Legal system in a target foreign market may be different from that of the domestic country which may seriously affect the promotion decision of the firm. Advertising and sales promotion, being parts of the marketing mix, should be integrated with the marketing objectives and coordinated with other selling effort such as the efforts of salesmen. Thus, financial resources of a firm put a limit on the promotion policy and promo tools of the firm. The demand for a new product may be generated. The American Marketing Association defines it as follows: According to Massott & Ruth, “Sales promotion consist of those cultivates that are designed to bring a company’s goals or services to the favorable attention of customers”. In designing its promotion policy or strategy for the target market, a firm should not ignore the promotion strategies, policies, program and promo tools undertaken by the competitors in the market. For example, if market share of a product, before the introduction of sales promotion is measured as 4 per cent, during the period 10 per cent and immediately after the programme 6 per cent, and there after increased to 8 per cent, this shows that new customers are created by the sales promotion programme, and thus sales have been increased. In this method, the middleman gets buying allowance after purchase of goods more than a fixed point. in exchange for any old colour T.V. Sales promotion is an effort that provides a special incentive to buy which may be in different forms. 3. Sponsor charity or community events – they frequently garner media attention. Sales promotion is media and non-media marketing communications employed for a pre-determined, limited time to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand or improve product availability. 545/- Free. x. For example, Free Car Stereo with every UNO CAR.

Thus, the international marketer must consider the above factors into consideration before jumping to any promotion policy. Ask customers to bring in the flyer or postcard they received in the mail so that you know which advertisement strategy was effective. Sales promotion tools are short term strategies to attain high sales volume immediately. Circular is an inexpensive hand bill that may be distributed freely. ix. We find this device generally at the time of festivals. Marketing is a part of sales promotion department. The retailers are difficult to contact. The promotional themes and programs may be used in the standardized form or with slight modifications. A firm may have different objectives in different foreign markets or different firms may have different strategy in the same market. Sales Promotion: Elements, Methods and Advantages of Sales Promotion! This department performs the functions of marketing, i.e. (c) There are legislations which prohibit the promoter to make tall claims about their products. Premium as a promotional tool is used for various purposes like to introduce a new product, to attract new customers, to improve off season sale, to discourage competitions, etc. Gifting. Sales promotion devices bring quick and immediate results than other methods like personal selling and advertising. He must study and evaluate all the factors relevant to reach a decision for the promotion of his product in the target market. and save up to Rs. 6. For example, in recent years McDonald’s implemented a sales promotion in which young customers received plastic figures of the cartoon characters The Smurfs in their Happy Meals. What Are the Characteristics That Distinguish a Sales Promotion From Advertising. 3. The following are the weaknesses of the sales promotion: 1. Write a column for the local newspaper. Features 6. The ultimate motto is to increase the sale of an existing product or to introduce a new product. Sales promotion methods include displays, demonstrations, expositions, exhibitions and other non-recurrent selling efforts which aim at impelling spot buying action by prospective customers. Pamphlets are small booklets often used for educational or instructional purposes. Therefore, sales promotion is a continuous process to increase the sales. Brochure is book bound or stitched or stapled in semi-permanent form carrying a complete presentation. The middlemen will feel elated to deal with the product widely known to the consumers. Any carelessness to such provisions may cause harassment to the marketer. The constraints in sales promotion, however, do not prevent the use of sales promotion by the international marketer. Nature of the Product or Services Offered: Methods of Evaluation Sales Promotion Techniques, Relationship of Advertising and Personal Selling with Sales Promotion, – Top 14 Points to be Considered for a Successful Sales Promotion, Public Sector Enterprises or Undertakings in India, Sales Promotion – Introduction and Meaning, Sales Promotion – Definitions and Concept, Sales Promotion in Marketing – Top 3 Features, Sales Promotion – Items Used in Sales Promotion Efforts, Sales Promotion – 7 Tools of Sales Promotion, Sales Promotion – Sales Promotion Activities: Dealers Sales Promotion Schemes and Consumers Sale Promotion Schemes, Sales Promotion – 4 Important Functions (With Functions of Sales Promotion Department), Sales Promotion – Important Aspects for Making Successful Sales Promotion, Sales Promotion – Factors that Affect Sales Promotion Decision, Sales Promotion – Methods of Evaluation Sales Promotion Techniques, Sales Promotion – Relationship of Advertising and Personal Selling with Sales Promotion, Sales Promotion – Advantages to Manufacturer, Middlemen and Customer, Sales Promotion – Reasons for Rapid Growth in Sales Promotion (With Criticism), Sales Promotion – Top 14 Points to be Considered for a Successful Sales Promotion. 14. 1. Larger retailers often use traditional media, such as television, radio, newspapers and magazine publications to let customers know about current and upcoming discount opportunities. Factors 12.

Long-term brand loyalty does not exist at all. 2. They have limited space. The consumer panel data also helps to know various classes of the consumer such as old or new customers, youths or grownups, women/men, industrial or general customers, etc. The sales promotion manager has to identify whether the change in demands were due to the use of promotional techniques or due to some other factors like competition, economic condition, or change in customer characteristics. The manufacturers should constantly device new methods to increase the volume of sales. 6. He must not base promotion decision on his hunches or intuition. Philips Kotler has classified sales promotional activities into three kinds: Sales promotion directed towards consumers may be done either to increase the use of the product among the existing consumers or to attract the new customers or to retaliate against the competitor’s sales activities. Consumer incentives could be samples, coupons, free trial and demonstration. Thus, sales promotion is designed to supplement and coordinate personal selling and advertising efforts. It is generally paid in cash. 3.

Free Goods – It is in offer of a certain amount of product free of cost on purchases of a particular product. Increased volume of sales results in large scale production which ultimately lowers the unit cost. Firms often use sales promotion to support the other elements of their promotion mix. Quiz Contests – There may be customers quiz contest and dealers contest. According to Philip Kotler – “Sales promotion consists of a diverse collection of incentive tools, mostly short-term, designed to stimulate quicker and/or greater purchase of particular product/services by consumers or the trade.”. Sales promotion consists of all those activities whose purpose is to supplement, to coordinate and to make sure more effective the efforts of the sale force, of the advertising department, and of distributors and to increase sales and otherwise stimulate consumers to take greater initiative in buying. The different kinds of sales promotion schemes and methods are used to attract the customers: i. The nature of the product or the services offered by the firm is another factor that will determine the promotion strategy of a firm. Many middlemen work in business. Prohibited Content 3.

In sales promotion, free samples of goods are distributed among customers and prize winning competitions are organised. “Sales Promotion, consists of those marketing activities other than advertising, publicity and personal selling, that stimulate consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness, such as- displays, shows, and exhibitions, demonstrations and various other non-recurring selling efforts not in the ordinary routine”.