Miniature cows can live up to 25 years with the possibility of producing 23 calves.

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330-539-5782, 330-503-5782 Rockingham County Fairgrounds, Harrisonburg, VA 765-874-2321 is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. Below you will find a range of Guernsey cattle available for sale throughout the UK, including a number of cross-breeds. [email protected], K Ulmer Photography, VA • 540-908-5004 My friend found it while being back east at a cattle breeding seminar and snagged for 150.00. We use a USDA licensed ELISA test made by IDEXX. If you find a PI, remove it from the herd immediately and work with your vet to develop a plan to clean up your herd.

• Fayette County, OH •  Sale: Apr 22, 2017 • All Breeds, Wilson Farms • Creston, IA • Show Coat Supplier, All Aluminum • Cadiz, OH • Show Equipment Sales, Competitive Edge Genetics • Harrodsburg, KY • Semen Sales, Workman Farms • Lynchburg, OH •  Sale: Aug 27, 2017 • All Breeds, Keith Figgins • Broadway, VA • AI Service in and around a 40 mile radius. Like us on Facebook @agritrimhoofcare. [email protected], Chris Wojciechowski (WoJo) • Staunton, VA • C. WOJO CATTLE CO [email protected], All Aluminum • 740-546-3452 Granddaughter to our very first tested A2A2 Jersey cow on the farm.

• Felicity, OH •  Sale: Apr 22, 2017 • Crossbreds, Highland County Circle Sale  NEW! I strongly recommend against “pooling” samples to save testing costs. She is 7 years old and has had 3 calves, 1 heifer and 2 bull calves. Her heifer Luna (Pictured Below)will be a future milk cow here on the farm. Guernsey milk, with its unique golden color, is naturally higher in protein, butterfat, beta carotene, vitamins B1 and B2, vitamin D, calcium and A2A2 protein. I have been certified with Select Sires since 1995 and will be with ABS shortly. Flip through our photo gallery to see how we care for our animals and nurture our crops to achieve excellence in everything we do. And produce a product families enjoy? 937-592-7075 (pictured above) Josie is 2 Years old. They can be kept on as little as 1/4 acre of land. Hats, Banners, Pens, Apparel, Business Cards, etc. • Plain City, OH • Online Sales, Stock  NEW! Farm Credit of Virginias • 800-919-FARM (3276), Jeff Delk • Lynn, IN • We run a 8x24 and a 8x30 - Lynn, In

Since then, we showed him the results and he has tested the rest of his herd, finding 2 more PI animals of the 60 cow herd. I immediately suspected a problem and asked the producer to BVD test the calves that were around the heifers.

Trimming since 2005. 512-698-0505 She is super sweet, laid back and loves to be scratched! Graduated in 2005 from Dairyland Hoof Care Institute and 2008 from Embryonics Dairy Training Center in Chesire, UK We do a lot of testing for it from producers all over the country. I test all my calves, and everything I buy, raise, and sell for PI BVD. It’s 24/7.

We test ear notches, whole blood, or serum.

Providing all-natural delicious dairy products using Guernsey cow milk from our family farm in Columbus, Wisconsin. [email protected], T & R Laser Creations, OH • See us for all of your laser gifts, decorations, awards and plaques.

At 35 days of gestation, the producer pulled blood and sent it in to us to run a pregnancy test. While it is true that PI animals appear healthy, at least for a while, many of these PI calves will die before one year of age. The work is hard. [email protected], Stockyard Style Jewelry • Halifax, PA • Stockyard Style has been focused on providing affordable Western-inspired fashion. We love cows and enjoy working with them to produce all-natural healthy products. Jade is special in that we were able to get some semen from a very popular A2A2 Guernsey bull that is very hard to come by now since this bull has been dead for awhile. She has a super high butterfat content to her milk, so much so that sometimes there are chunks of butterfat floating on her milk right after milking. We believe in giving back and foster a learning environment. She has had 2 heifer calves and milks an average of 7 gallons a day. generation milk cow here on the farm. A BVD vaccine is a good insurance against developing a problem, but testing is the only way to be certain that you don’t have a problem. 717-474-8472

Since I still had the blood, I had the lab tech test the samples for BVD. Another thing to remember is that PI cows ALWAYS have PI calves but most PI calves come from “clean” cows. She has become an amazing milk cow who gives beautiful golden Guernsey milk. Jason Anderson • North East Ohio, OH • Serving Northeast OH & Western PA I have been certified with Select Sires since 1995 and will be with ABS shortly. It’s the creamiest, best tasting, nutritious dairy product you’ve had. BVD is a virus that is strongly immunosuppressive, and is a common cause of abortion and makes cows more susceptible to other illnesses like respiratory disease, scours, pinkeye, foot rot, and so on.Vaccinating with a good BVD vaccine is a good herd health practice, but you cannot vaccinate your way out of an existing PI BVD problem. The only way to be sure that you do not have BVD issues, and the losses associated with BVD, is to test for it.I strongly encourage producers to test all animals in their herd for BVD, directly or indirectly, and any new animals. 740-296-1308 Will Haul Anywhere You only need to test the animal once.

The highest quality and most affordable hoof care in the State of Kansas and surrounding areas. Recently, a producer brought in 8 heifers for us to AI. 765-993-4265, Billy Jones, TX • I have a 53 foot groundload trailer and a Freightliner truck. Elsa is 8 years old and the very first A2A2 Guernsey cow that we brought to the farm 6 years ago. They require 1/3 the nutrition of an average full size cow. $1.

The Kirkland Image LLC • Woodstock, VA • Authorized dealers for Kaeser and Blair $4,000. [email protected], Images Custom Embroidery • Rudolph, WI • Wa are an embroidery shop on wheels. © Copyright - Gurn-Z Meadow - Columbus, WI. We are 7th generation farmers. 740-586-5155

715-570-4889 Proudly Serving Kansas and Surrounding Areas. If the calf is positive with BVD, test the cow.2. I am often presented with a producer that finds he is having trouble with open cows, “poor doing” cows or sick calves, cows with lower than expected fertility, or other non-specifiic production problems. But when a herd is suffering the consequences of having PI BVD animals in their midst, the cause for all these production losses is anything but obvious. I have experience with everything from virgin angus heifers up to the biggest of holsteins.

Located in the heart of America’s Dairyland, Gurn-Z Meadow resides in Columbus, Wis., 30 miles east of Madison and the University of Wisconsin. If you want to arrange for testing or sending samples in for testing, contact the office staff at the same number or find more information at SEKGENETICS.COM. Innovative farming. , OH •  Sale: Aug 27, 2017 • Crossbreds, Spring Smackdown  NEW! Getting to work together as a family? Many commercial dairy herds keep Guernseys in order to boost solids in the bulk tank. Jade is a gem!! The point is, even good producers can have a significant BVD problem and not know it.

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We were super lucky to get a heifer who is going to be a great future milk cow here on the farm. 540-271-3999, Jason Anderson • North East Ohio, OH • Serving Northeast OH & Western PA [email protected] This girl had her first heifer in June 2018 and is milking an average of 5 gallons a day. She has incredibly rich golden milk with lots of cream. Agri-Trim Hoof Care, KS •  Hydraulic Upright Appleton Steel Ultra Hoof Trimming Chute. Family and farming is in our blood. Her genetics are very solid and should be a great milk cow. Dairy farming is a tough life. Josie was born and raised on our farm. Only one was pregnant. Also carrying Geiger Harness and Tack. I have experience with everything from virgin angus heifers up to the biggest of holsteins. Young ones on the farm. 740-489-5935, Garrett Lampe, KS • Complete Custom fitting for most sales or shows, summer shearing. He said “No”, saying they had already spent enough on the AI project. Every animal on our farm was born here.

Luna is an A2A2 Guernsey and is Lily’s heifer from February 2018. 4 angus cross cows for sale $1 (cht > Cleveland) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Here is a good 3-step program to control against BVD: 1. Guernsey's are an old and rare breed of dairy cow. Our goal is, and always will be, a healthy and happy individual cow. We synchronized the heifers, caught heats and AI’d them to expensive bulls. The average incidence of positive samples runs about 1%-4% per hundred.

Located in the heart of America’s Dairyland, Gurn-Z Meadow resides in Columbus, Wis., 30 miles east of Madison and the University of Wisconsin.

Guernsey's are an old and rare breed of dairy cow. A PI animal is born with it and they die with it. [email protected], Carrie Colwell • Wilmington, OH • Southwest OH, near Wilmington She was born Sept. 2018. [email protected], Regalia Manufacturing • Rock Island, IL • Over 100 years of quality Service & Satisfaction

Professional Cattle Hoof Triming and Treatment for Dairy, Beef, and Show. Hendrix Farms • Fort Payne, AL • Breaking Donkeys. We bought her locally. All rights reserved -. The animal is infected as a fetus. Elsa milks an average of 7 gallons each day. Keeping a closed herd helps protect our cows from infectious disease and top biosecurity. 540-292-0841, Doug Smith • Freeport, OH • Doug Smith But it’s the life we love. Tilly is super sweet and easy to handle. Our grandfather would be amazed to hear that our cows are milked by robots. If you have additional questions about PI BVD animals, or programs to guard against developing them in your herd, contact me, Dr. Don Coover, DVM, at SEK Genetics: 620-763-2211. • Plain City, OH • Online Cattle Sales, Sunrise Club Calves  NEW! • Harrisonburg, VA •  Sale: Sep 30, 2017 • All Breeds, Fayette County's Finest  NEW!

From robotic milking systems to GPS field mapping, we’re constantly searching for smarter, better ways to produce wholesome food. We’ve grown drastically in directions we never could have imagined.