Pennywise gets mad, and approaches Groot with his hands on a choking grasp. Due to Youtube's removal of poll cards, votes will now be incorporated through polls in VerbalAse's Community tab. Next Episode Groot then can later be seen dressed up as Pennywise, mocking him on how he dances. In this corner, weighing 192 pounds and a height of 6 foot 5 inches, He's a skilled chemist and has a genius level of intelligence. You're about to become my new boots, Pennywise then transforms into a part of the red bar in the arena, and then transforms into Verbalase's hat. 0. To the vet and tell them there's a dog here that needs to be neutered. He then tries to give Groot a balloon. Pennywise tells him to go on, as verbalase stutters, and continues introducing Pennywise. After this, Pennywise spots Groot behind verbalase's legs, as Pennywise tells him to not worry. After this, the lights turn red, and Pennywise controls Verbalase and Groot as he beatboxes. I am Groot x3 But tell me...would you like to see a magic trick? *laughter* Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He then is seen in a pot and then jumps up and breaks the pot. Thanos Vs Patrick Oh, what a scary performance by Pennywise! Pennywise then is seen in a club disco floor, with him doing the hustle. Don't be afraid, Just wanna play Pennywise then beatboxes with a ghost effect in the background, with light coming underneath him to give him a more menacing look. Well, it's your turn to show us what you got. Pennywise then grabs a balloon and weed killer and says "Not for long!". Album composition with lyrics: I am Groot x3 verbalase compliments Groot's beatbox round, and states that he forgot that Groot could control trees. This means that this is the first episode in Cartoon Beatbox Battles to change their voting style. He broke out of Arkham Asylum just to be here with us today. He then tells Groot that he will become Pennywise's new boots. He then puts a saying "Once you go pink, you won't think." verbalase first introduces Groot, by saying that Groot can control trees, regrow his limbs, and that Groot loves to dance. That is Groot, ladies and gentlemen. Pennywise then blows Groot away with a bellow. Groot gets mad, and shoots Pennywise's balloon. Groot then pats himself on the chest, saying "I am groot!" Alfred! I've been wait for this about... Un certain nombre d'inexactitudes: Patrick cheers, then laughs. verbalase is calming himself down, saying to himself "Be brave". June 26, 2020 Pennywise Vs Groot – Cartoon Beatbox Battles. Groot gets mad, and shoots Pennywise's balloon. Pennywise then shoots up and transforms into a storm cloud. verbalase then gets scared, cause in the other corner, Pennywise is there. This gets verbalase to chuckle, which gets Pennywise angry at verbalase. He's as scary as Batman when he's on the toilet. verbalase doesn't seem to question it, and starts the countdown for Groot. I am Groot x3 Some of you may not make it home tonight. I am Groot x3 I'm gonna kill you just like little Georgie. Cyborg Vs Terminator • Top 10 Disses In Cartoon Beatbox Battles • Episode 6 - Behind the Scenes • Episode 7 - Behind the Scenes • Episode 10 - Behind the Scenes • Episode 11 - Behind the Scenes • Episode 12 - Behind the Scenes. Episode 11 Wait, come back, I wanna show you my happy trick! But Groot had everyone dancing with his beatboxing remix to Gangnam Style. by admin July 4, 2020, 5:59 am 29 Views. I am Groot x3 Look up the definition of the word evil and you'll see who we have here today, No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I, I, I don't want a balloon, It's, it's ok, you can, uh, you can keep it. My little tree friend, this is the end, Alfred! Uh, ok, alright, yes, you are Groot. Welcome to another episode of the Cartoon Beatbox Battle, Things got a little crazy with Pikachu and Groot. The Guardians of the Galaxies are then seen dancing and cheering for Groot. Groot inhales, and accepts the challenge. Watch on YouTube What I'm about to do to you is just not fair, If you wanna go in here, you might go blind, 'Cause you'll find I'm already outta my mind, You're a clown, you should laugh like this: [beatboxing], Alright, that's all the time we have for today, Which one of these characters you guys think won the battle. He then flings them away, and transforms into a spider and dances. In Groot's beatbox, rain comes down on the arena and he starts to grow leaves on him. Groot gets mad, and says "Groot, I am". Groot tells him "I am Groot, duh.". In this corner, weighing 180 pounds, and a height of 6 foot 3 inches. He then transforms into a balloon, and flies down slowly. Have you ever heard Batman when he's on the toilet? Thank you very much. Pennywise Vs Groot is the eleventh episode in Cartoon Beatbox Battles, and the eleventh episode overall (excluding live episodes). Groot then grows trees out of the Arena floor. SHARES. And hopefully he won't be in any of my dreams. Pennywise later then has a gas mask, and as he takes it off, he burns Groot's friends, Spiderman and Star-Lord. In this corner, weighing 180 pounds, and a height of 6 foot 3 inches. This is when Pennywise's beatbox round starts. After that, he transforms back to his normal self. Uh, thank you for watching Cartoon Beatbox Battles. Aotrou = ... "Bekannter Song, der in wörtlicher Übersetzung ... Darkseid Vs Thanos: Cartoon Beatbox Battles, Mário Cesariny (de Vasconcelos) - A um rato morto encontrado num parque, Gochūmon wa usagi desu ka?