In this memoir, you learn about her history with addiction, body image issues, and childhood trauma—all of which she dealt with while living in the public eye. Eventually, she was saved by American troops and even married one of the soldiers. Tiffany Haddish also has one of the most expressive voices in the business, making her audiobook a truly wonderful experience that will have you listening in every spare moment. Some memoirs even have two! A memoir is factual but tends to be more focused on memories than the author’s life as a whole. It shows that success has a very messy path and that no single path is the same. Her hilarious book is all about becoming more self-sufficient, self-aware, and politically active.

He quickly became one of the most fearsome members, earning the title of Monster. She was only eight. Thanks so much for reading our suggestions of the best celebrity autobiographies to buy online this year. But as it turns out, he didn't always make the best choices on his rise to the top—he was actually a functional cocaine addict for a bit. This book explores racism, identity, rape, and literacy. Novak (aka Ryan from The Office). Some celebrities do this, while others don’t, which makes us especially thankful for the ones who do.

He starts to rebel by dying his hair, piercing his ears, and dressing like a punk rocker. His father decided that Agassi would be a tennis player as a baby. While this is what makes them great, they can be more depressing than motivating. Top 10 Best Gardening Books in the UK 2020. Pop singer Adele – who has also spoken openly about her post natal depression – is a famous fan. Good celebrity autobiographies are laugh-a-minute tales of madcap childhoods or eventful rises to fame. Of course, you'll be most likely to pick a memoir written by someone whose work you know and admire, but there are actually a few other factors which help make an autobiography an appealing read. This popular autobiography is a serious eye-opener, topping many lists of recommended reading around the current civil rights movement. Since we love autobiographies so much, we decided […] They include events, places, reactions, and other relevant events that happened during that period of time. Professional boxer Tyson Fury has captured the imaginations of millions of readers all over the UK, with his mix of rugged physical strength, ruthless determination and charming eccentricity.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Though they don't help you minimise your screen time, they do save space and once you've built a collection you'll have hundreds of good reads in your pocket! He also shares tips for inspiring entrepreneurs. Mindy Kaling's hilarious book of essays covers all the important topics: falling in love at work, how to look natural on camera according to Hollywood, and how she plans to be the first person to lose weight without any behavior modification at all (same, girl!).