Singapore's  Most Trusted Source for Short-term Furniture Rental. Looking for inspirations? Visit our website to know more! Renting furniture has never been this easy. Give yourself an unfair advantage, and let us make you look good, by design. So next time you want to rent furniture Singapore, please give us a call. SHORT TERM RENTAL . But home furnishing should not be one of them, when you can easily and quickly rent from the furniture rental companies! With delivery being made in advance one can move into ones new place immediately. Every household is different and at Henry … When you are looking for a short term rental, chances are you are looking for something practical, economical and comfortable. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Do you want to proceed. We’re also super proud of our stellar customer service and commitment to sustainability.

Saturdays: 10.00am – 6.00pm Email: [email protected] For companies, the leasing option is tax-deductible. Renting of furniture  makes for an interesting option, as an alternative to buying. Phone: 65) 6742 9360. 12 Loyang Walk, Singapore 508795. WTP even provides loan furniture prior to the ‘actual’ lease furniture at no extra cost. We’ve helped bring out the right character of the home for viewers to either rent or buy the property. Free interior design service with furniture tailored to personal taste. Due to safety measures, consultations are by appointment only and are limited. Lovers of good furniture design, we are looking to make a difference by providing affordable, sustainable furniture rental at a fraction of their retail price, allowing one to truly enjoy the convenience & comfort of calling one’s place “Home”. Home staging is an art … To find out when the next one is, send us an email: [email protected]

Over 100 different designs available. Home Staging. Shop. Want to know more about short-term rental benefits? Learn more about us and what we can offer! Furniture … We thank you for your interest and will respond to you shortly. Click the link below to get directions to our Showroom. It takes away the worries of shipping of furniture, the unnecessary paperwork accompanying it, the unwanted storage costs, the risk of fitting the furniture to the new living space, damage in transit and disposal costs etc. For landlords, it is easier to attract a higher rental with a well-furnished interior.

Web: Whether you are waiting for your shipment or newly purchased furniture to arrive, or simply looking for furniture for temporary usage instead of buying, short term rental is applicable for …

“Esco Leasing was born to cater to the needs of that market, and it continues to be nurtured by today’s ever-growing eco-conscious design and lifestyle trends.”. Email: [email protected], Business Hours

Esco Leasing can help you with all your furniture rental, expat furniture rental, and furniture leasing needs. In addition to leasing and home styling, Esco also sells its furniture, art and decorative items in its showroom, Gallery 278; having a browse here is a great starting point for any home-styling project.

Come touch, feel, and get a glimpse of how versatile our furniture can be. With round the clock maintenance and with the items under warranty during the lease period, the renting of furniture is truly worry-free. No initial capital outlay or temporary accommodation charges. Furniture rental in Singapore starting from S$25 only. Product maintenance during the lease contract period. Check out our IDEAS section where we blog about the latest trends, styles and discuss the different ways to style your home! Find out more! When a renter or buyer comes to view the apartment, they typically do it for five or ten minutes and it’s this first impression that needs to create a lasting one. Hence, one has the option to choose from different packages. We can’t wait for you to see our showroom! “Esco Leasing was born to cater to the needs of that market, and it continues to be nurtured by today’s ever-growing eco-conscious design and lifestyle trends.” As business continued to flourish, we … At WTP we have a deep sense of interior design and our team has over the years staged many a home.