Again, great idea! Create cheap and easy slipcovers to cover an old sofa or chair, without sewing a single thread.

It is one of my FAVORITE projects ever. I love the slipcovers that you made and I am tempted to try them myself (or you could come and live here for a couple of days). I used three of the biggest size slipcovers and had a little bit left over but my couches are huge. Seriously every doubting moment was worth it because the sofa looks stunning! You can craft fashionable slipcovers using interesting, low-cost fabric such as canvas, or repurpose sheets or drapes. Fashion a slipcover for a sofa with drapes that you are no longer using. I’ve been procrastinating about altering a linen slipcover I purchased for my wing chair that isn’t fitting as snuggling as I want. Hi Jen: thought I would tell you about my canvas bleaching project. I sewed our dropcloth slipcover so I could have this neutral holiday decor. I totally get the impatient crafter bit- that is absolutely me. Great minds think alike! I just sewed the fabric together to make seams at the edges of the slipover. Then I wraped the material around the cushions so it met on the middle of the back seam. 17 Comforting and Delicious Fall Weight Watchers Recipes!

Marsha Jones began her creative and technical writing career in 1991, with published works in the fields of technology, antiques, home design and regional Idaho. I have a sectional that needs an update.

I love, love this tutorial, but for the non-skilled sewer (not even sure how to thread my machine properly) it all looks so overwhelming. Spent 3 days bleaching with zero results.

Both sides of the dropcloths are pretty much the same, except that the seams at the bottom will have a right and wrong side.

Lowes or Home Depot are probably cheaper because the ones I found were between twenty and thirty dollars each. That would be fun!! I’m mustering up the courage to slip cover two of my sofas. For so long I have wanted to reupholster my sofa, but the cost to buy the fabric is outrageous. Guess will have to buy a lot of bleach lol. I have been obsessed with a white slipcover for my family room lately. Fitted slipcovers offer all of the convenience of a removable, washable cover with the added bonus of a custom-tailored look. A courageous feat that became a beautiful success!

. Measure the cushion from bottom to top to get the thickness. LOL.

This idea just made it possible to make another. Multiply the length times the width to figure the total amount of fabric required. I really do love it alot , Well I’ve got a couch and two wing back chairs waiting for covers….this give me great hope that I can actually do it!

Love it! Wow Jen – what a difference! Thanks! Jessica @ Mom 4 Real recently posted…Primp Your Pumpkin Party 2 – Share Your Decorated Pumpkins, WOW! Drape a pretty quilt over the back, or cover just the bottom cushions in envelope style covers, in a coordinating color or print.

Love this! Brilliant.

Thanks for stopping by!! Thanks Brenda!! Pull the corner of the fabric at the left rear edge of the sofa straight up so that the fold you created is parallel to the back of the sofa. Refresh an entire room or individual furniture pieces using inexpensive fabrics or remnants and save on the high costs of professional upholstery work. Jen, you did great!!! I am seriously impressed. Place a line of straight pins about 1/4 inch away from the back of the sofa, following the contours of the sofa all the way down to the floor. You give me hope that maybe I could do this? So I took the finished seam at the back of the couch and draped it over the front, over the seat onto the front apron. Hi Jen! I wonder if tis would work for a single chair? As someone that is a beginner sewer, I never thought I would be able to sew a slipcover – I mean, this project seems so HUGE!! Design a canvas slipcover for an upholstered chair. I am so impressed with your slipcovered sectional. Dropcloths are durable and so inexpensive. I like the idea of drop cloths and it looks like Pottery Barn- love that look. I can’t believe you made your own slipcovers for a sectional – and from dropcloths!!

Sew the top to the side pieces on all four sides. I have a couch and loveseat I want to do because the fabric is outdated.

It’s almost white, the material is durable and I think it will last for a LONG time.

Now to get the drop cloths and go to town!

The first is to pin your sectional couch section and then go back in and unpin each one and flip the seams. Welcome to Tatertots & Jello, where I love to share creative tutorials and inspiration every day. The room looks so fresh and so clean.

I laid new fabric onto the arms and front of the arms and pinned it withere the panels should meet. I made slip covers for two chairs out of drop clothes. It took me two full days of work – but I am so happy with how they turned out. Then I had a similar idea, to buy these same drop cloths and dye them my choice of color. Abby recently posted…4 jewelry organizers you can make for FREE. So the first 4 hours it soaked in my claw foot tub – let’s just say bleach and claw foot tubs (porcelain) don’t get along!! thanks for asking me though – you are so sweet!! Learn to make slipcovers from drop cloths at Tater Tots and Jello. I’d like to bleach them all at once. Absolutely brilliant, Jen!!!

She has a passion for writing, hiking to ancient Native American dwellings, jazz, and the great outdoors, and she is working on a series of short stories about mysterious hiking adventures in the desert southwest. I can’t wait to see your new drapes! It’s been on my to do list but this gives me the courage to bump it up to the top! I am so happy with how they turned out. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, Homesessive: 20 Useful Things to Do With Bed Sheets. I ended up sewing that trim onto the bottom of the slipcover and I really think it added so much to the slipcover. I have made cushion covers and hoop wall art using drop cloths as well.

And I didn’t think I was going to love the dropcloths. Great job, Jen! Simply Wonderful! way to go!!! Seriously I never thought two years ago that I would be able to make a slicover for this big couch, even 2 months ago. Also, one that is water (drool) resistant! A slipcover would be easier! I bought duck canvas for what felt like a small fortune.

ago.for my camp …have added 2 SIL 2 granddogs and.4 grandkiddos… lots of muddy paws,blueberry stains and who knows what else…I have washed them “often” and they are still looking good…..enjoy decorating for the holiday with your new blank canvas\ Painting is not an option as this is my sofa, not an occasional chair. I can’t believe you used DROP CLOTHS! .

For mine, I wanted to create separate cushion covers.