timber, floating rafts of logs down the Delaware River to Trenton, walking These were radical ideas then, especially for an established Federal official and Governor; a Republican to boot. Fully furnished cabin rentals available. Grey Towers National Historic Site, P.O.

Today it is open to the public for tours and hiking on its trails; it is also home to the Pinchot Institute, which carries on his work in conservation. with other regional organizations and agencies. The total cost was $19,000 for the house itself and $24,000 for furnishings. Grey Towers, the lush family/summer home of the founder of the United States Forest Service, still stands as probably the grandest, if not the only mansion preserved and operated by the agency he started. Guided tours home and gardens start every hour on the hour from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.; there is a fee except when stated on their calendar of events. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, the traditional December holiday programs, tours and events are cancelled.. Situated on the hills above Milford, it overlooks the Delaware River. [13] Only ruins of the educational buildings exist today. Gifford had become the first chief of the United States Forest Service in 1905, taking a lead from his father’s environmental views. Its famous Grey Towers, built by the first Chief of the U.S. Forestry Service, has a history that reaches back to the 1880's.

where there are self-guided interpretive trails devoted to the history In 1963 the Pinchot family donated Grey Towers and its surrounding 102 acres to the US Forest Service.

Any group whose business is environmental conservation can use these meeting spaces, for free. Grey Towers National Historic Site, also known as Gifford Pinchot House or The Pinchot Institute, is located just off US 6 west of Milford, Pennsylvania, in Dingman Township. In 1963 his family donated it and the surrounding 102 acres (41 ha) to the Forest Service; it is the only U.S. National Historic Site managed by that agency. All rights reserved. There is also a gift shop. [7], Almost all the materials came from local sources. "[7], An avid gardener,[15] she turned her attention to the grounds. After James and Mary Pinchot died, Gifford split the Milford estate in 1914 with his brother, Amos. In 1905, Pinchot succeeded in having the Bureau of Forestry moved from Interior to the Department of Agriculture where these resources were renamed National Forests, owned by the public, not by states.

The agency intended to use the house as a conference center, and had to replace some interior walls that had suffered insect and water damage. [6] As originally built it contained 43 rooms,[7] with the first floor featuring a large entrance hall, billiard room, dining room, library and sitting room. Gifford Pinchot based his conservation policies on a larger framework of political philosophy that emphasized social justice, and a will to make the common man's life better. Teacher The fee is $10 per person. Box 188 | Milford, PA 18337 Please click below to consent to the use of this technology while browsing our site. Next, in the late 1920s, when her husband was serving his first term as governor, came the Letter Box, a small cottage intended both as an archive for his papers and an office for his political staff when he was in residence. [7], In 1980, the USFS realized how much its renovations had damaged an architecturally significant structure and began trying to undo some of the changes it had made. Looking back at the house, a bust of Lafayette recalls the building's French derivation and beckons to come inside. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest on the world's hidden wonders. [17] After a brief closing for this renovation, it reopened on August 11, 2001, Gifford Pinchot's birthday. The mansion itself is a three-story L-shaped fieldstone chateau. From New York City. He and his brother Amos split the estate, with Amos taking the half on which a small forester's cabin was the main dwelling and Gifford taking the house. His career marked the beginning of a professional In 1896, Gifford gained appointment to the newly formed National Forest Commission and was soon placed in charge of the country's Western forest reserves. Layer by Layer: A Mexico City Culinary Adventure, A Lockpicking Practicum With Schuyler Towne, Birthplace of the Pizza Margherita Plaque, In Nairobi, Young Diners Clamor for Traditional Kenyan Cuisine, California Is Named for a Griffin-Riding Black Warrior Queen, The Unsettled Legacy of the Bloodiest Election in American History, Inside Rome’s Secure Vault for Stolen Art, How Acupuncture Became a Radical Remedy in the Bronx, In Naples, Praying With Skulls Is an Ancient Tradition, Inside a Domed Pyramid With Astounding Acoustics and a History of Miracles, See the Mysterious Horned Helmet of Henry VIII, Searching for Home and Connection Through Typewritten Poetry, The Female Shark Spotter Protecting Réunion Island’s Surfers, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grey_Towers_National_Historic_Site. 1.1K likes. It developed a plan to restore the house and estate to a condition similar to the way it had been in Pinchot's era, in consultation with the Park Service's Harper's Ferry Center,[18] and hired staff with expertise in landscape and architecture. [16] A parking lot was built to the northwest. Guests could access a water closet through a door set on a custom pin hinge, flush into the ornate paneling under the stairway.

Edwards-Ficken added some of his own decorative touches to the house, such as the front door, interior paneling and wrought iron porches on the south and east facades.

At the conclusion, participants are encouraged to share their own ghost stories. Offer subject to change without notice. approach in preserving our national resources.". After Grey Towers, we will go to Milford, PA, where you can either shop at the local area shops or take a self-guided tour of the Milford historic district which dates back to 1733. Hemlock timbers were floated down the Delaware on rafts from Lackawaxen, and another river town, Shohola, provided the bluestone and windows. But there was no "tree hugging" involved; Pinchot was a conservationist, not a preservationist. On the 303 acres (123 ha) of the combined parcels that made up the original estate, there are 48 total buildings, structures and sites, all but eight of which are considered contributing to its historic value. [12], James Pinchot had come to regret the environmental damage forest-product industries such as his had done, and he endowed the Yale School of Forestry, the first graduate forestry program in the country. The day closes with a magician performance from 2:30 to 3:30. been a Governor now and then. In building it became necessary to lengthen the east lawn and build a new stone wall to support the moat. Resource management was a method to repair human society as well as the land, and as governor he continued to champion environmental legislation.