Supes beats Black Panther simply because Black panther does not know him,Even if He decided to bring all the wakandan weapons and warriors he will still lose,besides where will BP get kryptonite.

Red Son and DKR aren't canon and both feature different version of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, so there's really no point using them as evidence.

Batman obviously could not attack the JLA.

Both rounds goes to Mace 6/10. No one beats supes,,,he's America's golden shining idol,,,he will never die and when he does he will rise from the dead and sell more comics because everyone loves him...the day superman will lose to anyone is when his numbers drop that's it...he has even survived encounters with green kryptonite and lived through it based on WIS,PIS it will never change, black panther with a year easy all he has to do is use red sun or magic. He could do it in a day. Round 1: MMA fight in a cage with UFC rules. Ra's did, but using Batman's plans.

But here’s the thing: Black Panther put the devil on his ass and then ripped said devil’s heart out with his bare hands, all in about five seconds. If one wants, also BP can beat Superman, although it is not Batman or Luthor. They’ve both got penchants for strong-arm tactics, exit strategies, brooding, and black clothing. Anyway...BP can or not beat Superman here?

Plus, Dads Vol.

I agree.

Oh well.

Do you hold the position that no one can beat Superman through greater physical ability either, or are you just saying that a nonpowered character couldn't do it without Kryptonite? T’Challa, again, is king of Wakanda, the richest and most technologically advanced nation in the world. There's no reason it wouldn't work. Batman can because he knows Superman. Both have one big weakness: thundering hubris. Exactly.

Black Panther is given 1 year of prep time using any of his own resources he has and Lex Luthor's files on Superman, he has no kryptonite but he is al

Using it successfully would rely on technology/magic bringing BP (or at least his red sun weaponry) up to Superman's level, or exploiting the personality and character of Superman to bring him down to BP's. You are indeed where you belong.

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I was just saying that that would be the only way he would have a chance.


Black Panther.

However, nothing is certain from now until the Super Bowl. @Jayfournines: I know. I said earlier that Batman used a kryptonite bonding agent and a mech suit to fold Superman like a lawn chair, and that was true.

The only way he could win is a Tower of Babel type thing.

It’s a Withering, Cryptic, Flawed Missive. Without a piece of kryptonite, BP can not do anything, and can not recreate a synthetic Kryptonite (he can do that?) Black Panther is given 1 year of prep time using any of his own resources he has and Lex Luthor's files on Superman, he has no kryptonite but he is allowed to make some synthetically if able. No rules but they're both only wearing long johns. @Alexander505: I said the only way that Black Panther could win would be a Tower Of Babel situation. Who Would Win In A Fight: Black Panther or Batman?

The 11th issue of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet positioned Wakanda as a kind of constitutional monarchy, so it’s probably easiest to understand the Black Panther as a ceremonial figurehead now. It’s made of vibranium, which is the same ultra-durable, responsive alien metal that Captain America’s shield is made out of.

So, do you think (as opposed to others) the characters like BP, Batman and Luthor, can actually defeat Superman?

@Alexander505: Then with the amount of time BP is given to prep for the match, why can't he be able to beat Supes? Well, if Batman can beat Superman with prep, then the Panther can, no doubt.

Ra's al Ghul stole Batman's plans, and showed that it worked. For the "plan" it took me a half a second to cook up?

And incidentally, this is also how Black Panther was marketed in Captain America: Civil War for his upcoming (and awesome-looking) solo film, which is a painful, agonizing seven months away. Oh Christ yes . T'Challa has always been one of the most foremost heroes in the Marvel Universe, a member of the Avengers and monarch, well known for his ability to kick butt and take names.. RELATED: Black Panther: The 10 Strongest Wakandans, Ranked This is to say that the way their fight went down in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns was not at all how it happened in Batman v Superman; I’ve been upset about this for a solid year. BP can not win, unless you do not have a piece of kryptonite, but he does not have it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

*The one Tony Stark (Iron Man) cobbled together to save the multiverse from assured destruction whenever the need should arise, which turned out to be often. Why would attack his friends? Many players have ascended to new levels of success in 2020. (Although Black Panther, as a child, exacted revenge by taking his father’s killer’s right hand, pretty much right then and there; in the New 52, Bruce Wayne doesn’t get around to confronting Joe Chill until the age of 18.).

Well I know he wont win,but my question is can he create something like that>>I just wanna know if its possible for BP! Yeah. 8 With Chef Magnus Nilsson, Meeting the Women of ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ With Lauren Zima and Juliet Litman.

And could one punter break a mark that’s stood for 80 years? Which NFL Breakout Performances Are Here to Stay? ?I'm not sure but the BP fans or Supes fans would know if this would work! Also lets not use ABC logic here people, it does not matter what Batman or Lex have and have not done. BP could put something like that together and Superman would be susceptible to it.

To while away that inhumanely long period of time between now and February 2018, I propose that we do what fans have always done while waiting for things to happen: argue over hypotheticals. Next Battle. You are asking about a fight just figure out how Black Panther will survive without a kryptonite and some serious external help. That eccentric billionaire Bruce Wayne spends his evenings dangling henchmen off of rooftops as Batman should be a similarly open secret, what with only half of his face being covered.