The reality is that in a world where more and more people are born connected, thinking your business in purely physical terms is already totally impossible, and it’s been some time. But companies that with distributors and retailers often don’t thoroughly know the buying habits and behaviors of their consumers.

We recommend that objectives are clearly aligned with strategies to achieve goals and the drivers of these objectives such as business objectives or market research. While these are at the heart of digital and have conversations on social media without engaging directly with any marketing or transformation and vital in achieving your goals, there are other success factors that are messaging. Cette vision exclusive oblige donc à se demander comment faire pour y parvenir, tant à court terme qu'à long terme. Leverage the existing and emergent technologies to transform the business. Digital transformation strategy can begin with continuous process improvement, aided by cloud-accessible tools. Digital transformation gives opportunities to use technology to drive efficiencies for both sell-side customer interactions and buy-side interactions with suppliers. You must promote the use of new BI technologies and analytics. These are ways to deliver an already defined strategy, not create one. See more: The theory of disruptive innovation: Revolutionize and create new markets.

• Seront-ils capables de vous soutenir dans votre stratégie à long terme ? Nice to read it. Process modeling should be able to deliver increasing value at each stage of the chain, and this can be achieved through a better flow of information, collaboration and teamwork, elements in which digital transformation can assist in a very practical and assertive way. Cette approche est contraire à la logique et se traduit souvent par un échec. Les dirigeants doivent donc favoriser une culture où chacun tire les leçons de ses erreurs et bâtit sur les succès obtenus. • Fabrication additive Quelle que soit la raison de votre visite - ou l'étape de votre transformation numérique - la définition de la stratégie de transformation numérique est une phase fondamentale du processus. La transformation numérique est un parcours et non un évènement, aussi importe-t-il d'identifier le premier projet dont la faisabilité est démontrée. The first step in understanding which areas will be impacted and what the effects of digital transformation on your business will be, is to understand on what basis this changes the way you run the business and interact with your audience, your collaborators and partners.