I think early October is a great time to go. Although it appears the whole world has visited Machu Picchu, being there in person made me quickly forget its commercialization as I soaked in the views from the top of Machu Picchu Mountain. One sprit, I thought after 2 months in #greece, I'd s, Soooo many churches in the cyclades. Super appreciate it! Thanks so much Johnny! Talk with a specialist to plan your next adventure!

The La Paz cable car is one of the most extensive cable car networks in the world, and is an attraction in and of itself.

It rains a lot; it’s the Amazon!

You have a side trip from Lima to Paracas. The dry season is high season in Bolivia as crystal clear skies and a distinct lack of rain allow tourists to hike and climb to their heart’s content. Thankfully, Culture Trip has done the legwork for you by preparing this simple guide. You could easily bring this down to $1.5k if you sticked to less fancy places and stayed in hostels depending on your style! Hi kaushal, I booked the drive with my guesthouse in ollantaytambo as we were staying there for the machu picchu hike. Our travel specialists will piece your holiday together (including transport & accommodation) and send you a quote within one working day, 1. Hi Johnny, thanks for your awesome blog! Hi Ericka, glad to hear it!

-overnight bus question again lol, did they wait for you if you were running behind from your day trips (i.e. I have three weeks off however (more holiday in Europe). As well with bolivia, the tour around the salt flats were very easy and no hiking required. I was also in Cusco for a few days before the Rainbow Mountain so the increase in altitude didn’t affect me as badly. I think you can do in the day as the flights leave at 6am and only take 1 hr. Yes wil be fine. The dry season is high season in Bolivia as crystal clear skies and a distinct lack of rain allow tourists to hike and climb to their heart’s content. The days are slightly shorter, but usually sunny, and the skies crystal clear, making this the best time of year for trekking and climbing. We had an AMAZING stay at the Luxury Collection Paracas Hotel for a very reasonable price where we had the most amazing ceviche ever. Tell us your travel interests, dreams and desires, then let our experts tailor the perfect trip for you! We stayed at Airbnbs most of the time, and splurged on a nice hotel in Paracas. In the highlands, particularly the Altiplano, it rains much less and travel is not as restricted, though delays and road closures still occur, while trekking trails get muddier and clouds often obscure views, particularly in the high mountains, where route-finding can become impossible. We were also in Peru during La Mistura, South America’s largest food festival featuring some of the continent’s best culinary minds. Can I ask what time of year did you go? - How to get off the beaten track in Peru & Bolivia, Lost Cities and Shimmering Plains – Bolivia & Peru, How to get off the beaten track in Peru & Bolivia.

The bus made long enough stops in Puno and Copacabana to allow for quick tours of Lake Titicaca. Thanks for such a helpful writeup and confirming that 2 weeks is enough for this trip! As for the Salar De Uyuni, I booked a tour with Andes Salt Expeditions which you can read about on my detaied salt flats post. Thanks!

Hi there, I went in September during the dry season. For three days we didn’t see any other tourists, we did however trek through some small communities and shared some very special moments with some of the local people. Do book well in advance if travelling during peak season (Jul-Aug), Inca Trail permits are limited and can sell out months in advance. Would love to hear from you on this dreaded rain (I am based in Japan where it can can rain anytime). To the top of Rainbow Mountain at last. I would say 3 days is a healthy amount of time for it but with your timeline maybe less. In the Salar de Uyuni – the country’s most famous attraction – overnight temps drop down to -20 C (-4F), meaning it’s essential to wrap up. I had not considered going to Pacaras.. Top tips. While you can certainly visit Peru during any time of the year – there really isn’t a bad time to go – certain seasons will offer different scenery, options, and of course weather. Did you just have one change of clothes or like a few? Enjoy your trip! I think latam also flies direct from cusco to LA Paz. Hence, would really appreciate your advice/ recommendation. Just be sure to pack for cold weather as nights dip to freezing at high altitude. Do you think February is a good month to follow through this itinerary. The ocean is calm, and the scenery is beautiful. Did you book all of your tours (like Machu Pichu, Rainbow Mountain, Salar etc.) Thanks Ana!

I’m thinking of doing a similar trip as you with a 55L pack. Chalk full of some of the world's greatest natural and historical wonders, visiting both countries is easy to do for those with limited time. You will be back on time because the day trips are organized by the bus company. If you can, please share with us how many people are travelling, when you’d like to go, what you’d really like to experience, what you love doing on holidays, your rough budget, and when's best to contact you. Honestly, because I am on the go so much, I think a backpack is the way to go, especially when you’re traveling through the salt flats! 3. However, with some planning and research, we saw all the main highlights on our list, which turned out to be quite extensive.

All in all, I’d guess we spent about $2k per person (was me and my GF) for the entire trip (excluding flights to and from Peru). Bolivia might not be famous for wildlife, but head to the Bolivian Amazon basin & you'll be surprised to discover tropical jungle & vast pampas full of life. Spanning a multitude of microclimates from the Amazon to the Andes, Bolivia is a vast and untamed country just begging to be explored. However, your pics are sunny and hot! Had i stayed in Cusco from the getgo, I would have been in bad shape because it really affected me (didn’t take any tablets). © 2018 Johnny Africa. Thanks for the great sharing! The dry season means a better chance of clear mountain views as well as better wildlife watching in the Amazon, as the wildlife clusters around shrinking rivers, and mosquitoes dissipate. fly in the morning, buy a day tour on the spot at Uyuni, then fly back that same day back to La Paz). I’m wondering if I need to book those ahead of time or if it’s better to do it there.

Nevertheless, sometimes you need to make do with the time you have.

And we made it!

Bolivia: make time for South America’s most misunderstood country, Life is sweet in sucre: studying in Bolivia’s most relaxed town, 8 must-visit places in South America you've probably never heard of, Plan your tailor-made trip with a local expert, Travel stress-free with local assistance and 24/7 support, Getting around Bolivia: Transportation Tips, Travel Tips Bolivia for planning and on the go. However, most agree that the best time to visit Bolivia is during its dry season between May and October, with a tourism spike around August (so book early! Thay alone would make me want to visit the region in the rainy season!

– Spend a night in Huacachina instead of a day trip – Visit Arequipa, spend 3-4 nights – Another night in Cusco because there was just so much more to discover in that town.

The next day, we took a day trip to the beautiful Rainbow Mountains in Vinicunca. I really appreciate the time and information that you’ve shared in your blog. I felt like I was on another planet on a regular basis. Hey Erika, it’s tough for me to recall everything but here are some costs I know to be true. Your post is just what I needed to read! In addition, the Tacama winery and sand-boarding on the incredibly beautiful dunes of Huacachina made for great day trips. Thankfully, we’ve made the process easier for you so you can plan your trip accordingly. Yes I think you can definitely fly the entire way! Heat, humidity and mosquitoes are also much worse. 2. Peru has a lot of different ecosystems, so there is no consensus on the best times to go, … Winter is also the best time for visiting the hot and humid lowlands, when temperatures are generally slightly (but pleasantly) lower, although the dry season is less pronounced and rain remains a possibility all year round. Hi pei, i would say roughly $1500 per person excluding international flights.

Travel is still possible however, and Machu Picchu remains open - it will just be more challenging for those wishing to trek. This is the one part of my itinerary that I wish I had more timeas Lake Titicaca was stunning. ). There’s no need really as there are regular buses that make the journey but of course if you are with peru hop it will be more fun as you’ll meet more people. The same for Bolivia from December. Just wanted to appreciate the effort you put. Hi Johnny! Having said that, torrential rains mostly tend to fall between January and March. Add your favourite trips or an itinerary to your travel plan Click the Request your quote button to send it over to us If you'd like any help, Call us for the best time to go to Bolivia & Peru, Peru and Bolivia holiday, highlights in 12 days, Small group overland holiday, Lima to La Paz. What would you change/add if you had another week on your itinerary? Airfares are only marginally cheaper outside of the dry season as well (avoid school holidays and festivals for the best rates). 01273 322 398, Email us:

That one is mandatory (can’t go on your own for that one). I’m just scared of being left behind with all my stuff in the bus. It’s a remote trek in the Sacred Valley area. Click the Request your quote button to send it over to us Delve into our Bolivia and Peru travel guide to see how combining these two countries couldn’t be easier. The other “wet” months, on the other hand, usually experience just an isolated shower at most each day. Isla Ballestas, dubbed the poor man’s Galapagos is home to millions of birds and was great visit. As February ends, the Inca Trail re-opens and more visitors begin to arrive; particularly as Easter approaches. I was thinking that somehow I would need to head back to Lima from there…. hello!

[email protected], Privacy Policy  |  Cookie Policy  |  Sitemap. Click on 'My Travel Plan' to see what you've added and send it to us. Our 3 day, 2 night Salt Flat tour started that morning at 10am. The best time to go to Bolivia and Peru is in the cooler but drier months of May to October – just be sure to pack plenty of alpaca sweaters! The Sacred Valley is almost 1000m lower than Cusco and allowed me to acclimate to the altitude easier, ultimately saving me from feeling the full effects of altitude sickness. Just wondering when is a good time to visit according to your experiences. I am so relieved to stumble through your blog because we are planning on doing Peru and Bolivia in May 2020! We traveled overnight, stopping in Puno in the morning, crossing over the Peru-Bolivia border to Copacabana (a huge hassle for Americans), and arriving in La Paz at 10pm. Bolivia’s wild west, specifically Copacabana and the city of La Paz, has a subtropical highland climate La Paz, is famously the world’s highest administrative capital, so it’s no wonder the altitude dictates the weather here. We left Lima the morning of day 4 to head south to the beautiful beaches and nature reserves of Paracas. Many people would say that this is the best time to visit the Bolivia salt flats because the mirror effect is so striking.