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In Chile, where some growers have been using the process for perhaps 10 years, they can use plant growth regulators that are sprayed on the trees or injected through the irrigation system.


In bananas, adoption of optimum density is very important for bridging the gap between the actual yield and the potential yield of banana from a unit area. 1 0 obj The high density planting cannot be adopted in very steep, unfertile, shallow and drought prone areas. Growers cap the height of the tree at about 8 feet. 1 0 obj

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endobj "We're significantly above the county average yield," he said. Spacing trees closer together helps control growth by crowding them so they are competing more for available resources, such as water, he said. endobj This article has given me very important tips about density management as I schedule to plant up to 1000 - 2000 avocado trees. 25100 pounds for 400 plants per acere .that means each tree produce 62 kgs . endobj 11 0 obj •HDP is defined as planting at a density in excess of that which gives maximum crop yield at maturity if the individual tree grows to its full natural size. %���� High density planting is normally understood as a system wherein a higher number of plants are accommodated in a unit area as compared to the conventional planting. endobj 8 0 obj

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Under the high-density planting program, growers can now produce, on average, 25,100 pounds per acre compared to 7,000 pounds per acres for conventional groves, he said. मुझे इजराइल में बढनेवाले एवेकैडोज के लांट चाहिए खेती के लिए. stream 4 0 obj

10 0 obj 9 0 obj Even in previous years with younger trees, Bender said yields averaged about 15,000 pounds per acre. <>


stream The shorter trees can be picked from the ground - no need to use ladders - which makes harvesting faster and easier. High density plantation helped to get significantly higher yield per unit area compared to the normal spacing, without affecting size and quality of mango fruits. endobj No irrigation is applied from first shower of the rains in June to February-end.

The labor cost of picking fruit in a high-density orchard drops from 25 cents per pound to 4 cents, he said, which is a bargain even with the need for additional pruning and other management practices. endobj That's not something that is available in California, and Spann said it's unlikely that the California Department of Pesticide Regulation would allow the growth regulators to be registered. stream endobj x��S]��0|������I����DB. 6 0 obj endobj "We don't have that for avocados," Spann said. Long term, breeders may be able to develop a tree that will work with high-density formats, Spann said. Rankin McDaniel, owner and president of McDaniel Fruit Co., Fallbrook, Calif., said he's looking at the process, which also is used in Peru and Israel. endobj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 13 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> I'm a fruit farmer in southern Sierra Leone who has developed interest in avocado cultivation. High Density planting in appleHigh Density planting in apple High density planting (HDP) means to increase the plant population per unit area for increasing the production of fruit crops. 7 0 obj High density litchi orchard should be irrigated as and when required particularly soon after paclobutrazol application during September-October, and from panicle emergence to crop harvest at15-20 days interval.