Ball Lane a popular access point and parking area for Skyline, Powerline, and Bread Express trails. Located near Cortez, Colorado, this National Monument boasts the largest concentration of Pueblo Indian (Anasazi) ruins and archaeological sites. 55.4 km

• Bob’s Loop is a short, intermediate connecting trail in the Phil’s World Trail System. Road Apple Rally Course is a popular bike ride loop which encompasses most of the trails within the Road Apple Trails System. Birket trail, on the foot of Animas Mountain, connects to Dalla Mountain Park trails, climbing access and other trails on Animas Mountain. La Plata Canyon trail is a long sustained climb up the La Plata Canyon Road to the Colorado Trail at Kennebec Pass. The Hermosa Creek trails connect you to a variety of high country routes from Jones Creek to Pinkerton or upper Hermosa to Bolam Pass or Hotel Draw. 328.04 m Up Lower BC & F trail follows the old railroad grade in the Twin Buttes area. Skyline Trail is a scenic out and back trail with an option to loop into Horse Gulch trail system from Sugar Trail.

White Creek Trail is a difficult and scenic high country trail near Cunningham Gulch and Highland Mary Lakes trails. West Lime Creek Trail (FS #679) follows provides access to a variety of high-country trails, waterfalls, dispersed campsites and excellent views.

Add a Symbol . Powerline Trail spans 2.5 miles between Horse Gulch Trailhead and Skyline Trail. There are many trails leaving from Tuckerville, which also features a wonderful overlook where there were mines in the cliffs below. This is about an injury or accident Near Silverton you’ll find a number of thirteeners that can be completed as day hikes, including Kendall Mountain, Kendall Peak and Stony Peak. Share a Photo . Sharkstooth Trail is a 6.6 mile (one way) trail to Sharkstooth Pass, with many excellent views of Hesperus Mountain along the way.

Durango City Reservoir at the head of the Florida River. With hiking and lake access in the summer, and nordic skiing in the winter, Priest Lake offers a multitude of outdoor activities. • The Animas Overlook Trail is a difficult trail which begins/ends at the Animas Overlook and continues 3 miles to meet Log Chutes 1. This amazing trail starts in Waterton Canyon near Denver and goes all the way to Durango. Old Car Loop is a difficult trail accessed from the furthest end of Sidewinder Trail and is open to all non-motorized use. From the topmost part of the trail (from Brown’s Ridge) Ella Vita Trail features a series of sweeping jumps and turns as it descends 450 feet over 2 miles down to Ella Vita Court. For directions to various trails and trailheads, view the Vallecito Lake Trails Map.

Create Recommended Route or Flame Out Trail is a short but difficult trail spurring off of Half Ridge trail, near the bottom of Horse Gulch Road. Clark’s Cutuff trail has very fast sections with a combination of single and doubletrack flowing in and out of the Pinion/Junipers.

Lion’s Den Trail. Dutch Creek Trail is a mostly downhill trail that runs along the creek and through lots of aspen groves and creek crossings. Divinity Flow Trail, or Purgatory Flow Trail, located at Purgatory Resort, is a 1.5-mile intermediate trail, and Durango’s longest downhill flow trail. Coco Trail is an intermediate 2-mile trail in the Phil’s World trail system. Switcher Loop is a moderate loop in the Three Springs Spur Line trail system. To main trailhead:Vallecito Lake is located 18 miles northeast of Durango. Champan Hill Trail is a moderate connecting trail at the base of Champan Hill to the top of Fort Lewis mesa. Molas Pass is a popular place for high country trail access just north of Durango. Trail. The iconic Colorado Trail stretches 500 miles from Denver to its terminus in Durango and is one of the state’s great recreational assets. 9,059' Up North Canyon, East Creek & Graham Creek Trails. Coal Creek is a popular downhill bike route to the highway, accessed from Deer Creek Trail or Engineer Mountain Trail. Yellow Brick Road is short and difficult connector trail open to all non-motorized use. Taking other people's content (text, photos, etc) without permission is a copyright violation and 46.5 km Sidewinder Trail is a difficult 1.5-mile trail that is open to all non-motorized use from the top of Telegraph Trail.

Wild Bill is a skinny ridge trail that offers four, one-foot-tall drops that are rollable or can be jumped bigger, and some steep and fast sections. Anasazi Descent is a technical one-way trail which starts at the top of Telegraph Trail. 3708.44 m Down, 34.4 mi Accessed from Dalla Mountain Park’s Ponderosa or Bouldering Trails, Sailing Hawks spans 0.9 miles and provides access to bouldering areas and cliffs along the foot of Animas Mountain. The Saul’s Creek trail system is in the San Juan National Forest about 3 miles east of Bayfield, Colorado. 1663.16 m Down, 487.2 mi 874.83 m Up Deer Creek trail is a difficult, 4.6-mile trail that climbs steadily to meet Coal Creek, then Engineer Mountain Trail. No upcoming trailwork events are currently scheduled. Skull Rock Trail is difficult 1.4-mile trail open to all non-motorized use. Crater Lake is a beautiful 5.4-mile one way trail near Andrew’s Lake, popular for day hikes in the high country. Hogsfoot Trail is located in Overend Mountain Park trail system and provides access to Hogsback Trail from the Spirit Trail and into Brown’s Ridge. Hillcrest Golf Course offers groomed nordic skiing during the winter months just minutes from downtown Durango. The Colorado Trail at Junction Creek is one of the best trails in the Durango area, great for both hiking and ... in collaboration with the City of Durango.