[135] Despite expectations, it was a number of years before quads became an important part of men's skating. This curvature is referred to as the rocker of the blade. Additional results from the same performance score at the level entered are calculated for Championship results and additional disability specific classifications.

Figure skating", "Handbook for Referees − Synchronized Skating − Season 2018−2019", "Savchenko and Szolkowy land throw triple Axel; lead pairs in Nice", "Jump Training Harness for Figure Skaters - Coaching Aid", "Sochi 2014 winter Games to have six new events", "Synchro figure skating, mass start speed race proposed for 2018 Olympics", "Synchronized skating could be included in 2022 Olympic program", "ISU Communication No. Adult Sectionals are typically held in late February or early March, with Nationals occurring in mid-April. The world standing (WS) of a skater/couple is calculated based on the results over the current and preceding two seasons.

So your little figure skater is now starting competing. The skaters skates at the competition within their selected level of competition. A downgraded jump (indicated by <<) is "missing rotation of ​1⁄2 revolution or more".

The higher the level, the more points the skaters can receive. The competition levels are the building block of the process. Some skaters are able to change edges during a spiral, i.e. There are three basic positions – upright, sit and camel – with numerous variations.

Competitors receive points based on their final placement at an event and the event's weight. Senior skaters qualify directly from sectionals to the Canadian Figure Skating Championships.

Skaters risk a deduction if a piece of their costume falls onto the ice surface. Some pairs include a split before rotating.

Qualifying competitions for the national championships are held by some larger countries with many skaters. In contrast, jump sequences are sets of jumps that may be linked by non-listed jumps or hops.

The World Figure Skating Championships did not include ice dance until 1952.

[65] The dates disappeared from the website by February 15. [18] Quality of execution, technique, height, speed, flow and ice coverage are considered by the judges. "Cheesefest" redirects here. Impairment compensation is added to the competition level scores.

[122] Commenting on Soviet skaters, three-time Olympic champion Irina Rodnina stated in 1991, "Boys in pairs and singles used drugs, but this was only in August or September.