You wouldn’t want a contractor to pull silk instead of rayon because you used the same style number.

Check out the following sample description for an online store’s top-selling product. Jacobs. Then, address pain points that your product solves better than your competitors. So why do more than 500,000 merchants use Shopify to power their online stores? How’s about: “Ladies handwoven rayon fully lined jacket with contrasting silk/rayon velvet notched collar and cuffs, Side seam pockets, 4 bone-button closure and polyester lining. I can amend if there’s sufficient interest. Describe how you’ve been in their shoes and how your product or service is the perfect solution to their already hectic lives.

Products regulated by the FTC (certain products like furnishings etc) must be labeled as what they are (product type).

| Create an account. Get desperate). Perhaps the abstract would be sufficient. Write your business plan with the #1 online business planning tool. This site reprints HTS rulings which is also educational because product attributes are corrected. Now go out and find it! In my opinion, whether or not to include pockets should be made in the design phase; the description should dispassionately reflect what the product is. Woman’s notch collar jacket, with contrast collar and cuffs. When it comes to retaining and reconverting existing customers, it pays to give them the tailored experience they deserve, rather than treating them like one of the crowd every time they come back to your website.

In the first two words, it appeals to travel lovers who might be searching for inspiration, before going on to outline concisely what the brand has to offer them.

But, how would you word it in the description? Key Takeaway: The art of brevity is a magical thing when it comes to product descriptions. Don’t worry. Technically, you’re supposed to list the fabric’s nation of origin too. fully equipped sewing factory: The Sewing Factory School. Participate in this conversation via email, Apparel Descriptions in Catalogs and Perceived Risk Associated with Catalog Purchases, Fashion Incubator » Refining Refine My Line, Fashion Incubator » Things you must know if you have a clothing line: garment measuring, 5 questions every designer must answer revisited, T-Shirt Product Description: 6 Tips and Tricks for Crafting Powerful Copies | BlogWriters, Fabric type or finish if important [jacquard, print/woven (stripes and plaids), velvet etc].

I was wondering what I can charge per description to a company that wishes for me to write their catalog descriptions for them? Kalmanovich. Or horn, essentially the same thing. Market. [*], Senior Vice President of Marketing at Subaru, Alan Bethke, sums the importance of identifying your ideal customer(s) when he says, “We identified dogs as the common truth that made these owners the same.”. Now those are candles that I want to support - even if just for the novelty of the product.

That helps to build trust with the hardcore outdoor shoppers who are most likely to buy their products and advocate for their brands. Call us on 1300 730 300.

It’s usually a couple of sentences long, and tells the searcher what they need to know about what the page contains and how relevant it might be to their query. In this example, Malicious Women Candle Co. perfectly captures the spirit of how shallow a candle gift can come across. Brand events have largely shifted online this year, as the pandemic continues to disrupt in-person experiences.

Si Quan Ong. Pure Joy. Many brands use videos, graphics and text to drive the point home.

They beat you to the point and take away the shallowness with sarcasm—almost poking fun at themselves.

Here are the best fashion marketing examples from Nike and Rent the Runway to Chanel and Threadless.

The buttons weren’t shiny enough to be M of P so that left bone.

The little differences and features in a product that may seem trivial or boring to you are important to shoppers and help them make purchase decisions. Angelo’s. The first thing you see on the page is a non-traditional product name. EMEA/USA: +44 (0)20 7970 4322 | email: [email protected] You’re competing against similar products in your industry. Compared to the previous meta description from TK Maxx, this search result from Next for “Men’s formalwear” is a little more bland, but it still manages to get the key points in within the meta description length limits: formalwear essentials, including suits, shoes and shirts, and with next day delivery and free returns. One, because it’s a killer product. All documents are available for download as needed.

This technique takes the shopper (metaphorically) on a journey from where they are now to where they want to be in the future.

And while there’s a lot that goes into the buying decision process, one of the biggest reasons why shoppers buy your product over others is how you choose to describe it. The ques­tion, “Who are you?” can be either sim­ple or com­plex, depend­ing how philo­soph­i­cal you want to get. Why we love it: Not only... Game Bibs. The latter I won’t discuss at all but you can find a lot of information here under Section XI. I’m not the only consumer who reads “Made in USA” and mentally adds 25%+ to my budget of what I’m willing to spend to acquire it.

Amazing, Just amazing! 7.Lining: Name: … Material: … Key Takeaway: You’re not competing against every product online. The best fashion brands convey a lifestyle, an appeal, an aspiration. Kinross. Plastic I could eliminate off the top; it is incongruous that you’d put a plastic button on goods you wove by your own hand. We can all learn from each other, right? Mahogany Western Wear’s mission is to offer quality, name brand western wear in an assortment of sizes and styles to accommodate all varying body styles and shapes. Instead, they start with, “Greet guests with a warm and welcoming glow.”.

You’d control production with color codes and inventory with skus. People shop because they’re looking for solutions to their problems. ALLEZ.

If this is true and there are 10 fabric variations for the same style#, how would they be differentiated -new style number for each? Know your ideal customer. What do you do if you have purchased from a 3rd party supplier who doesn’t know or won’t tell you the country of origin of fabric.

Start your own clothing retail business plan. 4.Silhouette: … Our website uses cookies to improve your user experience. In this example, it seems that a new description would be formulated for each variation of fabric.

That’s the beauty of sarcasm and it can help you sell products.

Writing a good meta description is an art form, and one that’s often overlooked. People consistently underestimate what I can perceive in product lines based on photographs.

Great brand sto­ries all share sev­en com­mon traits, as evi­denced by these top brands.

When you’re trying to write for the masses, you end up pleasing nobody. Key Takeaway: Using phrases like “burliest” and “long days on the wall” allow Patagonia to demonstrate that their employees (as well as the Patagonia brand as a whole) understand the little nuances of each product and how it’s used in the real world. Supreme’s brand is synonymous with its community of loyal fans – they often camp outside its marquee stores around the world – and its Facebook page is almost like a look-book for its followers. But every once in a while you stumble across something special, something that speaks to you. Same copy, same format, same style. Hajdu Anett.

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The generally recommended lower length limit for meta descriptions is 50 characters, so you should be aiming for a length of between 50 and 156 characters.

In other words, it’s a big part of the reason why a user might decide to click – or not click – on your page in search, and it’s also the first touchpoint that they have with your brand.