I became engaged in my role on student council, which paid off when I was elected student body president.

4. Luke Kenworthy Let’s return to Rhea, our “well-lopsided” aspiring writer.

To return to our hypothetical antique-aficionado: how should she establish voice in her essay?

For example, this year’s admissions cycle had the lowest rates in history at all except one Ivy League school. While I matured into una mujer (woman) in that hospital room, I learned that salvation negates translation and that esperanza (hope) can be found in the strangest of words. The next section of the essay, after the hook, should accomplish two things. 2. Or maybe, like Simon admits in his essay about the night sky, they’re a little impatient and power-hungry. After this, we’ll talk more generally about how to approach the essays’ subject matter and structure, but you can (and will have to!) Using a favorite quotation from an essay or book you have read in the last three years as a starting point, tell us about an event or experience that helped you define one of your values or changed how you approach the world. 3. Yale’s residential colleges regularly host conversations with guests representing a wide range of experiences and accomplishments. If your child is truly passionate about their subject matter, an organic structure can emerge—one that indicates that they weren’t just following a static set of building blocks. Warm.

This is your chance to showcase your personality to the admissions committee. In other words, it’s not so much the topic, but the voice and tone in which these students write about their chosen topic, that will give an admissions committee insight into their personalities and characters. Is there an incantation? Are there moments in the student’s life that have made them feel part of something larger? But when her college rejections arrived, my mother, despite being one of the strongest individuals I know, broke down. Mr. Zachary is half-Yeats, half-Bono—the perfect Irish combination of intellect with that classic “cool dude” persona.

A smile spreads across his face as he watches the words he’s just spoken permeate our thawing brains. (100 to 250 words), How will you explore your intellectual and academic interests at the University of Pennsylvania? Each English class with “Zac Attack” is a unique experience. In contrast, when I visit my friends, I see the names of elite institutions adorning the living room walls.

We understand that this is an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher from the description of his gesticulation and the description of the marginalia.

Extracurricularly, he’s been successful in mock trial but has also succeeded in science competitions. The real deal.

He really could’ve sprinkled in more tidbits about himself and his interests in the essay that still would’ve preserved the message of gratitude towards his mother. (100 words or fewer), Although you may not yet know what you want to major in, which department or program at MIT appeals to you and why? Similarly, Jenna’s Hamilton essay ends with something the admissions committee can hold on to, something that gives them a sense of her values and personality: I don’t know if I’ll study history in college. A small pdf, but packs a big punch if you’re applying to the Ivy League. Write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your roommate – and us – know you better. Learn more » Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide. What follows is advice that can apply to both the PS and the supplementals, given the wide range of topics one can address across each type of essay. For comparison, here’s Camille’s opening to the essay about her favorite teacher: “Uncertainty could be my guiding light.” – U2, “Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock.” – Hannah Montana. (200-250 words), Describe the world you come from; for example, your family, clubs, school, community, city, or town. Essay Example and Analysis from 50 Successful IVY League Application Essays by Gen and Kelly Tanabe “Always Been a Math-Science Girl” (anonymous admissions essay to MIT) I have always been a math-science girl. (400-650 words). It’s a beautifully written tribute to Lyle’s mother, it makes me almost want to call my mom and say some thank you’s. Nevertheless, the sight of them was an irritating reminder of the disparity between our households. No one can spell out exactly what the Ivy League or Ivy+ behemoth wants. I was not the upper middle class kid on Park Avenue. However, in hindsight, I am thankful for the lessons I learned from my mother; the pain I felt was a necessary step in the process of becoming the person I am today, someone who is unafraid to express himself.". The way others perceive me is inherently inaccurate, so I do not need to concern myself with what others think.

As I continued into high school, my Spanish skills flourished.

Yet, one must possess something extraordinary to be able to stand in front of a cash register for 19 years and do so with pride and determination. Our third student, Simon, might be thought of as well rounded. Remember that admissions committees evaluate these essays as part of a holistic narrative of a candidate—a successful essay doesn’t guarantee admission. I didn’t know how much it would affect the way I thought about the past, and the present. Harvard has long recognized the importance of student body diversity of all kinds.

Here’s an example line from her Rhea’s essay: “Words have whispered to me my whole life.

So, want to go to Harvard or any other highly competitive college? This is your application.

It wasn’t until I watched Eliza Hamilton rendered with such humanity onstage that I connected to what I later learned was called “historiography,” or how we write history.

Spanish was my savior.

Instead, for one of her supplemental essays, Camille wrote about a topic that may at first seem unrelated to her application. Think about an idea or topic that has been intellectually exciting for you. Kenworthy and his dad. This essay got a high-school senior into 5 Ivy League schools and Stanford. Read the essay this high school senior wrote to get accepted to all eight Ivy League schools By Harley Geffner 04/17/17 6:19pm The Ivy League consists of Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University.

She refused. When choosing a topic for supplemental essays, one might expect Camille to choose something that relates to these activities, or that in some way reflects on her academic prowess in the humanities. It’s an extension of Mr. Zachary himself. Discuss an issue that is significant to you and how your college experience might help you address it. Jenna knows the exact the type of prop used onstage, because she geeked out and asked around when she dreamt of putting on her own version of the show at her high school. But, broadly, we observe that the most selective colleges ask for students to demonstrate passion, leadership, initiative, intellectual vitality, and memorability. Sitting beside my ailing mother, I struggled for the right words in English, but knew them all in Spanish. It can be daunting to sit down in front of the blank page, trying to communicate a big idea. Given her circumstances — raised by an abusive, alcoholic father and a neglectful mother; involved in several dysfunctional relationships with controlling men; drinking to numb the injustices of life, but then realizing it was too late to stop — I have no way of knowing if my life would be any different from hers.