Those suckers are like dayglo red.Anyway thats my 2 cents worth. As I said, my wife and son love this hot dog. I’m in the Midwest I serve Boar’s Head 7-1, NC All Beef, no gluten, no filler, no dye dogs. Settled on Boar’s Head. The ones with the casings on them. New season started Friday. If I could find this hot dog in a natural casing at a price that made sense I would go that route but we’re doing just fine with the skinless. Being from Detroit I was raised on the National coney dogs with the snap. Everyone loves them. control (i.e. I am trying to convert the unwashed masses to Natural Casings, but old habits are hard to break, especially here in fly over country. Fry up a bunch of sliced onions in oil on medium heat in a large skillet. The red dogs you are talking about are called “hot links”. Haz Za Mild Flavor, That eye enjoyz! As good as it gets. I used to buy them from a local company and the beef ones were about a dollar a piece. is not responsible I tasted nothing that I want to pay .50 to .55 cent for when the Bakers and Chefs cost me .27 cent. Where do you find the best hot dogs and buns? Only acceptable on a Phillies dollar dog day after a vat of beer. Plump when you cook them means water is getting in. Tthanks Sherri. But the natural casing dogs which are only available at the factory or the hot dog joints that serve them. Tommys does however make the best Chili Cheese Burger, I have ever tasted. By Sabrett is spicy with garlic and papricka dominating.

Snap equals quality..:)), Here here! I was a Vienna vendor for years. Kayem Old Tyme Natural Casing Franks 5 LBS.

– Rexx Hunter – Head Surf Dawg The Society is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the culinary arts. Low and slow, keep that casing in tact. A themed one. Price is right and I only use them fresh.

All my customers can tell the difference. You can buy other kinds of Sabrett hot dogs in CA but not these with natural casing which are by far the best. for delays in receipt should UPS at its discretion not leave your package for John,

I also sell “Sabrett” natural casing dogs. I called Hatfield. The cost doesn’t leave you much room for error. Enjoy Kayem franks on the grille, in May bring out the brats and italians for special events. I use the sabrett all beef skinless dogs….my issue is trying to find a good sausage to use…our customers like to see a nice fat sausage…..not one that looks like a hotdog…any suggestions on what kind and where to find them? Try it! Let Monti and me know in the comments section below. Hold up in the water too, Sure! They are excellent. Koegels – they are from Flint, MI…. department. Awesome Shawn! I’ve been wondering about the bakers and chefs myself. My customers wouldn’t eat anything less. Just a tad bit more flavor. Packages), Kayem Pork & Beef Deli Skinless Franks 5 LBS. best tasting hot dogs to hit your taste buds. This dog has the widest array of flavors. Welcome to the eG Forums, a service of the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters. He writes…. I want to know what you sell on your cart. You should be able to find them locally. Have you folks had that experience with casings also? Monti. I’m in this business to make money and have Great customer service. 95 ($1.24/Ounce) Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 9. True. Packages). but for now I am goin with a business plan of Nathan’s. EXTREME HEAT

March 27, 2005 in Pennsylvania: Dining. Interesting. You just can’t beat a Kayem natural casing hot dog, no matter where you internationally or to Alaska and Hawaii please contact our customer service $89.75 $ 89. The secret to not splitting is sell them faster !! My margins are not as big as they could be if I used a cheaper hot dog like Hatfield. Havent startsd up yet, retired city worker from Southside of Chicago,lifelong dream,but like many people money a problem.Raising 3 chidren all under age of 14 due to my daughters death last april,i think a cart would be good start for the kids in summer to earn,as the gangs are trying to recruit the oldest boy, but enough,things are tough all over.My question is about quality hot dogs.As a city worker i’ve had access to great hot dogs all over city,and of course Vienna is king,as they’re a great product. And they taste very good to my Cajun taste buds. Coming from Chicago, I was sure that Vienna dogs (snap snap) were the best on the planet. minimum. Skinless or natural casing hotdogs? Sorry, I am a newbie…. Meat orders cannot be gift wrapped. Monti actually gets the credit for opening this discussion.

So i am goin with a name for now. you place your order. Gary that weener man with the weener plan! Sounds yummy! I get asked if my Dogs have snap and I tell people my Dogs taste Great !!! Americans love their hot dogs !! I love sabretts fro my north carolina days but they are just to hard to get in Indiana. Lot’s of people love a good chili cheese dog. Hatfield wanted to make a quality beef frank to compete with Sabrett. a pan, or on top of the stove; no matter how you cook Kayem hot dogs, After a year and a Half and doing all kinds of taste test I am in love with GFS (Gordon food service) brand and our customers just love them. (1-886-646-4266) See the video at: snow), an incorrect shipping address, or if you are not available Thanks Arthur for pointing out the extra care it takes to cook a natural casing dog. Upstate N.Y. Re-reading your blog i noticed the word warm!! Olneyville N.Y. System R.I. Best Hot Weiners, Thick & Easy Thickened Beverages by Hormel Health Labs, Portuguese Foods from South Eastern MA & RI, Kayem Fenway Beef Franks (5/14 oz. They have the nice ‘snap’ that brat and sausage lovers like. He just moved here from NYC! When you get a salesman ask him if they have natural casing dogs and if they have a distributor near you. People in Up State NY love Glazier Red Skinned Hot Dogs. Branding means a lot good luck. Cannot go wrong with Koegels. I steam them and they hold up very well. Please refer to our Kayem's Shipping Terms and

Most of the time slingers think there job is over the minute they hand the dog over….NOW is the time to start a conversation and get to know the customer. Underneath is added Made With Black Angus Beef. Hatfield natural casing angus beef franks, Copyright © 2001-2020 by the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters, All Rights Reserved. You will do well. 40 Hot Dogs Ranked From Best to Wurst - Moorpark, CA - They're graded on calories, fat, saturated fat, sodium and protein. Days to Ship: If you are ordering Kayem products you must select Two specify. They have them shipped in from Chicago and they are delicious.

I have had Bobaks. It mainly goes to the New York area. Yes, the Nathans have quite a bit of garlic in the spice profile. I don't know. Great choice for a NC dog there! They can also be grilled. (1-866-646-4266) Jerry. No mater where you are there it nothing like the snap & taste of a great dog. I agree, natural casing hot dogs are awesome! ensure your order arrives by Friday and does not get hung up in transit over a Please arrange to have someone I had a Sysco salesman I know brought me some Klements 4 to ones they have some snap to them but, they were so salty you could float a liner on them. I don’t have time to explain why I chose what dog i serve. Skinless or Casing? These advertising-free forums are provided free of charge through donations from Society members. I serve hebrew national. The outside was chewy! I order my dogs in casings they are snappy good even grilled. Unfortunately, it was past closing time, but I went back and really liked the dog. hint hint… if you do don’t stay quiet haha. I am in the syracuse market and here if your not selling the hofmann 6 to 1 snappys and coneys then your out of luck.

Powered by Invision Community. Location: Bangor, Maine Founded: 1860 Website: Basic wiener appeal: This neon red hot dog has a great snap when you bite into it, and contrasts well with bright yellow mustard. On the backyard grill, Best is as good as there is, but on the griddle Hatfield and Usinger's really stood out. (ugh ish) The Walmart here does not even carry the Vienna Hot Dog here! Word gets around and great food and a friendly atmosphere brings them back…….AND their friends! Way back when I started I eliminated the Hebrew National. The natural casing seals I’m from the Northeast, but here in Florida seems like skinless takes priority. They recently started selling them in the dallas texas market. They still think it is vienna beef. Try calling the major hot dog manufacturers and ask for their sales department.

But the angus beef frank is exceptional. Natural casing dogs great to boil or steam skinless dogs good to grill. They are a coarser grind than most other sausages I have tried and have been using the same company for better than 4 years. I’ll bet your “artisan” sausages and brats would be a big hit. Happy hot doggin. Doing a little research on my own though, i’ve tasted the dogs and polish from Bobaks a Polsh store thats been in business for years,outstanding.Also Daisy brand an old outfit from the westside,but pricey.Also used to love the dogs my dad would bring home from around Madison st.60 yrs ago,remember the red color,the snap,the garlicky,wonderful taste,havent’ been able to find anymore.Also the tasty, brownish mustard that they would put on the dogs at the stands that were located on thebeaches in Chicago,cant find that either.Would love to bring these tastes and smells to old-timers like myself and open minded millenials.Maybe some of your subscibers could help out.Thanks for letting me ramble as the dream continues to be that. Taste and test just the dog. Gaspar’s to reach the 5 lb

I don't much care for the standard Hatfield frank. “snap” every time you take a bite. I live and sell in upstate NY. Try both. In any event, it is well worth seeking out.

A Dawg For You. The entire Boar’s Head line of meats is wonderful.

Nick I have no hard data Marin, sorry. I was in Restaurant Depot this week and came across these dogs again. Only one place I know of has it, but they have the low fat skinless version. refrigerate order immediately upon receipt. I haven’t had any luck where I live but I’m using a skinless hot dog made locally from black angus beef and they are tasty.

“tell ’em where you got it”, Here in hawaii I use nathans 5/1 I have a nathans rep people love these dogs here he also said sams nathans not a true nathans and sams will be ending nathans by nov 2013 of this year, I have not sold a dog yet.

Da’ Pearl Quarter Pounder Datz Eye Buys, Once in A While, az A Roller Dawg… I have not had time to go to a sorta local processor that makes dogs and sausage with local beef. Putting the casings, on top of a regular hot dog? next week I will have a Bagna caulda Dawg,,, it is a olive oil,anchovies and a lot of garlic, all cooked down into a mixture,, so good on a Italian sausage,, Out of the three you mentioned, I prefer Best's. How about you, slinger? Great input Mary Jayne! Let me add that I cooked all of these dogs on a griddle. I had a customer stop by,, and yelled Nathans!!! Best Seller in Frozen Meat. maybe because if it works and it ain’t broke I ain’t fixin it haha.

Hope this helps? I use the Baker’s and Chef’s all Beef hot Dog and have had no complaints. (Surf Dawgz Catering). Thumann's is the only dog that wasn't all beef. Boil or grill your red snapper and serve in a New England split-top buttered and toasted hot dog bun.