Assembly was a bit tricky for someone not mechanically inclined like myself but my wife helped and we finished it in short order.

Other controllers, like the iControlPad have multiple operating modes, which is why I suspect the iCade is similar. This isn't a big deal for the buttons -- buttons are instant activate so if I pressed y on my keyboard that is the same as, say, pressing fire in Galaxian. Now you need to create the iCadeReaderView object, set the delegate, and add it to the view hierarchy.

Each time a button is released, buttonUp is called. Most new users finds it difficult to setup or configure Ipega gamepad controller – you are not alone.

To my utter astonishment, wiring in the mystery boards from Schengen worked first time. Then go down and enable and select BluezIME keyboard. You will thank me. Is there any way to create a MAME config file that will work with the iCade?

This saves So. if it still fails , re-enable the IME -> Bluez IME keyboard and when it connect try to type code, although it will fail. | Terms of Service, Copyright © xda-developers. :]. Much. In order to get it back, you’ll have to disconnect from the iCade, so download any games or anything that requires you type before you do all of this.

Just tested this under 4.4.2 and it still works fine with BluezIME just so you know. I believe the Bluez IME somehow makes the device authenticated in Bluetooth settings, and although it fails at native bluetooth connection a few times, it does connect after 3rd or 4th try.

iCade bluetooth keyboard mappings for MAME? Time. :Edit: I figured it out! Bluez keeps reporting an error with bt socket. But once I paired it with my laptop as a bluetooth keyboard for testing, I discovered something odd that does not bode well for using the iCade with MAME. You’re setting the opacity to half (127) and you’ll set it back to full (255) when a button is pressed. The real action was last Saturday at The National Museum of Computing where you could witness, ZX Spectrums tend to suffer from two major problems. To Google! How far should the recessed lights be from 24” kitchen cabinets?

You can't just press ENTER, you must enter a value. This is a common problem all to do with the Pi choosing the wrong HDMI mode because the screen’s CPU is telling it porkies. Feel free to post an answer if you can... are you on windows 7? Open the BluezIME app and turn on Bluetooth. It lets you map the icade controller and buttons so they emulate a normal Joystick or D-pad. Also, you’re adding the buttons to an array, just to make it easier to process touches later on. Later we’ll be adding new methods that move and jump the player, but for now we’re moving the touch responder to the HUD layer. Please enable JavaScript to enjoy the best experience. You don’t need to send a message that the player is no longer pressing the jump button, because you’re applying an impulse on the first touch of the jump button, and not sending another until the button has been released and touched again. Jacob is an indie game developer and runs the Indie Ambitions blog.