Use up a glut of homegrown tomatoes with this popular soup choice. Calories: 40kcal Chop them up, throw them all in and enjoy as either a chunky or smooth vegetable soup. Try adding in some fresh basil next time you make it. With a score of just 44/100, the testers said: 'This soup did not inspire passion. No matter how fussy your children, every youngster enjoys a bowl of creamy tomato soup. New Covent Garden Soup Skinny Goan Chicken and Lentils, £2.20, 4. They are ideal for keeping handy at home, at work and when travelling. New app reveals how climate change with transform the world based on temperature and rainfall predictions. However, the high levels of sugar and fat ranks it low, so save this one for when you're craving a fibre boost. Rating for calorie counters: 4/5 Soups are often an economical way of adding extra nutrition to our diets, often using up ingredients that might have otherwise gone to waste. Keep warm this winter with one of these delicious soups. Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile, Email already exists. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Although it belongs to the vegetable soup clan, Heinz's cream of mushroom isn't the healthiest being high in fat and sugar.

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Rating for calorie counters: 1/5 Our visitors have identified the following search terms as useful for finding the best deals they were after, such as top selling cup a soup in uk 2018top selling soup in the uktop 20 selling soups uk. Sat Fat: 2.2g Rating for calorie counters: 2/5 Sat Fat: 0.3g This is the kind of comfort food that will take you right back to your childhood. Britain’s Top Ten Favourite Soups. It might be tempting to have the whole tin to yourself but that would be 320 cals and 3g of sat fat. Sat Fat: 0.9g Try a vegetable soup or a spiced root vegetable medley soup. Price: 89p for 400g at Sainsbury's. The 10 best soaps to buy in the UK. Verdict: 'The perfect treat to brighten up those gloomy winter nights, at a bargain price,' the testers said. Verdict: Salt: 0.6g Verdict:    

Originally written in 1949 by master chef Louis P. De Gouy, it contains over 700 hundred recipes, many from old world European traditions. Sugar: 3.7g Eat it? Carrots make flavourful soups, either on their own or when combined with other vegetables. This statistic looks at the best selling soups in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2014. Verdict:    Sugar: 1.8g Butternut Squash Soup. Keep warm this winter with one of these delicious soups.

Calories: 64kcal This is the perfect Korean famous taste. Rating for calorie counters: 4/5 But judges, who gave it a score of 63/100, said: 'Though we loved the smooth, silky texture and dark orange hue, some found the flavours too complex and jarring for a tomato soup.'. Price: £1.60 for 600g at Asda. However, it remains high calorie wise due to sugar and salt. Baxters Favourites Scotch Broth, £1.04, 5. helps you shop for the best top 20 best selling soups & stews ready meals (2020) deals. £3.49,, Part of the new “Skinny” range from the New Covent Garden Soup Company, this soup is full of flavour, which, combined with the rice and lentils and the kick from the lime and coriander, tricks you into thinking you’ve not opted for the skinny version at all. The added kick of chilli spices up this old favourite but unfortunately, the sugar content doesn't leave much to be desired. While under 300cals for lunch is still pretty low, if you're really watching your calories, this one is best left on the shelf! Here’s what the experts have to say, Are we having another lockdown? Butternut squash is deliciously sweet, and nutrient dense. But what is consistent is the flavours they are and these ten are the UK’s most loved and therefore best-selling flavours of crisps… Soups are among the most searched for recipes on this blog, which gave me the idea to find out what the most searched for soup recipes were in the UK in Google. Wel-Pac Dashi Konbu Dried Seaweed 113.4G.

Fat: 1.3g Coming in at number 3, mushroom soup is a comforting yet simple soup to make. From a new twist on an old favourite like Heinz Cream of Tomato with a Kick of Chilli to combinations we didn’t realise were missing from our lives, like Glorious!

And with so many different flavours and options available, we’re always spoilt for choice when scanning the supermarket shelves. Calories: 96kcal - highest calories Published: 08:20 EST, 8 January 2018 | Updated: 10:01 EST, 8 January 2018. It doesn't quite measure up to the very best that we tested. Calories: 32kcal However, be warned calorie counters added sugar has found its way into this recipe! Calories: 47kcal

Tideford Smoked Haddock Chowder with Organic Leeks & Peas, £3.49, 2. Butternut Squash Soup is currently the most searched for soup in the UK*. Known for its nutritional value and boosting the immune system during illness, this beef broth is both healthy and affordable. Sugar: 2.7g West African Chicken and Peanut, we’ve scoured the shelves for the tastiest. Sat Fat: 0.1g Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? Rating for calorie counters: 2/5 Try a curried parsnip soup or a carrot and parsnip soup. Sat Fat: 0.6g Winter is the season of soup. Enjoy a bowl of authentic kimchi ramyun from Korea's finest ramyun makers! Let me know in the comments what your favourite soup is. However, taking a closer look, the high amount of sugar makes it best served on occasion. IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. West African Chicken and Peanut, £2.20, Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Chantenay Carrot & Honey Roast Parsnip Soup, £1.50, Heinz Cream of Tomato with a Kick of Chilli, £1.19, Tesco Finest Chestnut Mushroom & Madeira Soup, £2.35. IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. Keep your cupboard stocked up with this soup and it'll provide you with a quick low calorie supper.

Sugar: 1.1g Don’t waste the flesh on Halloween, you can make some marvellous soups from pumpkins – toast the seeds too and sprinkle them on top. Cream of Celery might sound like a nutritious bowl of soup, but not if you're on a diet. Calories: 50kcal

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