You will need the following documents (choose those which apply to your specific situation): Applicants do not need to submit the above documents if a municipal authority receives data from the state and departmental registers and state information systems. In Lithuania, an increased aid for these families is not a priority. A childcare benefit shall be paid for the period of a childcare leave from the end of pregnancy and childbirth leave until the child is one or two years old, or during the period of childcare leave granted in accordance with Article 134 of the Labour Code. this leave as enabling men and women “to take care of (a) child until a given age”, so distinguishing this leave from Maternity leave, where the directive setting minimum standards was adopted as a health and welfare measure. \S��$�zm�V���f��D��^K�[������yP;9�f��l�yo�Nβl6X�zL>�7N>�l���t5���jr�x�aӿ���v:�����>= ��i��Г������vqz��w���������y�{��NO�=�%Iy Parental leaves; leave to care for sick children and other employment-related measures to support working parents; and early childhood education and care policy. Pregnant Workers Directive 92/85/EEC amendments are already incorporated into the Lithuanian legal system. Please be aware that this is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all publications or research in this area for this country. tal leave legislation in Lithuania, it should be noted that the Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania provides for childcare leave that can be used, depen-ding on a family decision, by mother (or foster mot- her), father (or foster father), grandmother, grandfat-her or other relatives who take care of the child until he/she reaches the age of three. If someone who is officially resident in Lithuania is studying in a general education, vocational or higher education establishment abroad, a guardianship benefit is paid to them by the local municipal council in the area where they have declared residence. '@��ӕ��w��wOO�>�tz������>�rz�#,����A��A��A«:ޏ�/�I���Y���M���:;���caecAy�!L�o���@QZw��4R�R��C,�&W�� Where an orphan's allowance and/or periodic maintenance benefit, the guardianship benefit amounts to the difference between 4 times the basic social benefit and the orphan's allowance. For each child placed under guardianship in a family a monthly addition of guardianship benefit is payable, amounting to 4 times the basic social benefit (EUR 156) per family. <>/Metadata 325 0 R/ViewerPreferences 326 0 R>> R¡Ö� ÷'ÜëçGfò?ÁGcšLC%eˆÖKÓR ëˆ�9 »9m!,´ÉiÀ5İ‘‚ŠTå­¢§¿*‰³ß�Û쇃t8==,4 L²‡°.r?Å?¹•». Towards a Digitalized World of Work: What Future Works for All. I-621). European Commission publications and websites: Family Benefits: Your Rights as an EU Citizen Abroad. Apart from guardianship benefit, benefits are payable by the local municipal council in the area where a person lives. • Maternity (parental) or child care leave - the mother and father are equal to make a choice. Yet, Lithuanian children face problems stemming from poverty : in 2008, the child poverty rate rose to 22.8%, and was even higher in single parent families as well as in large families. he is covered with maternity social insurance; he has been granted a childcare leave according to the procedure established by law; before the first day of the childcare leave he has the maternity social insurance record of not less than 12 months during the last 24 months. The amount of childcare benefit depends on chosen receipt duration  of the benefit: if the insured person chooses to receive the benefit until the child turns 1 year old, the amount of the benefit is 77,58 per cent  of the beneficiary’s compensatory wage; if the person chooses to receive the benefit until the child turns 2  years old – the benefit until the child turns 1 year old is 54,31 per cent and 31,03 per cent of the beneficiary’s compensatory wage until the child turns 2 years old. Datum on Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania are collected and stored by the Register of Legal Persons. When one of the parents (adoptive parents) or guardians, oro ne of the child grandparent who is released from work and receives a childcare benefit, is dismissed from work or the duration of such person's employment contract has expired, he or she shall be paid a childcare benefit according to the same procedure as used for the employed women on the childcare leave. 4 0 obj © Jolanta Aidukaite, Donata Telisauskaite-Cekanavice. x��ko�6�{��}���,R�HI����-�� 11,  03610 Vilnius, LITHUANIA. <> %PDF-1.7 At the end of the 18th century, Lithuania was annexed by the Russian Empire. In Lithuania we find the dual-earner model, as there is still more emphasis on the mother’s employment than on the father’s child care involvement.

In the event of birth complications or a multiple birth, an allowance is paid for an extra 14 calendar days. h�bbd``b`f+�S;��� If the amount of the Child care benefit is less than the Child adoption allowance, the latter is calculated as the difference between the two benefits. Based on the experts’ views and document analysis, we conclude that in Lithuania the parental leave benefit is increasingly seen as a measure to ensure the family’s financial security, but not as an instrument to enhance fatherhood rights. The compensatory wage on the basis whereof the amount of childcare benefits are determined shall be calculated on the basis of the insured person’s insured income during twelve consecutive calendar months before the calendar month preceding the month in which a childcare leave began. endobj This benefit is paid if the person is not eligible for a child care benefit under the Law on Sickness and Maternity Social Insurance. In the case of twins, the monthly amount is four times the basic social benefit (EUR 156) and the same amount is paid for each additional child born. $X�@�@�q2�����n��� ��P ��W�)�@�a>H�2��`d`bd���8X���O I� r Income is not evaluated and childcare benefit is not decreased if the insured person gets the benefit during the second year of child care (until the child turns two years old). This is the statistic used by the OECD,which shows Latvia ranks 20th of the 35 members, and 10 spots below the OECD average. If the insured person who is on a childcare leave is employed in another place of employment and he is granted childcare leave in this place of employment, the childcare benefit shall not be granted anew. Antanas Smetona established an authoritarian regime … This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (, which permits any use, distribution, and reproduction of the work without further permission provided the original author(s) and source are credited. 415 0 obj <> endobj Address: A. Vivulskio str. Monthly childcare benefits cannot be less than the size of 6 Basic Social Benefits (Eur 234). The child benefit amounts to 1.54 BSB (EUR 60.06) . If the leave from work is due to the employee’s child’s wedding or death and funeral of their sister, brother, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandmother, grandfather, and another person who is a dependant of the employee or under their direct care, the employee is entitled to 1 day of leave from work.