A list of sample contracts in English can be found on the Work in Estonia webpage. Meeste ja naiste võrdsete võimaluste nõuandekomitee (mis koosneb liikmesriikide, Euroopa sotsiaalpartnerite ja valitsusväliste organisatsioonide esindajatest), kellega samuti konsulteeriti, arvab, et direktiivi tuleks muuta, et anda abistavatele abikaasadele selge tööalane staatus ja hõlmata nad sotsiaalkaitse skeemidega ning tagada füüsilisest isikust ettevõtjatele ja neid abistavatele abikaasadele tasuline rasedus- ja sünnituspuhkus/isapuhkus.

whereas, in most of the Member States, social security regimes do not take sufficient account of the specific circumstances of women who live in poverty; whereas the danger of being reduced to poverty is much greater for women; whereas the sharing of family and domestic duties between men and women, not least by developing the equal use of parental leave by both parents, along, AC.

Translate texts with the world's best machine translation technology, developed by the creators of Linguee. The gross wage during this period is 70% of his or her last years` average salary. New fathers in countries such as Spain and Austria receive one month of leave while others in countries such as Netherlands, Italy and Germany receive less than a week. That burden is placed on individual states and employers.

The employer pays the wage from the 4th to 8th day of sickness and the state starting the 9th day. Maternity leave – A woman is granted 140 days pregnancy and maternity leave, which may commence at least 70 days before the estimated birth date of the child. The standard working schedule in Estonia is eight hours a day, five days per week.

December 2: Regionalisation – Discover the Possibilities. If the working hours are at night (from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am), employers shall pay wages exceeding the normal wages by 1.25 times, unless it has been agreed that the wages include remuneration for working at night. The maternity benefit is paid by the state. Here are some useful links regarding the labour market: You are also welcome to send us an enquiry for more specific information.

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