Thank you for letting more people know,” one person wrote. World against the CCP: Sichuan Citizens and Politicians from U.S., U.K, Brazil, Australia, and Italy Criticized the CCP, World Against CCP: Call The Coronavirus “CCP Virus”, World Against CCP: Nigel Farage: Time to “Rethink the West’s Relationship with China”, World Against CCP: Italian Officials Said CCP Lied, RFA: Rights Lawyer Wang Quanzhang Was Released and Placed under House Arrest. He said that the CCP deserves to be treated as an “international pariah.”. People should have been made aware of this, he added. We should NEVER believe or trust it again!” He posted on March 27 again: “I have no problem with Chinese people, whether they be here … “Secondly, we do everything possible to ensure that Victorians are not involved in it [the procurement of organs from unknown sources in China]. That would involve some form of legislation… I’m happy to raise that again now that we have the proof.”. I wonder whether international law covers lawsuit against another nation for damages caused by negligence!” wrote one post. “I think we all have an obligation—a duty, a responsibility—call it what you will—to defend human rights, to defend freedom, to defend democracy in places where it is under attack,” he said. In a speech before the Victorian Parliament on Feb. 21, Finn called for the implementation of recommendations from a report by the Human Rights Sub-Committee for the inquiry into Human Organ Trafficking and Organ Transplant Tourism. “Well said. Learn the difference,” one person clarified.

Texas: University Students Learn about Falun Dafa from The Art of Zhen Shan Ren Exhibition, Philadelphia: Awakening People’s Conscience at the Liberty Bell.

Noting the United States’ Magnitsky Act that serves to deny visas and the freeze assets of human rights’ violators, Finn said, “If the Trump administration is taking the lead there, that’s certainly something that the Morrison government should take on as well … if we are champions of freedom, as we say we are, and I believe we are.

In 1999, the Chinese Communist Party launched a state-wide suppression of Falun Gong, and those who subscribe to this belief have been persecuted in China through to the present day. © 2020 Global Communications Association, Inc. All Rights Reserved. “We will see people arrested in the same way that Falun Gong practitioners are arrested. We should never believe or trust it again!”, Two days later, he posted another message. View Bernie Finn’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. It’s really gone out of its way to prove that this time. Finn has also made it clear that no one should acknowledge the legitimacy of the CCP because what it has done during the pandemic, on top of the numerous crimes it committed in the past, has totally invalidated the value of its existence. Other commenters were able to recognise them, however. Finn explained that Australian officials had learned in the past that the CCP is not trustworthy and that the pandemic this time has enabled the international community to see through the CCP’s lies and deceit. China should be condemned, and democracy is the solution.” (Epoch Times) #6: Bernie Finn, a member of the Australia parliament, posted on Facebook on March 20: “The communist regime in China is no friend of Australia. “Thanks for speaking out the truth. It allowed the Wuhan virus to escape its shores. “We Should Never Believe or …

But there were also posts from pro-CCP agents with opinions similar to those published by the state-owned Xinhua News Agency. He concurred that the term CCP Virus is very accurate and serves as a reminder of who should be responsible for the pandemic. ELIZABETH LI | EPOCH TIMES. The expert panel found that most of the victims are people who practice Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline which translates to “law wheel practice.” The discipline upholds central tenets of truth, compassion, and forbearance, with a set of meditation exercises.

This post appeared three days after he was interviewed by a Minghui correspondent in Melbourne and explained that the international community should help to peacefully dismantle the CCP. “What we are saying is we are with the Chinese people. On March 21, he posted the following message in white with a red background: “The communist regime in China is no friend of Australia. He urges them to stay away from the CCP to avoid possible harm. “Despite the best efforts of communist shills, my position is VERY clear: Chinese people – good; Chinese Government – bad. 4,127 talking about this.

We will see that sort of thing happening to the people of Hong Kong.”. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.”.

MELBOURNE, Australia—Recently, Victorian MP, Bernie Finn, a Liberal Party member who is also part of Victorian Legislative Council, raised concerns in Parliament about the Hong Kong government’s extradition bill that could see local authorities pressured by the Chinese regime to hand over citizens of any nationality to face trial in its opaque socialist court system. This was the third post from Bernie Finn, Member of the Victorian Legislative Council, within one week that reprimanded the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the coronavirus pandemic. Many people have seen through the nature of the CCP from this pandemic and other incidents, he said. We will see them taken away, and we will see the forced organ harvesting.