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There is not enough evidence to say that fennel seeds are unsafe. Fennel Seeds In Pregnancy Side Effects of Eating.

Certain studies show that consumption of fennel seed during pregnancy can also affect the weight of fetus. You did not see that coming, did you? However, it is believed that having the fennel seeds during pregnancy could be extremely harmful to your unborn baby, because of its emmenagogue effects.

You can use them as: Fennel tea has excellent medicinal properties and offers relief from several pregnancy issues. Take a pan and heat a cup of water until it boils, and then add the powdered fennel.

Fennel seeds have a nice aroma and are slightly sweet. Here is how you can brew yourself a cup of fennel tea: Many people have fennel seeds after a meal because it helps with digestion. The anti-flatulence property of fennel seeds relaxes the intestinal muscles.

You can consume them in the form of tea as well, or chew some raw after a meal. They might affect the blood’s ability to clot. If you can allow to having fennel seeds during pregnancy time, there are some ways you can eat them. Fennel seeds during pregnancy will affect the ability of the blood to coagulate, make the process of clotting slowly. Our site uses cookies to make your experience on this site even better. It is therefore useful in giving, They are known to stimulate the liver to produce bile, promote digestion, and thus, Herbs to make a tea that helps curb nausea. Heat water in a pan till It begins boiling, Add the powdered fennel into your boiling water, Close your pan with a lid and switch your gas off, Now strain the tea concoction and mix either honey or jaggery to it according to your taste preference, Sip it while it is still warm and enjoy leisurely enjoying its immense benefits. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. During pregnancy, fennel seeds are only recommended in very small amounts because they are a natural emmenagogue. Fennel Seeds In Pregnancy Side Effects of Eating: Fennel seeds during pregnancy will affect the ability of the blood to coagulate, make the process of clotting slowly.

Here's what I take away from this as a practitioner: small doses of fennel seeds - such as those found in foods as spices or used to flavor an herbal infusion - are likely safe during pregnancy. So, it is better to ask your doctor before you eat them and also check on the doses of having fennel seeds during pregnancy. Fennel seeds affect the ability of your blood to coagulate, making the process of clotting slow. The chief ingredients for making the tea are water, crushed fennel seeds, jaggery syrup or honey. Mix either jaggery or honey according to your preference.

Studies have shown that Vitamin-D may play a very important role in preventing birth complications such as pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and a higher risk of having a C-section. Some of them are mentioned next. You can add a small amount of these seeds (for instance, a teaspoon or so) to your food.

Historically, midwives and herbalists recommended the herb as a holistic intervention for disorders affecting the female reproductive system. Then, slowly strain the brewed tea and mix honey or jaggery in it, according to your taste. Quite a lot of studies have been conducted in the above-mentioned area, and it has been found fennel seeds are not extremely safe to have during conception.

Continue reading to know more about voice change during pregnancy. Please read our Disclaimer. And like any other food, the best course would be to ask your doctor whether fennel seeds are completely safe and beneficial for you at this stage to ensure you steer clear of unwanted side effects during this crucial period. Fennel seeds tea has been found to be extremely effective in combating, which is one of the most common issues most moms to face during their first three months of pregnancy.

You may experience the maximum change in your feet size and shape during your first pregnancy than the subsequent pregnancies. Why Do I Need Vitamin-D In Pregnancy?