But Samsung's take on Android and the "jam it all in there" approach to software, always left me yearning for more simplistic experience from OnePlus, or even Huawei. Bei der Bediengeschwindigkeit konnte sich das Ultra erstaunlicherweise etwas vom Note absetzen und punktete mit der Zwischennote 1,1, während es das Note 20 "nur" auf 1,8 brachte. Compared to Note 9, again, it is much better on the Note 20 Ultra. The beauty here is, for the first time, the phone does not pick up fingerprints. The display is impressively all-encompassing and the way it curves down the (steeply sloped) edges is attractive. Sign up now to get the latest news, deals & more from Windows Central!

Sogar das Display ist gleich groß: Wie viel Unterschied liegt tatsächlich noch zwischen S20 Ultra und Note 20 Ultra? Whether you're brand new to the Note series or are coming from a model that's a few years old, chances are you'll need some help navigating through all of the phone's best features, and deciding which accessories to buy. Das Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ist schon ein ziemlicher Brecher. It has a polished look with a less reflective glass back that also happens to reduce unsightly smudges. While the Note 20 Ultra is a bit smidge wobbly when laying flat, it never phased me. Video recording was tremendous and the facility to shoot in 8K, even if playback options are limited for now, was impressive.

But Samsung’s silicone case is understated and effective, and gives great peace of mind. Das Testergebnis setzt sich aus diesen Teilwertungen zusammen: Softwaretechnisch ist das Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G mit aktuellem Android 10 sowie der hauseigenen Softwareoberfläche OneUI in der neusten Version 2.5 ausgestattet.

Im Test zeigte das Smartphone aber keine Temposchwächen, die Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit war identisch zum Note 20 und bekam die Zwischennote gut (1,6). In the U.S., like all Samsung products, the Note 20 Ultra is available at AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, along with smaller regional carriers and MVNOs. Versand. Oh, the Note 20 Ultra is a massive phone in the hand, requiring two meaty paws to operate it – it's just no longer uniquely big. Im Note 20 Ultra verbaut Samsung ein noch stärkeres Teleobjektiv als beim S20 Ultra mit fünffach statt vierfach optischer Vergrößerung. That said, we found it to have enough juice for most power users who gravitate to a Note. Mit 512 GB liegt der Preis bei 1.364 Euro. As with any sloping screen there is the curious detail of how the edge looks as though it’s a different color from the main screen, when viewed from the side. Big doesn’t necessarily define the Note series anymore.

We found Samsung’s photos to be clear up to 10x zoom, depending on the lighting conditions and how we were viewing the photos (on the phone screen vs a larger computer monitor). We found Single-take Mode useful for snapping multiple photos and videos at the same time using the phone’s various cameras and modes (kids and pets are the best subjects for this mode), while super slow-mo video at 960fps artfully captured some water rushing out of a fire hydrant on a hot New York City day. One of those is the extensive drop test. Der neue S-Pen ist flotter: Mit einer Reaktionszeit von nur 9 Millisekunden kommt er dem Gefühl natürlichen Schreibens näher. Dazu gibt es 12 Gigabyte Arbeitsspeicher. I was happily shocked at how few Samsung apps were preinstalled on this unlocked model. Going back to the question we posed at the start of this review: do you really need Samsung’s ‘everything phone’? Selfie-Freunde kommen hier also voll auf ihre Kosten. Visit our corporate site. A few companies are even toying with 100W charging, but Samsung seems to be taking its time in rolling out truly fast charging. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls.

The video camera and the zoom for still photos were the two biggest upgrades for me in the camera system. Bottom line: Combined with Microsoft's increasing growing suite of software, Your Phone, and Xbox game streaming, the Note 20 Ultra is easily the ultimate Android phone of 2020 (that's doesn't have dual screens). Die Werte im Artikel beziehen sich auf den Testzeitpunkt des Produktes (17.08.2020). Mind you, if there’s a way to make the camera bump smaller, perhaps by leaving the lenses standing proud from a flatter panel, as Apple does, there could be a significant aesthetic gain. The zoom has its limits.

It stands straight up with a more square frame, which is only softened on the right and left sides by the curved Infinity Display. See that American flag on Brooklyn Bridge? Features like "convert HEIF images when sharing" is genius. Die Ränder des Displays sind immerhin leicht abgerundet, wodurch es angenehm in … Enorm dünne Displayränder oben und unten in Kombination mit nach hinten abgerundeten Rändern links und rechts führen zu einem wahrlich immersiven Erlebnis, als hätte man nur noch Bildschirm in der Hand. Other features you'll want to explore are Samsung Health and Samsung DeX. Auf den S-Pen müssen Sie allerdings verzichten. In the US, that gets you a 128GB of internal storage, rather meager for power users, while in the UK and Australia, the base model has a more proper 256GB. Das Fazit: Nach drei Monaten dürfte der günstigste Marktpreis 15 Prozent unter der UVP liegen. In many ways, the specs of the Note 20 Ultra are the least exciting part. Our core issues with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra have been addressed with the Note 20 Ultra. Der Sensor ist dabei der Gleiche wie im Galaxy S20.

The Xbox Series X is now in the hands of everyday people, and the next-generation of console gaming has officially begun.

Apple’s most recent night-time capabilities remain the best. But, unfortunately, 5G here is disappointing due to the current stage of deployment in the U.S. All of that makes it hard to recommend the Note 20 Ultra to regular folks. The glass back mirrors the shape of the curve of the display in a pleasing design note. There are still plenty of retailers/shops in the U.S. that haven't adopted payment terminals with tap-and-pay technology, but Samsung Pay is still able to work at these places just fine.