurants.

Notice how you could enter to win a phone booth.

When French Toast Crunch was discontinued, I remember there being a pretty big uproar about it — even if it was just in my elementary school classroom. We love a promotional product! The '90s was an interesting time for cereal - and these fruity, super-sweet offerings just don't cut it today. You love turning them into little marshmallow-infused treats. 81 ($0.65/Ounce) Save 5% more …

The Addams Family cereal was short-lived due to a distinct lack of flavor, but the creepy cereal shapes appealed to any true fan of the show. Or be considered part of a healthy, balanced breakfast.

Criminally good. This sugary delight would probably never make shelves today, but if you were lucky enough to get a box of these as a kid, you were basically eating candy for breakfast. It was basically the ingredients for Rice Krispie Treats, so why did it go away?

If you're feeling nostalgic for those simpler times, you're in luck.

After discontinuing it in the U.S. in 2006, GM brought it back in 2014 due to popular demand. And for more nostalgia, check out these 15 Lunch Bag Staples from the 1980s You've Forgotten About. See more ideas about Cereal, Cereal killer, 90s food. One of Keanu Reeves' best movies was turned into a cartoon (no, not John Wick, although that'd be awesome) and subsequently a cereal, because what better way to spend your Saturday morning than to eat the characters you're watching on TV? The cereal itself was deliciously sweet for breakfast, but each box had magic tricks inside.

Overall Average Rating = 5 (out of 5) View all 11 comments for this cereal. For those of us who love to put sliced bananas in cereal anyways, this breakfast option was ideal.

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I still eat Teddy Grahams whenever I have the chance… Really all I’d have to do is add milk to them, and I’d have the Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears back in my cereal bowl. (yes I watched it, didn’t you?). Each was fruit flavored with a ridiculously fun mascot on the front, hence their names. You would think this cereal would have made a major comeback with either of the new Spider-Man movie series released recently. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Learn how to harness the power of tea to lose weight.

It also kinda turned your tongue green, so that's a plus. Too bad this product apparently had little appeal. This is the fruity cereal kids begged their parents for.

Nickelodeon, yet again, rolled out a thematic cereal, this time in the 1990s to coincide with Rugrats. Though you can still find Waffle Crisp in a few stores, it’s extremely hard to track down. If you're feeling nostalgic for this '90s cereal, you can still relive the magic of sprinkle-covered treats with Funfetti cake mix or our Copycat Cosmic Brownie Recipe. It perhaps didn’t resonate with kids due to the spooky theme or the odd orange flavouring. Grape-flavored cereal sounds super nasty, so slapping a pilot on the box and giving him a Strawberry-themed aerial rival by the name of Baron Von Redberry is a good way to get people to forget you're eating artificially-sweetened grape-flavored puffs.

RELATED: 11 Cereals We Can’t Believe Were Actually Created (And 9 We’d Try). It was the ideal situation because it meant you weren't getting too much filling in each bite, but you were so excited about finding the filling that you kept eating and eating. Like, a box wouldn't even last a day in the house good. 15 Lunch Bag Staples from the 1980s You've Forgotten About, Only 1970s Kids Will Remember These Restaurants, 50 Discontinued Groceries Everyone's Begging to Come Back. Mini buns are best fresh and hot out of the oven, with white icing dripping off the sides as you bite into one. Filled with “ninja nets,” “ninja turtle” marshmallows, and eventually the addition of pizza-shaped marshmallows, this cereal was destined for the cereal bowls of cartoon-watching children. The '90s did this thing where they just took the unhealthiest foods ever and then tried to make them, "OK" to eat by transforming them into breakfast cereals. ’80s and ’90s cereals that need to make a comeback – SheKnows But it seems not too many kids were on board as the cereal disappeared just two years later. General Mills loves its monster cereals. These 1970s cereals were "rivals," so we'll put them together. As far as i remeber it came in light flakes and you added water or milk. Our good ol' friends the Rugrats (when they weren't All Grown Up or whatever) had their own cereal. Like many kinds of cereal, it was sweetened corn puffs with marshmallow bits. © 2020 Galvanized Media.

This one took Golden Grahams and made them chocolate before adding marshmallows to the mix.

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Pac-Man. Sadly, 1998 was the last time Sprinkle Spangles were on store shelves. Ralston Spider Man Cereal. The breakfast selection from the 1970s was tiny little crunchy waffle bites flavored with maple syrup, and they were better than any other waffle cereal to come after it. But again, there were marshmallows… how could it be a bad cereal? It was back in the early 1980s, and this early rendition of Frosted Flakes not just had banana flavoring, but there were little bits of bananas too. Why did they ever discontinue Oreo O's?! It came in two flavors, brown sugar cinnamon and strawberry, but only lasted a year between 1994 and 1995. Yes, there used to be a cereal you could buy that was miniature cinnamon roll buns, and we're still sad Kellogg's stopped making it.

It doesn't exactly make sense, but there's no denying that the name of the cereal was pretty fun to say.