Imagine the tragedy of a little diamond falling off while you were chopping something! On the other hand as one of the most expensive sushi knives, it is not only great for smooth ease of use. Average Because of Yoshihiro Usuba‘s ability to smoothly and quickly chop delicate tomatoes simply vegetable salad or sushi rolls. its stamped bluebird,made in pakastan,worldwide on the blade,with brass ends,and wood handles. With a long name like that, the blade had to be extremely long as well, that’s why we could say this knife is more of a sword due to the 15.4 inch length of the blade. Not only being the most expensive Japanese sushi knife for its carefulness. Thus helps protecting your knife from accidents and corrosions during your sushi making process. As soon as you hold it you will notice the comfortable vibe it gives out and elegant gravure depicting the detailed image of a three-headed dragon. Blade lengths from 270mm to 360mm are available to order. The beautifully decorated blade is hand-forged ‘Boomerang’ Damascus steel and can be easily released with the one-hand button lock. This is a (Another one!) This pocket knife is the stunning result from the collaboration of William Henry (why are they so damn good at those knives? 1 carbon steel), a beautiful ebony wood saya cover, fukusa-bag and kiri-box. Fear not, these prices are nothing comparing to the knives below. Additionally it is polish with mirror finish during the forging process. The Nesmuk Diamond Knife is the creation of jewellery designers Quintin Nel and Hoffman Pieper and costs about $39,600. $0.00. “The hamon (pattern of waves on the blade) was specially designed as the Japanese Fuji Mountain with a full moon. Bling bling! Moreover Yoshihiro Usuba is forge by undergoing the meticulous Japanese sword polishing of pure water quenching.

From $880.00. Which makes Zwilling Twin Cermax one of the most expensive sushi knife specific for its all round quality. Meanwhile the knife also has a beautiful wave like pattern done to the blade called “Hamon”. From $320.00. Although deba knives are generally heavy blades, they are great for many purposes. We apologise for this inconvenience. KASUMI WHITE STEEL . Similarly to the Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki, Yoshihiro Usuba is also forge by knife sword-smith Genkai Masakuni. Perfect Nippon master blacksmith Mr. Yoshikazu Ikeda presented the 2 nd most expensive kitchen knife. 99.

The blade is forged by hand and has a one-hand button system. The pocket knife is simply a piece of art in every way – from the beautifully hand-forged metals which are William Henry’s hallmark to the stunningly decorated blade also featuring the initials of the company. Rate… These knives represent the highest level craftmanship in the art of japanese knife making. Not only is the handle made from the highest quality ebony wood, it is also one the most sought after knives. As a slicing sujihiki knife made out of premium Honyaki steel, you can only imagine how incredibly sharp this is, having a thin blade good for cutting boneless fish into sashimi with only one long uninterrupted stroke.

$74.99. Since Zwilling Twin Cermax‘s ergonomic design is perfect from slicing Battera sushi, chop or mince herbs. 100% Pure Tsubaki Oil . Good Also because Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki is done by a famous knife smith Genkai Masakuni. Seen our high-end handcrafted Japanese knives and wondered why they are so expensive? 1 carbon steel), a beautiful ebony wood saya cover, fukusa-bag and kiri-box. Signup today and receive free updates straight in your inbox.

It’s his finest forged honyaki knife with a superior blade. Hence the core is a one of a kind innovative material that is uniquely clad with material made for protecting the steel core. Not that bad VonShef Premium Knife Set with Beechwood and Acrylic Block Holder Includes Japanese Santoku Knife with Black Soft Touch Handles and Precision Stainless Steel Blades, 6 pc by VonShef $32.99 $ 32. Unfortunately, the maker of this jewel passed away on July 31, 2005. – Octagon shaped ebony handle with ebony rings. Ladies and Gentlemen… at $2.1m price tag you can’t expect anything less than one-in-a-2.1-million The Makara is a unique and beautifully crafted knife and represents the perfect balance between elegance, function, artistry and exotic materials.

This is the kind of knife that you would proudly keep in your collection and once the time comes it should be passed down to further generations. The basic form of the Nesmuk knife is a type of knife that existed over 3,500 years ago and it’s inspired by the aesthetic appeal and efficiency of much older knives. Another stunning piece made by William Henry – The Gentak Makara features a stunning hand-engraved handle with 24 karat gold inlays. Material:    High carbon white #1 steel ;  non-stainless, Moribashi (Ebony chopsticks & the case are optional). Quick view.

From $15.00. im trying to get info on a knife i picked up at a flee market. This is a decorative hunter’s knife originally priced at $8150 and can be found in luxury gift shops online. Although The Gem Of The Orient might seem like something that belonged to a king or someone important a long, long time ago it most certainly has not. Apart from the fact that the knife is immensely sharp and would certainly come of some use to a chef somewhere in a kitchen, the blade of the knife is made from carbon steel and the handle is made from sterling silver on which 8 diamonds are placed. As not all of us have $2.1million to spare, we tested and selected other, equally great Japanese handmade knives which are available in our shop. Forged by Lars Scheidler, the blade is made from 640 layers of Damascus steel with a cutting edge made from the finest carbon steel. SHARPENING STONE . Since this knife is originally forge for sushi chefs looking to create seamless cutting through sashimi boneless fish. The blade is hand-forged ‘Hornets Nest’ Damascus and has a one-hand button lock system along with a thumb stud that is set with Spinels. Made in Japan by one the Yoshihiro’s knife masters in Sakai the sheath is decorated with the image of a phoenix using the Fuki Urushi method, a traditional lacquering technique. (Take the knife and give this beauty to your woman :). (see below!).

Since its heaviness makes the deba knife wonderful for filleting or butchering whole fish or meat. Nenohi Honyaki Dentokougeishi Sakimaru Takobiki. Without any doubt, the Spearpoint Lace has a remarkable design that gives the owner a full-size secure grip, and a versatile blade. Now, in all seriousness, the knives we are going to show you are not used for your daily needs but rather created as something pleasant for the human eye, a piece of art, a luxury object that should belong in someone’s collection and probably not their kitchen.

luxury pocket knife made by William Henry selling at a spicy price of $25,000 The handle of the high-end item is hand-engraved with inlaid 24 karat gold. Whether we’re talking about simple pocket knives, kitchen knives or even knives from a different century, these are high-end pieces that deserve a place as one of the Most Expensive Knives In The World! Allowing users to easily glide through sushi rolls and resist sticking to rice. If you desire to purchase the high-end piece you will receive it along with an elegant piano lacquer box. While with the standard of expensive sushi knife it comes with a beautifully designed octagonal knife handle that is made from premium ebony wood.
What's the Difference Between German and Japanese Knives? Hence if you look closely at the knife you will notice that the patter of the knife actually looks similar to the great Fuji Mountain during beautiful night of the full moon. The handle is made from walnut and has on the top of it a sterling silver panther head adorned with gemstones. Similarly the blade has undergone a careful hand honing process in order to create a razor sharp cutting edge blade angle. It arrives in a gorgeous hand-painted cover which is beautifully decked up in archaic Wajima Lacquer process. Besides being simply a luxury product they are wonderful tools design for extreme sharpness and ease of use for making the best sushi rolls. This is one of our favourites: one of those traditional Japanese knives made by Master blacksmith Yoshikazu Ikeda that has been forging honyaki blades for decades now.

The price will be about 50% over that of the corresponding right-handed knife. We are Singapore Honyaki specialist for leading craftsmen.

Shigefusa Kitaeji 210mm Gyuto Wa handle $1,200.00. Masamoto-Sohonten is one of the oldest and most respected knife brands in Japan with 150 year history. Firstly what stands out about the Zwilling Twin Cermax as an expensive sushi knife is its exceptional sharpness. “. 4.5 out of 5 stars 336 Excellent quality.