Can I adjust the temperature of the drink? How do I know the beer is ready to be served? Should I temporarily store a tapped keg in my refrigerator? To avoid any danger, have it replaced by an approved repair centre.

Does the machine need to be switched on all the time it is in use? The pump turns on upon insertion of a keg, each time it is used and once every half hour to maintain the pressurised beer. Only the kegs on the websites (for 2-litre kegs) and (for 4 and 5-litre kegs) are compatible with our machines. Yes, over reasonable distances and as long as the transport does not incur high variations in altitude and therefore too much pressure.

It could be due to several causes:• It is the first glass tapped: the tube that transport the beer to the spout is filled with gas and not yet with beer.• The keg is not at the right temperature.• The server doesn't draw the beer correctly: The tap handle should be opened quickly and completely when drawing beer. A little condensation is normal; this is connected with the difference in temperature.Dry the refrigeration chamber thoroughly when exchanging kegs. This is located just above the tap cover and just below the beer tap handle.

Hold the glass under the spout, at 45 degrees.

1 Check the front of the BeerTender for the release panel.

Please enter your e-mail, it will be sent to you. There are two ways:• In the beer dispenser (if the keg and dispenser are at room temperature of 20 °C, it will take approximately 15 hours to chill a keg of 4 or 5 litres to 4 °C, and around 10 hours to chill a keg of 2 litres to 2°C)• or in the refrigerator (between 8 and 12 hours, depending on the cooling capacity of the refrigerator and keg size). Open the cover. Two litre kegs can be kept inside the appliance for 15 days after opening, 4 and 5 litre kegs can be kept for 1 month. Beer is not a product that fares well when exposed to below 0 degrees and its quality would also deteriorate. Calendar reset button 3b. Unplug your product before cleaning and dry both the exterior and interior with a soft cloth or sponge.

Cooling off the beer to a temperature of 2 °C inside your appliance takes around 10 hours if the keg and the appliance are at room temperature (22 °C).

For how long a time can I keep my beer after opening? Rinse the glass with water before drawing a beer. This time may be reduced by several hours if the keg has been pre-chilled in the refrigerator. We recommend that you pre-chill your keg for at least 6 hours in the fridge before installing it in your machine. Why? There is condensation in the refrigeration chamber. Tapped 2-litre kegs should not be stored in the refrigerator.

Do you really want to delete all items from your cart? Yes, over reasonable distances and as long as the transport does not incur high variations in altitude and therefore too much pressure. No, only the model B95 offers three temperature settings of 2, 4 or 6°C.