The Tradestation platform has a “Short Locate” function, which search for hard to borrow securities.

If you hold different types of investments, your winners and losers may balance each other out, resulting in less volatility in your portfolio. See my list of the top technical analysis books that I think every trader should own. His writing on financial topics has also appeared in Money magazine, Kiplinger's, and Men's Health. Can you now reserve shares to short at Interactive Brokers? Anyway, just because a stock is on the list does not mean it cannot be short sold. If you log in to your account and go to “Tools > Short Stock Availability” you can see more detailed data on how many shares of a stock were available at different times.

I usually short with Etrade but recently had my account fall below $25k then made the mistake of buying and shorting the same stock on the same day which turned out to violate an SEC rule I had never heard about.

SEED: IB current rate -50.50.

You won’t remember me but we have spoken on the phone a couple of times regarding being a millionaire challenge student of Tim Sykes. Didn’t know that even existed!

Preborrowed shares can be held without shorting the stock for up to 3 days (afterwards they will be automatically returned). Bank products and services offered by E*TRADE Bank and E*TRADE Savings Bank, both federal savings banks and Members FDIC. I notice they route through allot of firms.

I found this page fascinating and well done. Powerful tools, real-time information, and specialized service help you make the most of your margin trading. If the market in general is in a downtrend, you are not going to want to be buying stocks. Best brokerage firm for shorting stocks is LIGHTSPEED TRADING. Give this service a test drive.

So in order to make any money you need to learn the art of shorting. The Lightspeed trading platform will display a symbol if a stock is not readily available to short.

A dividend is a payment made by a corporation to its stockholders, usually out of its profits. Can you recommend a company to short trade with?

E*TRADE has more choices for you when placing a trade than just the below options.

To sell short, a trader first needs to borrow shares that will be sold short. if ( notice ) You must enter a short order and if it is rejected then that stock is not shortable at the present time.

Hey Michael – thanks for the post. I have also configured my Trader’s Workstation software to show the “Shortable” column.