In Malaysia, there is a large Cantonese community in Malaysia, hence, this method of Roasting Pork is the most popular in the country. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The kick of fresh heat pairs so well with the richness of the pork belly!

It’s basically cooking your pork belly in water and aromatics till fork tender, then scoring it and roasting in a very hot oven till is is all golden, blistered and has crispy crackling. STEP 8 Remove the foil and the salt crust from the pork. STEP 6 Carefully transfer the salt-covered pork to a baking rack placed on a baking tray. In my humble opinion, the Chinese are the undisputed king of two things: crispy duck and crispy pork belly. Cook Time 1 hour 45 minutes. Skin piercing  – If you pierce the fat too much (a bit is ok) or flesh, then after you remove the salt crust and place it under the grill/broiler, juices will bubble up onto the skin and prevent the skin from getting crispy. (TIP: If you do not have a fan function on your oven, leave the pork out to dry in a cool, dry area of your kitchen for 1 hour before placing in the oven.). STEP 4 Rub the meat side of the pork belly with the Chinese 5-spice and a little sprinkle of salt. Continue cook for 3 minutes after boiling. Foolproof Easy Method – Use this if pricking is all too hard. If your pork belly piece has bone in: either ask your butcher to remove it for you, or take a large knife and angle it into the flesh under the bone, using long sawing motions to gently remove the bone from the rest of the belly piece.

Transfer the pork out and pat dry the water.

Serve with hoisin sauce and mustard for dipping. It’s plenty! Nutrition estimate, taking into account 1/3 cup of fat that is discarded from the foil. (It’s easy!). Chinese Crispy Roast Pork Marion’s Kitchen Previous Next More Awesome Recipes Just For You INGREDIENT Chinese Crispy Roast Pork European Print This. As for sauce, Chinese pork belly is typically served with mustard. Avoid piercing int o the fat as best you can, and really ensure you do not pierce the flesh (Note 5). And this is how they make it. It’s really good. video. Jeremy shows us how to make the most delicious Chinese crispy pork belly! Roast covered in rock salt = crispy crackling. Celebrate Chinese New Year with the best of Chinese food!

Brush all the salt off the whole piece of pork. Place the pork back on the baking rack and roast for another 15-20 minutes or until the pork skin is completely puffed and crispy.

Follow recipe up to and including brushing with vinegar but do not prick skin. Either your everyday yellow mustard or Hot English Mustard which is my favourite. Why not check out our exclusive School of Wok ranges below - From our popular woks to our fun and inspiring cooking classes, we cater for all of your culinary needs!

At this stage, the skin is rubbery and looks thoroughly unappetising (step 7 above).

Place the pork belly in a large pot with clean water, add cooking wine, scallion, ginger and sichuan … My favourite is cucumber and radish because they’re so fresh and radish also has a kick of spiciness. To make puffy crackling, you need to prick lots and lots of little holes in the skin. An Introduction to Chinese Herbal Soup Ingredients, Chinese Five Spice Powder—Basic Homemade Version. steamed dumplings with crispy golden undersides, Chinese takeout standard (no false promises). Remove the meat from the pan and run under cold water to cool.

Please do not use only images without prior permission. Makes super crispy crackling and the same juicy flesh, but without the bubbly crackling. Sometimes it is served with white sugar on the side too. The best crackling in the world with juicy seasoned flesh, no one does crispy pork belly like the Chinese. In the photo pictured in the post with the slices, that is the sort of starter I would do.

Preheat the oven to 130°C/265°F/Gas ¾. I had many, many chances to catch this shot…. It’s not the end of the world if you have a handful of pricks that went too deep, you will just get tiny splotches or little strips of crackling that’s not 100% crispy. Once cool enough to handle, separate crispy skin from meat. Rock salt is easy to remove and also will not penetrate into the holes while roasting, making the pork far too salty. Prep Time 1 hour. Place under grill/broiler for 20 – 25 minutes, rotating tray once, until skin is golden, crispy and puffed. Again, more on that below. Servings – Pork belly is very rich so a 1 kg / 2 lb raw piece (shrinks to about 700g/1.4lb) serves 6 – 8 people as part of a multi course meal or as a starter. Remove pork from fridge. I’ve also had it served with white sugar.

STEP 9 Remove the pork from the oven and rest for 10 minutes before cutting into bite-sized pieces.

2. Entire post refreshed, new photos added, brand new (much better!) Pricking lots of holes in the skin = puffy crackling with bubbles. Roast for 50 minutes to 1 hour. Turn the pork skin-side down on a chopping board and slice through the meat with a sharp large knife or cleaver, pressing down on the top of the blade to slice through the crackling. Remember to use a tray to catch the dropping oils. Plus, they add great colour to the plate, don’t you think?

For this method, oven works better to make skin crispy. Place pork on a rack and return to baking tray, roast for a further 30 minutes or until crackling is golden and crispy. Transfer out and cut into small bites.

4. Check out that colour! 1 piece of pork belly, skin on, around 1.2 kg (2 1/2 pounds) – see notes below To all crackling lovers out there, this one is for YOU! - Check it out! Fold down foil and scrape all the salt off the top and sides.

More on that below in the Easy Non Pricking Method. Next, blanch your pork belly.

Pork belly – try to get one with even thickness, it will make the best evenly cooked crackling. The reason this method is foolproof is because with the traditional Chinese method, if you are too enthusiastic with the pricking and pierce too far into the fat (or even worse, into the flesh), the juices will bubble up onto the skin, and the wetness as the skin is being grilled/broiled will cause little splotches where the skin is not super crispy. Pork belly can be used in stir-fry recipes. It’s really really good and super easy. STEP 5 Fold a long piece of foil (or two pieces) so that you can form a wrap around the pork belly with about a 3cm height of foil above the pork belly. Don’t watch this on Mute…. Slice into 1 – 1.5cm / 2/5 – 3/5″ thick slices, then into smaller slices like pictured in post.

The post Chinese Crispy Pork Belly appeared first on RecipeTin Eats. Remove pork onto cutting board. With this alternative method which is virtually foolproof, you can skip pricking the skin and the crackling will still be outrageously crispy, however, it will not have the signature puffy bubbles that Chinese Pork Belly is known for. Place the pork belly in a large pot with clean water, add cooking wine, scallion, ginger and sichuan peppercorn. he was doing this the whole time I was shooting the pork belly!! Add some fresh raw vegetables (I use cucumber and radish). Print A deliciously fatty, crispy and tasty slow-cooked pork belly dish perfect for those nights you want something a little bit different!

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