If you play your Switch for an extended period of time or most often after sundown, I strongly recommend getting the Blue Light Screen Filter. HORI doesn’t market this product to protect your screen though, only to protect your eyes.

Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2020. The cable isn’t removable and can be a bit cumbersome if you don’t have a cable tie to keep it down during travel. Standing 720, pretzel motions, just frame electrics, iWS butterfly combos, charge partitioning, they're all flawless on both sides. Best D-Pad, only ever had one issue with a new one I had, Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2019. Least expensive licensed fightpad option. A waste of money, unless u have the ability to swap out the terrible d-pad with a better one. The colors don’t look too drastically different and after a few moments, you won’t even notice there is something actively altering the way things appear on your screen. Comfortable shape for standard or claw grip. I found it very responsive to DPs; shoto players should do just fine. Fans of the controller have been clamoring for this moment and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Ive been playing fighting games for years. While there isn’t any kind of click to it, you know exactly where your thumb is going thanks to the excellently designed curve of the + shaped pad. Hopefully, the Fighting Commander on Nintendo Switch will receive a similar treatment, like the BlazBlue Central Fiction model made for PlayStation 4, but only time will tell. Whether this is your first FightPad or your third, the HORI Fighting Commander is a fantastic controller that gives you exceptional direction over your inputs that isn’t possible on a standard gamepad. That’s certainly handy for some cross-compatibility at events, or at home. Accuracy is at your finger tips once you break this controller in. I end up sending them back most of them, only one I still have is a Hori RAP which is modded with Sanwa's which I rarely use now.

I am a huge proponent of protecting your eyes from as much blue light as possible. The Fighting Commander is the ultimate controller for 2D Fighting Games and also works great on many other 2D software titles.

Shoryuken review: HORI Fighting Commander pad for PlayStation 4/Xbox One. It features a six-button layout, durable micro switch buttons, and a short throw analog stick with 8-way gate for increased accuracy and execution speed. No assign or turbo mode like on previous iterations.

Remember, this is all done to protect your eyes and reduce strain. But there are many players — and many at the highest levels of professional competition — that prefer a pad to the fightstick.