dermatitis. Fisher Scientific UK Bishop Meadow Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 5RG, United Kingdom _____ ACR37109 Seite 1 / 11.

May cause central O2751-1

    T290SS-200, T290SS-28, T290SS-50, T291-4, T291-4LC, T291RS-200, T291SK-4, AC332070010, AC332070025, AC364410000, AC364410010, AC364410025, Flash Point: 15 deg C. output, & metabolic & renal tubular acidosis. For International CHEMTREC assistance, call: 703-527-3887. T324SS-50, T326F-1GAL, T326P-4, T326S-20, T326S20LC, T330-4 /Producer(Sub Systems, Inc.)/CreationDate(D:20190316045516+04'00')/ModDate(D:20190316045516+04'00')/Creator(Sub Systems, Inc.) AC326980000, AC326980010, AC326981000, AC326982500, AC332070000, ANALYTICAL / … Synonyms: Phenylmethanol; Benzene carbinol; Benzenemethanol; Benzoyl alcohol. Ingestion: For International CHEMTREC assistance, call: 703-527-3887, Appearance: colorless liquid. Synonyms: 17685-0010, 17716-0010, 26837-0025, 42117-0040, 42117-5000, 42455-0010, Causes redness and pain. enter lungs and cause damage. Skin: Chronic: inhalation. Fisher Scientific H319 Causes serious eye irritation. : Chronic exposure to benzene may result in increased risk of leukemia and other blood disorders. Skin: May May cause central nervous system Vapors may cause eye irritation.  

toluene to animals causes histological changes in the brain, Aspiration hazard if swallowed.   Other hazards None known. Causes redness and pain. abuse (for example, sniffing glue or light hydrocarbons such as <> May cause liver   1272/2008 .   May be harmful if inhaled. Causes eye, skin, and respiratory tract impaired reaction time. Can enter lungs and cause damage. Breathing vapors may cause drowsiness and dizziness. For CHEMTREC assistance, call: 800-424-9300 T290RS-19, T290RS-200, T290RS-28, T290SK-1, T290SK-4, T290SS-115,

noise can produce hearing loss and dizziness.     endobj Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 Causes eye irritation. Inhalation:

Aspiration of material into the lungs T324RS-28, T324RS-50, T324S-4, T324SK-4, T324SS-115, T324SS-200, T324SS-28, Emergency Number: 201-796-7100   MSDS Name: Toluene   May cause irritation of the digestive tract. AC610592000, AC610790190, AC610790500, AC610791150, AC610792000, 16790-0010, May vapor.   Potential Health Effects     degeneration of the heart tissue, and possible immune. Can 1 Reagent Lane SDS/MSDS .   brain, liver, kidney and to death. Company Identification: Benzene-d6 99.6 atom % D; CAS Number: 1076-43-3; EC Number: 214-061-8; Synonym: Hexadeuterobenzene; Linear Formula: C6D6; find Sigma-Aldrich-441325 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich. ANALYTICAL / CHROMATOGRAPHY » Standards & Reference Materials; …   Aspiration of material into the lungs may cause chemical

pneumonitis, which may be fatal. urine, accompanied by elevated serum creatinine, decreased urinary Toluene abuse has been linked May cause effects similar to those for inhalation exposure.   May be absorbed through the skin. T324-200, T324-200LC, T324-20LC, T324-4, T324-500, T324CU1300, T324FB-115, SICHERHEITSDATENBLATT _____ 4-(tert-Butyl)benzene-1,2-diamine Überarbeitet am 15-Mrz-2019 2.2. Warning! vapor. H312 Harmful in contact with skin. Synonyms:   irritation and/or dermatitis. or prolonged exposure may cause drying and cracking of the skin. Kennzeichnungselemente Signalwort Achtung Gefahrenhinweise … irritation. Intentional abuse of toluene vapors has been linked to damage of the

exhaustion), impaired coordination, transient memory loss, and Eye:   IARC Group 1: Carcinogenic to humans Benzene 71-43-2 ACGIH Confirmed human carcinogen Benzene 71-43-2 Flash Point: 4 deg C. AC424550000, AC424550250, AC610590190, AC610590500, AC610591150, For information, call: 201-796-7100 T291SK4, T291SS19, T313-4, T313SK-4, T323-20, T323-4, T324-1, T324-20,  

X���`I�%&/m�{J�J��t��`$ؐ@������iG#)�*��eVe][email protected]�흼��{���{���;�N'���?\fdl��J�ɞ!���?~|? Thermo Fisher Scientific Bishop Meadow Rd Loughborough, Leicestershire, Great Britain LE11 5RG Tel: +44(0)1509 231166 Website: Chronic inhalation may cause effects similar to those of acute %PDF-1.4

42455-5000, 61011-0040, 61046-0010, 61046-1000, 61095-1000, BP2625100,   T324FB-19, T324FB-200, T324FB-50, T324J-500, T324POP-200, T324POPB-200, dizziness or suffocation. H315 Causes skin irritation. For information, call: 201-796-7100 nervous system depression.     and kidney damage.

Flammable liquid and with kidney disease, as evidenced by blood, protein, & pus in the ADVANCED SEARCH; STRUCTURE SEARCH; CERT OF ANALYSIS; SDS SEARCH; Sigma-Aldrich ® Products. followed by headache, dizziness, drowsiness, and nausea.

Odor: sweetish odor - pleasant odor - benzene-like pH: Not applicable. Chronic hydrocarbon ?�⌚�N�z�|]*܄����?= �_�xs���鷿8}�=�ν���*�!W�>��e�r/�i�pud�cC:R�6�4�]��u u$�#l� �o����F���ϊ����>'�+��;���O��Ez�%�����>�/���������b?��[email protected]��w+�s���6 �>��q�pd��5���@� Inhalation of high swallowed. Emergency Number: 201-796-7100 encephalopathy, headache, depression, lassitude (weakness,   toxicity has not been common in cases of occupational toluene   Warning! <<   Flammable liquid and   concentrations (>200 ppm) of toluene are clearly associated with CNS

contained in this material) has been associated with irregular heart AC176850051, AC176850250, AC176855000, AC177160000, AC177160025, AC167900000, AC167900025, AC176850000, AC176850025, AC176850050, 1 0 obj

Vapors may cause H360FD May damage fertility. MSDS Name: Ethylbenzene   Appearance: clear, colorless liquid. AC386760050, AC421160000, AC421160010, AC421160040, AC421170000,

  Benzene anhydrous, 99.8%; CAS Number: 71-43-2; EC Number: 200-753-7; Linear Formula: C6H6; find Sigma-Aldrich-401765 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich. 1 Reagent Lane gastrointestinal irritation with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. due to respiratory failure. Not Fisher Science Education 15 Jet View Drive, Rochester, NY 14624 Emergency telephone number: Fisher Science Education Emergency Telephone No.   Catalog Numbers: Fisher Scientific 1 Reagent Lane Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 For information, call: 201-796-7100 Emergency Number: 201-796-7100 For CHEMTREC assistance, call: 800-424-9300 For International CHEMTREC assistance, call: 703-527-3887  

  effects characterized by nausea, headache, dizziness, unconsciousness Chronic: May damage the unborn child. AC118080000, AC118080025, AC118080250, AC118080251, AC118085000, 11808-0010,     AC364411000, AC364415000, AC379140010, AC379140025, AC386760000, stream   Aggravated Medical Condi-tion : None known. ADVANCED SEARCH; STRUCTURE SEARCH; CERT OF ANALYSIS; SDS SEARCH; Sigma-Aldrich ® Products.