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Quite punchy. ★★, Bramwells English mustard35p for 200g, colour, you’d slap that on a renaissance painting. Slightly odd moussey texture. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. Heinz tomato ketchup £2.55 for 650g, This is the smoothest, the most emulsified.Looking at it, it has the smallest bits in it. It tastes a bit like HP Sauce, perhaps slightly more vinegary but it has a very traditional greasy-spoon brown sauce flavour. Good sweet and sour finish. Extremely thick.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Smooth, creamy, with a fresh mustardy flavour. Traditional sriracha flavours … but oddly turnipy. A dark red, smooth-looking ketchup with a pleasantly rich, baked tomato aroma. Our panellists rated the three ketchups, ranked their preferences and scored the sauces on appearance, aroma, taste and texture. See more of the best food and drink – we’ve taste-tested white wines, steaks, olive oils, gin, beef burgers, bacon and more. Sugary, vinegary, … Ketchup! The Best Ketchup for Your Backyard Barbecue If you haven't tried these 14 tasty varieties, it's really time to ketchup. There’s a nuttiness, like a rapeseed oil flavour. This sweet and tangy condiment is the third-best selling condiment in America, so we set out to find the best-tasting … Velvety, smooth. What are supermarkets doing about plastic? Delayed punchiness, but perfectly pleasant. Max Halley is the author of Max’s Sandwich Book (Blink, £14.99). A dull red colour and slightly grainy appearance is offset with a natural, well-balanced tomato purée aroma. Not all that punchy in flavour.★★★, Asda hot English mustard37p for 180g, asda.comA muted yellow … quite nice, some sweetness. Prices correct on 31 October 2019, excluding special offers on different sizes. It has a slight wibble about it. Quite punchy. I like turnips though … not unpleasant.★★★, Flying Goose sriracha hot chilli sauce£3.10 for 455ml, ocado.comIt has a dry-roasted peanut flavour, a classic sriracha taste. Sandwich maestro Max Halley tastes and rates condiments, Last modified on Thu 28 Mar 2019 15.53 GMT, Asda real mayonnaise70p for 500ml, asda.comThis is nice. Satisfyingly sweet and sour. The flavour is deliciously sweet and concentrated with a thick texture and refreshing tangy finish. Looks-wise? Overall Score: 74/100This bright red condiment has a surprisingly chunky texture, ripe, fresh tomato aromas with a delicate spicy note. This can get its coat and leave. Tastes a bit like wet socks after a long walk, like damp leaves. We asked 100 regular tomato sauce eaters to compare Heinz original, Heinz 50% Less Sugar & Salt, and No Added Sugar & Salt Ketchup … Research was carried out by consumer research specialists Wirral Sensory Services. While Heinz is probably the most recognised name in ketchup, with arguably the longest history, there are lots of leading brands and supermarket favourites out there, each claiming a unique taste. Extremely creamy, slightly like salad cream. Very smooth. It’s got an odd texture … it wobbles, like a poorly set panna cotta. I don’t like it. While it wasn’t judged to be as smooth or thick as the original, and our tasters didn’t think it looked quite as attractive, it’s worth a try if you want something slightly different to regular ketchup. Shares some flavours with fizzy cola bottles, which as a Haribo fan I rather like. Real Good Ketchup Tomato No Added Sugar (Ocado), 64/100, £2.20 for 310g Heinz Tomato Ketchup (Ocado), 64/100 , £1.75 for 460g ASDA Tomato Ketchup, 63/100 , £0.67 for 720g It scored just as well on taste, but was ranked best by fewer testers on our panel. This healthier option has more tomatoes than the original – 178g per 100g of ketchup – and unsurprisingly, given its name, half the sugar and salt – 11g and 0.9g per 100g respectively. Not as spicy as I’d like. The sweetness was balanced with the vinegar kick and the flavors just popped, especially when tasted side-by-side with some of the other big brand offerings. The No Added Sugar & Salt ketchup fared the worst of the three, but many of our testers commented on its richer and more authentic tomato flavour. The Best Non-Organic Ketchup: French'sIf you don't care for the mark-up associated with organic groceries, … But is it really the best-tasting ketchup? A delicious bargain, this ketchup should always be your cupboard staple. One thing we can state as fact is that Heinz is the market leader for ketchup. The added tomato and reduced sugar and salt led many of our panellists to comment that it had a flavour more like real tomatoes. Some testers picked up on a delicate paprika note and most commented on the well balanced, smooth finish. 0 stars, Bramwells Dijon mustard35p for 200g,! Good solid flavour, but texturally not right. Overall Score: 75/100With its vibrant red colour, this sauce has a sweet and sour aroma that some testers found a little vinegar-heavy.

It performs the task you want from ketchup.★★★★, London Steakhouse Company posh ketchup£3.25 for 250ml, ocado.comFancies itself as a posh ketchup. Not as strong as I thought it would be, probably not what you’d look for in an English mustard.

Given it’s such an iconic bestselling product with such a recognisable taste, it’s hardly surprising that the original Heinz was ranked top by most of our tasters and received the highest score for taste. We asked 100 people to blind-taste, rate and compare Heinz Original tomato ketchup to Heinz 50% Less Sugar & Salt and No Added Sugar & Salt. Strong. To help you choose, we tested 21 tomato ketchups to find the differences and bring you the best. BUY IT: Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup, $5 for a 32-ounce bottle on Amazon2.

It’s not very well emulsified. We asked 100 regular tomato sauce eaters to compare Heinz original, Heinz 50% Less Sugar & Salt, and No Added Sugar & Salt Ketchup to see which they preferred. I think this would be really good tempered in mayonnaise. Updated July 31, 2019 6.2k votes 893 voters 10.0k views19 items List Rules Vote up the yummiest ketchup brands. It’s got little bits in it … I wonder what they might be?★★, Heinz tomato ketchup£2.55 for 650g, ocado.comThis is the smoothest, the most emulsified.