You can show off Samsung’s stylish design with this transparent case, but it also provides a seriously protective jacket that you can rely on. The Samsung View Case for the Galaxy S10 is an innovative folio-style case that fully encases your phone, front screen and all, to protect it from all sides while in your pocket. The SUPCASE case comprises two parts for the front and back protection and renders a texturized grip. When it comes to rugged cases, you can rely on Urban Armor Gear — but their cases aren’t all chunky, bulky protection. This protective case will keep your S10 safe from damage, even if it falls from up to 8 feet. The TPU bumper frame underneath offers the bulk of the drop protection, though.

This case has precise cutouts for all your phone’s ports, and cooler yet, it has a small acoustic channel that redirects the S10’s downward-facing speakers towards you. Receive news and offers from our other brands?

Gear4’s D3O material is pretty remarkable stuff, capable of absorbing impact force and dissipating it harmlessly. The geometric pattern on the back is unique and attractive.

This case offers dual-layer protection but most of the drop protection will be handled by the TPU body, which is designed to absorb shock from small drops and not much more. The actual case part of the phone is fairly rugged and just a little bulkier than other options.

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It absorbs shock at the case’s vulnerable corners and disperses it across its surface. It has a TPU inner core combined with a hard outer shell made from polycarbonate, and this combination gives a good balance between soft shock absorption and harder protection to guard against scratches. The official Samsung Galaxy S10 LED View Cover doesn’t just offer protection, it’s also practical.

To protect the lightweight, glass-covered phone, you need the best cases and covers. All of this together should provide strong protection against a range of potential damage.

The button covers are well-defined and the openings are accurate and large enough for most cable types. If you just need the basics, Spigen has you covered.

Since no case wins in every category, we've used these criteria to identify the top case picks for a number of different purposes. Please refresh the page and try again. It might not be the latest Samsung phone – the South Korean firm has skipped 11-19 and landed on the Galaxy S20 – but it remains an absolutely cracking handset that's a good deal cheaper than its newer sibling.

02 July 2019.

If slim drop protection is what you’re after, then look no further than Rhinoshield’s SolidSuit case.

Cutouts grant easy access to all ports — with button covers for added protection — and the case’s corners are reinforced with air-cushions and bumpers, for serious drop resistance.

Simply choose your colour and design, then upload whichever photos you please, before adding text and/or effects to finish. Unfortunately, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S10’s attractive design that makes it susceptible to damage. The button cover design has been improved and the openings are accurate and generous. An array of customizable LEDs sits within the cover, forming various shapes and more as you see fit.

The gorgeous Gamma collection gives you four options and costs just £12.

Whatever color you get, your phone's going to look better if it's not cracked. You don't want it to break, though, so keeping that enormous screen and pearlescent rear damage-free should be your number one priority, whether you're purchasing the phone new or second-hand. The case itself is formed from flexible TPU, protecting your Galaxy S10 from bumps and scrapes, and a raised bezel around the camera guards the lens from scratching. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, 1. Tech21 has released a trio of cases for the Galaxy S10.

It is one of many cases that aim for the sweet spot between protection and portability but it is one of the few that get the mix just right.

Find more OtterBox Defender Pro information and reviews here. z.B.

If the Snakehive case above is just a touch too pricey, consider this leather wallet from EasyAcc instead. Specifically, you should consider the Iridescent version, whose bumper frame has an anodized aluminum look that impresses me with every new iteration.

The veteran case manufacturer OtterBox has a name which has become synonymous with solid design and quality protection - and this offering for the Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of its best yet. The quality and fit are always good with Casetify and you won’t find these designs anywhere else.

The Galaxy S10 has an amazing camera, and Moment’s photo case is one of the few accessories that exist to complement that. For the Samsung Galaxy S10, it is no exception. It is also a highly capable defender case that exceeds military grade drop test standards thanks to its soft TPU interior.

And if you want a pithy slogan about hustling, they’ve got that too!

There’s also a special antimicrobial coating to keep things nice and hygienic.

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It can be used to prop your Galaxy S10 in landscape or portrait view, curl around your hand to ensure you don’t drop it, or snake into a vent in your car so you can go hands-free. All come with antimicrobial protection for a more hygenic experience, no matter where you pull out your phone.