And you actually believe what they “taught” in history class? It looks like something that once was animated with life, but is now dead, lost all color, it dried up and shriveled, becoming a symbol of its former self. Older than the Incans. Many people who go inside the space and place their hands on it report feeling an energy. And the people who say that call themselves masons.

We hope to challenge issues which have captured the public’s imagination, from JFK and UFOs to 9/11. Ancient Aliens Debunked Video. ), all around the world, with HD pictures posted by the guy who researched it, of these doors in ancient architecture. In the image above, they theorize that's just the top layer of a buried city there. I took it all with a grain of salt but the dude was well researched and highly compelling. The “Gate of the Gods” at Hayu Marca resembles the Puerta Del Sol de Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco) and five other archaeological sites in the vicinity.

These visions are closely linked to the legends of the native Indians of the area that tell that this “door” was a “gateway to the land of the Gods.” Legends speak that in the distant past, great heroes crossed into the land of the gods, enjoying a prosperous and glorious immortal life. I just came from Peru and if you think it’s just that easy to “just cut into something and smooth it out” on granite, dolerite and basalt you should be cutting and quarrying it yourself and then you could put everyone out of business if it’s that easy jackass. According to some legends, the smaller ‘door’ represents the entrance for mortal souls, while the larger and more symmetrical ‘entrance’ accounts for the entrance used by deities to access our realm. We look forward to finding out more about these mysterious locations and their hidden secrets. This mysterious and enigmatic stone monument is evidence of the incredible skills of our ancestors who inhabited the region of what today is known as Peru. I thought I was discussing whether the site was a so called Star Gate. wow, you are no better than the ones who invaded, your goal is still the same. and it was done with wood chisels by the ancient peruvians :/s :). Oh, wait, no….

One can walk around it and simply see more terrain.

in light of them all though most seem to be hoaxes (surprise surprise) even one mention of a disk with a red hammer and sickle. it does seem like in 1947 a lot of communist sympathizers and pranksters were interested in scaring people. This thought just entered my mind. Since its Stargate awareness week. This is what I am talking about Respect other views and opinions, and keep an open mind. there’s also a mountain shaped the same way, but the arm crumbled off, which left a symbol, that resembles the symbol on mars and on the moon….. You certainly have a vivid imagination. The problem here isn’t a lack of science, but a lack of imagination. I remember hearing something about that like 8 years ago. © This has no more significance than the similarly cut rocks of Petra in Jordan.

have you genius?

The priest, Amaru Muru handed the golden disk to one of the shamans and entered the door and was never seen again.

More. A type of linear/line language. Any theories?? They didn’t punch in for 8 hours and go home to fret over their 401k or their kids’ piano recital. The end point and main purpose of my earlier comment was the reminder that there are no Star Gates. That’s almost identical to our ours work. Noone can say definitively whether or not ANYTHING is or is/not a stargate.

to activate the portal you must know its reference frequency vibrations to drive portal in resonance systems of scalar inverters are based on the use of devices, portals that allow to convert electromagnetic, energy into scalar waves propagate at a speed of 20, orders of magnitude higher than the speed of light, and not detectable for conventional electronical devices. ), all around the world, with HD pictures posted by the guy who researched it, of these doors in ancient architecture. .

Like maybe other pieces were involved in this? I'll have to look more into it. Do you understand the concept of science fiction? As a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this site may earn from qualifying purchases. Columbus’ expedition was funded by all the gold and treasures the Spanish ‘stole’ from the Jews they were extraditing. These were priests and laborers whose entire lives were devoted to these works. There was a whole other album on these weird similarly structured knob-like fixtures on stones in architecture as well. While enjoying the view at the Hayu Marca mountain region located in southern Peru, he came across the giant door-like structure which was carved out of a huge rock that measures seven meters in height and seven meters in width, with a mysterious ‘door-like’ feature at its center. It’s recessed back pretty far, logical, that’s how doors are usually hung, recessed to the side they swing from. Later the priest arrived at the “Gate of the Gods” at Hayu Marca, where he showed the key to several priests and shamans of the area. Blogger's Choice 2023. Or did ancient man just do all of that for fun? 6th gate: Ra's boat approaches to seven jackal-headed poles with two enemies bound to each one, waiting to be beheaded. the origin of America is Amarucu – “land of the serpents”. It is already a given opinion by everyone that stone works of the ancients are wonderful and remarkable, and we can hardly imagine how they did it.

These “entities”, which could “materialize” on our planet appeared as giant translucent figures. I got so much to research but the truth is out there…and Im gona find it! From memory this one opens with certain vibrations, well thats the last theory i read, Yes Tom, I believe the door moves backwards and to the side. I’m sure even with ancient tools and more workers they could have done the job in 6-10 years. Curiously, Mamani stated that he had long before dreamed about this structure and saw what appeared to be a door covered with pink marble with several figures located to the sides. There is a statue, laying down across the top of the door, of the gates of the gods, if you study the door you will notice it does open from right to left, that little door with the carved out hole, is for a magnetic key.. which im sure that the roswel rock that was found could open the door , for it has the properties of such a device A smaller concave within the “door” measures about 2 meters in … The so-called Stargate was discovered by Jose Luis Delgado Mamanu, a local mountaineering guide who was exploring the area. Contact. like i said theres one that legitamately interesting if you interested in truth though it could still be craziness or counter intelligence who knows.