That’s the way it goes. As a grown adult, this sounds crazy considering we have been taught how to socialize and make friends literally since kindergarten.

They were in the same club. Back in your mid to late 20s it was fairly easy to go out with your buddies, drink some beers and chase some skirts.

She was a year younger than me in our sorority and we probably only exchanged a few words to each other every semester while we were both in school! Which leaves us here. Or, perhaps you luck out and find an awesome job in a city... only to move there and realize you know no one except that one girl who was in your AP English class in high-school.

In all my life I've never seen so many cigarette and piercings selfies. So please remind yourself that you are NOT alone, you’re just far away. So remind yourself again that you have plenty to offer, and go have some fun. In fact, this has been the theme of my life. I know not everyone has this issue with moving around, but that still doesn’t exclude them from this problem.

Baristas know my orders by heart, and they probably know more about my career and milk allergies than most people do.

Instant trust. Any advice for those of us who come over about 50x times better IRL than online? Personally, I have found this to be one of the best ways to create new female friendships. If you work in the food and beverage industry, which a lot of us do right after graduating, the servers and baristas you work with practically become family. So there I was, brand new to one of the largest cities in the world, and found myself in the comfort of boys, boys, boys. Casually invite people to other peoples events.

Press J to jump to the feed. Still waiting on a few to get back to me three years later, actually. The most accelerated way to truly get to know a person is live with them, right? I’ve always had an affinity for male friendships. They went to the same school. But sometimes, commiserating is the best way to build lasting friendships. It’s been invaluable to say the least! And thus, the pattern continued. Get those digits. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Story of my life. None of these friendships were created because I went to a networking event alone and “put myself out there.” None of them were created because I hung out at a coffee shop alone just hoping someone would talk to me.

Even people I hadn’t spoken to in years. Twenty20 / @Aldona_P. If you’re *really* feeling uneasy, loop in a mutual friend to coordinate a re-introduction. Going to just a general “new to the city” or “women who work” network doesn’t hold a lot of promise for finding things in common other than your zip code. Usually, they're pretty cool. I’m dealing with it, and pretty much every other girl within the Blush community has, too.

So keep these things in mind….

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Yeah internet dating for guys is much harder because the reply rate is low. So where do you go to meet slightly older women outside the bar/club venue? Although we are sometimes wary of the people our siblings bring home, there is no reason not spend some time with them. Here’s what’s worked for me and my clients so far: I know, this seems counterintuitive. Your best friend from grade school will move to New York for an unbelievable job opportunity. Invite them to other events and encourage them to bring friends.

These don’t have to be super close friends. Showing up alone can be so intimidating and it might suck the fun out of it. ... How To Make Friends In Your 20s As Adults After College. And not only did she respond, but she met us for dinner that very weekend AND we are still close friends to this day. Yes, it’s a little awkward at first, and you have to swallow your pride by admitting you’re somewhat lonely, but once you can get past that hurdle, Ali/Sammy/Blaine/Nikki/Teal are going to come to your rescue. KICKBALL leagues????? These girls are gems. The best luck you are going to have making friendships as an adult is through MUTUAL FRIENDS. Since I work on the Internet, I have a bunch of bloggers I'm friends with. Though women of all age groups mention fun as a top characteristic (4th for women in their 30s and 40s, and … So if you run into a normal person who lives in your complex, hold on to them for dear life. Haha. Instead of doing my own awkward, icky, vulnerable, uncomfortable dirty work – I pass it off to others. Someone has to talk about it. Everyone can bond over misery. Its not that simple for guys. I found that proposition to be very uncomfortable, but decided he was right so I did it anyway. Finally. You soon discover you are super lucky to even have one tolerable neighbor. If you’ve read my book, I talk a lot about “Finding Your Caroline” and what all of that entails. This reminds me of one time a few years ago when someone posted a question that basically said "where do I meet the cool, intelligent, shy girls?" Your college friends retreat back to their hometowns in the Midwest. If you think about the reason people become friends in the first place, it’s usually because of a mutual establishment. How Do You Make Friends Now? I learned that it's hard to meet girls in those venues and even harder to meet quality women. Let me tell you – these moves are not conducive to consistent relationships.

Be Prepared With Annoying Questions. and "How did you get in here?" And we probably wouldn’t be that close if I hadn’t reached out, because we weren’t ever close to begin with! So he set us up because she’s kewl. All rights reserved. Only the girl I met last night showed up but I knew a bunch of people there and I will continue to invite the people who didn't show up to stuff. It's kind of the perfect friendship ... minus the whole long-distance thing. Many friends meet partners rock climbing, or going to shows, or whatever it is they enjoy. Become an organizer.


As you get older, society and all of your family members are … When I moved to Los Angeles, I seriously almost only knew guys. I’m not sure.

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