MECAFLUX ® is a REGISTRED TRADEMARK Calculator This results in lower pressure. The maximum velocity of a fluid in a conduit is determined by the pressure loss causes. Calculate flow velocity for known pipe diameter and flow rate. So the control of operating / plant cost. So here why pressure and velocity and in direct relation?? Velocity and Dynamic Head Chart . When you are putting a finger across pipe end ,actually you are increasing the pressure and restricting flow inside pipe , so when it releases to atmosphere it has a higher velocity and a higher pressure compared with normal conditions so in actual the velocity is increasing and pressure is reducing comparing the pressure and velocity inside pipe. This calculator can be used to calculate air velocity in a duct or air stream from a measured head of water column. We select in the list of usual trade series a series that we wish to test, We then selected the fluid and temperature, in the list of fluids (120 fluids liquids and gases are near to be used with their density and viscosity data). Pressure and velocity are inversely proportional to each other. Air Flow - Head to Velocity Calculator. Example calculation. * maximum speed is calculated as twice the average speed . I’m assuming it is an incompressible flow. Bernoulli’s Principle tells us that the higher the velocity of a fluid, the lower the pressure it exerts. Again if uncover the pipe outlet both velocity and pressure reduces. g is the acceleration due to gravity measured using m/s. Also, register to “BYJU’S – The Learning App” for loads of interactive, engaging Physics related videos and an unlimited academic assist. Copyright © 2019 Mecaflux. Your email address will not be published. Similarly, the pressure is proportional to the square of velocity. Water Velocity Calculator. An interface to aid design of aeraulic ducts or hydraulic is integrated mecaflux. Interface help choice of pipes according to the flow (incorporated into MECAFLUX standard): This interface allows to highlight the diameter of ideal conduct for a given flow. When the fluid speeds up, some of the energy from that random motion is used to move faster in the fluid’s direction of motion. If we reduce the volume of the pipe outlet by covering a part of it with our fingertip, the water gets displaced to a greater distance with a higher velocity and higher pressure. The minimum speed is also determined by the price of the pipes and their installation. Calculate pipe diameter for known flow rate and velocity. All rights reserved. Convert from volumetric to mass flow rate. Similarly, if velocity increases, the pressure decreases to keep the sum of potential energy, kinetic energy, and pressure constant. Terms of sale| Privacy and cookies, Valve authority KV Vs Cv and head loss coefficients, Edit Minor losses elements in mecaflux Standard, Edit Minor losses elements in mecaflux Pro 3D, Graphical analysis network (with mecaflux Standard), Flow in a pipe slope (with mecaflux networks pro3D), Studying a pumping installation (with mecaflux Standard), Edit pumps in mecaflux Standard and Pro 3D, Examples of application of fluid mechanics, correctly sizing the diameter of an hydraulic or aerailic pipe according to its flow rate, 120 fluids liquids and gases are near to be used with their density and viscosity data, sedimentation velocity of particles suspended in the fluid, hydrodynamic aerodynamic profiles Database, Example wind turbine manufacturing permanent magnets, Propulsion propeller blade element theory.