Community Development Corporations (CDCs), Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), Learning Action Lab for Community Wealth Building. One agency to, which three software projects had been delivered, reported that its needs had been met. Community Development develop closed-captioning systems for deaf and hard-of-hearing college. The 24 EPICS teams active at Purdue during the 2003┬▒04 academic year. those needs.

Internet access, custom web page, and tutorials on computer use. This is done, through discussions with and mailings to academic, counselors, by advertising the projects each seme-, ster in an evening callout and in undergraduate, classes, and via on-line registration at Purdue's. Prototype design of a `female friendly' collaborative software lab for, A database to track vital information for all adults that are on probation with the country's probation, department. This effort was, Design Award cited EPICS as the course having, the most influence on his development as a design, Community partners provide a valuable means, of assessing the success of the EPICS program. The Local Corporate Partners Program and Corporate Team Sponsor Program seek to match an industry partner with each team.

The continuity, technical depth, and disciplinary breadth of these teams enable delivery of projects of significant benefit to the community. Custom multimedia, software for playgroup activities and interactive software for American Sign Language.

The very beneficial effects that these systems have, on the community provide a compelling reason for. manage inventory for Habitat resale store. equipment to assist children with physical disabilities. prosthesis. activities and share information, experience, and expertise. Associate Dean of Engineering for Undergraduate Education at Purdue University, where, she is co-founder and Director of the EPICS Program. EPICS students earn academic credit for their participation in design teams that solve technology-based problems for not-for-profit organizations in the local community. Calls to the service, providers can be made using a modem and handset in the, A large-scale working model of a key nanotechnology instrument that generates images of material at atomic, Remote classroom captioning using Microsoft NetMeeting, and a system of wireless microphones so a court, reporter can hear the lecture from their home and relay that information back to the student.

Prototype system also deployed for evaluation purposes to, `History of the PC' exhibit with working hardware/software; bicycle-driven generator to demonstrate, principles of gears and power electromagnetism displaysÐmagnetic tower and Magnet Racer, interactive, science software installed in a dinosaur-shaped kiosk, interactive windtunnel, interactive mixer display to. Portable digital-signal-processing-based voice transformation demonstrator. project. It has also proven valuable to achieve a, mix of short- (one semester to one year) and, long-term (multi-year) projects, in that the, short-term projects build confidence and help, establish the relationship between the student, of the program has been the commitment of, individuals in the partner organizations to work, with the students to identify projects, specify, requirements, and provide ongoing critical, Each year, EPICS has added new teams using the, significance, level of technology, expected dura-. Since the first round of projects that grew out of, the United Way presentation, the source of new, projects has been varied.