Surely if the non resident parent who is self employed and chooses what they put as there income for Tax purposes which in turn makes their child maintenence figures low. It seems all too easy for responsible parties to just walk away from their financial and contact commitments. Now she has got her money she has ran off to another county with yet another boyfriend and just dumped my 15 year old daughter at my mams to live and hasn’t been seen for 2 month. Look hard enough, and a summary of the variation rules can be found deep within the official DWP website.

The system is broke. The difference now, and maybe why it stands out to me so much, is that I now pay nearly as much for 1 child as I did for 3!

Whenever the meter alarm goes off my heart sinks. This is never going to get better, it is a flawed system which has left me and my 3 children without much hope. I am afraid that self-employed NRP’s or higher net worth individuals will always find a way if they so wish to avoid paying, but is it right that the CMS, like the CSA before, continue to punish those of us who wish to play by the rules? Holding assets in offshore trusts etc etc. I do however sympathise with you and agree that the present system is utterly flawed. He’s in papers all the time re his business, investors like Dan Pena and Robert Kiyosaki.

This is damaging for the children involved.

But for a significant minority, the new method of calculating child maintenance is still not working.

I know he’s working a substantial amount of hours in the exact same company as myself and has been doing so for years! I had to pay £20 to get this set up. I was off work sick for 3 weeks and because UC take income from the previous month we were literally living on buttons when I was paid.

Kiki, the resident parent can’t have it both ways. I immediately requested a variation & supplied copious amounts of evidence as to his hidden income. They agreed when he paid it that any child maintenance he was due to pay once he started a job again was to be taken out of this huge lump sum- this should have lasted well over 3 years based on CMS calculations. I see men stand in the pub supping pints boasting to mates how they manage to screw the system. I got stopped from seeing my kids when.i remarried

Having contacted the CMS I quickly recognised that there is very little they can or will do, and quite frankly I don’t have the energy to pursue someone that clearly has no moral values nor wants to provide for his children. We’re the leading national charity working with single parent families. Hello, I have a very stupid situation here. They said they couldn’t interfere. I’m not legally aided and he is still trying to get flexibility after taking me to court.

knowing UK family justice structures , he will find a way out of payment leaving the children in relative poverty !! If it came down to it how many women would give an accurate figure of how much it costs to raise their child per week? She won’t do without. So I was left without an answer again. Very frustrating and upsetting that we get treated like this. So parents think twice before giving up job until the child is an adult .

My only option.. to just get on with it and keep going. How could that figure have just been plucked?

And that comment swings both ways,your telling me a child costs over a £1000.00p in some cases every month ?,in my case my Ex partner went out with the money and bought to by to let house and still won’t abide with a court order.

Your family structure isn’t the only family structure out there. Also on a government level the amount we pay should not be based on gross earnings before tax and national Insurance…..We pay tax and national Insurance!!! Receiving parents often restrict access to children to increase their payments. £1000 -1200 per month thats the kind of money that could make a man homeless and for no fault of his own how is that fair?

So he is avoiding paying for his children no matter how much he resents handing over the money to me.

All symptoms of a very broken Britain…. I am fortunate enough to be given a company car to do the job I am employed to do.

Good honest single fathers paying more than they should yet the women hold all the keys After CMS Carried our there investigate they recon I should pay less than £100 a month. You can also go to ombudsmen and your mp . I have same problem my ex has attachments of earning order from September but I have had no payment yet when I call They tell me his employer hasn’t sent the money I agree the justice system is archaic and flawed in this area plus it’s true that they seem to favour the wealthy non-paying parent- it’s a disgrace. Again I challenged it. However, I pay myself enough money to make contributions. Just to be clear I think paying parents who avoid paying should be punished and made to pay….full stop! it makes me wonder if a large payroll like the met police can’t get it right what hope do any other parents in my situation have with smaller companies!

i have been trying to get child support from my ex for three years. I am a father and I pay for my 17 year old son and have been for years.

And why does a women get 80% of the care!!! but he has told me that our children are not aloud to go on their first holiday abroad to watch me get married to my new partner who has 2 children himself . s (my daughter is 9, the attachment was put on when she was three and he paid (£150 a month) He is now working for a cash in hand job so the CMS cannot do anything. He has not paid more than £13 in a single month and not paid more than 6 times in a year. They own a very profitable company and she works full time too, earn well over 100k a year where I earn well under less than that but have to pay maximum maintenance. He stopped paying, gave no reason, did not respond to emails.

I duly called them and they advised that I was still outstanding a ‘debt’ of approximately £1500- ( I admit I didn’t get the exact amount as I was still in shock that they had contacted me) . It is so unfair and indeed damaging to the child being used as a pawn in a very cruel game. yet they chase individuals like yourself because they can as it is easy for them to do so! I told her yesterday about my call regarding the money- which works out roughly about £83 a year for the 18 years he would have been responsible to pay- apparently she was a very inexpensive child !!! It’s disgusting! The new, inadequate method of calculating child maintenance payments is only half the problem. mortgage and contact costs.