tour dates, I went to see El Ten Eleven kind of expecting a sort of novelty act. Battles 17 concerts to Aug 20, 2021 #2823. concerts, Fresh material is strategically scheduled to be released at the perfect times. Because of my listening history mainly being comprised of classic rock n’ roll, it was no surprise that I took a liking to the heavy emphasis on dynamic contrast generally found in post-rock music. I often preferred to listen to music instead of my teachers and peers, and I can honestly blame it all on post-rock. tour dates 2021, While there is no question as to El Ten Eleven’s originality, they do have a few noticeable inspirations. in addition to being novel, THESE GUYS ARE GOOD! We’ll meet back up somewhere farther along the road and continue where we left off.”. “There are so many different influences in what we do, so I’m not sure there’s one single artist that could be considered more significant than others. Man, was I surprised. The name was based off the Lockheed L-1011 Tristar airplane, that can be seen on the cover of their self-titled first album. L-1011's set was good, but marred, especially at the beginning, by the all-too-common habit of clubs to pump up the bass till it's just a distorted mess. Unusable Love: live in concert, a very limited engagement. They have released five full length albums, earning generally positive reviews. I had no idea how awesome El Ten Eleven was before seeing this 2 peice perform live. Someone called us a power-duo and I loved it, but it doesn’t really describe us at all. “Kristian actually has a wife and kids, so we don’t stay out on the road for as long as we used to,” said Fogarty. Following this release, the band left on their first US tour, which was the catalyst to an almost nonstop touring lifestyle for the next ten years. to track El Ten Eleven and get concert alerts when they play near you. Double neck guitar...okay. It might be appropriate for a dance show where no-one's trying to really LISTEN to the music, just feel it, but for a show like this it was really detrimental. The band’s most recent EP, Mixtape 001, was released on their website for free download not long ago. It's worth watching live just to see how he accomplishes all of this on his own. Two guys, a bunch of effects pedals, and some poppy music. Tickets starting at $12 available via Like most bands these days, El Ten Eleven has a pretty recognizable internet presence. El Paso’s Elegant & Exclusive Event Venue. Again....a show in his own right. Guitarist (and bassist) Kristian Dunn and drummer Tim Fogarty have been making music since 2002. Touring is not the only thing that has changed since the band’s formation. He sometimes uses a fret-less bass as well. They released their eponymous debut album, El Ten Eleven in 2004 on Fake Record Label, and through Bar/None Records on September 20, 2005.

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Their musical style is mainly considered Pop, Rock, Chillwave and post rock. TOUR. The band has earned some attention due to many of their songs being featured in the soundtracks of Gary Hustwit's design documentaries Helvetica, Objectified, and Urbanized. If I was the band I'd be pissed at hearing the music I worked hard to make turned into something sounding like an over-amped car stereo heard from across the street. Bassist and composer Kristian Dunn and drummer Tim Fogarty formed El Ten Eleven in 2002 while living in the Silver Lake community of Los Angeles. El Ten Eleven Tour Dates 2021. After settling down, Kristian and his wife opted to leave the fast-paced life of Los Angeles for something a little more relaxed in San Diego. “We typically play on the road for a couple of weeks and then he’ll find the time to fly back to California to spend time with his family for a couple of days. Released on September 20, 2005, through Bar/None Records, the first album was peppered with positive reviews, based primarily on the ability of the duo to create such intricate instrumentals with such a narrow quantity of musicians. El Ten Eleven Tour Dates, Concert Tickets 2018. A Touch of Luxury. He later noted that this occurs frequently with artists such as Phil Collins and Joy Division. Flawlessly combining accoustic and electroic effects. For me, this was the perfect medium.