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With that said, Moscow happens to be a fantastic historical and multicultural city that lends itself to being a perfect tourist destination. However, there are no reports on long-term illnesses arising from these emissions. The most recent high-profile attack happened in 2017 in St. Petersburg, where 15 people were killed in the city metro system by a suicide bomber. Click here to access all the Russia posts >>>. However, it decreased since the 90s, so right now, for tourists, Moscow isn’t more dangerous than any other European city, it’s even less so. Read my post about Moscow vs St. Petersburg – what’s the difference >>>. While you walk around Moscow, you might encounter police officials that may demand to see your papers to check if you have been registered within 7 business days of your arrival into Moscow. It doesn’t mean that other districts are dangerous, but they could be far and I think the last thing you want is to commute for 1.5 hours in the overcrowded metro, right? After the recent terrorist attack in the subway in St. Petersburg the probability of this situation happening again in Moscow is very high.

However, the Russian government has dealt with this issue effectively, and there have been no major terror attacks in the country since. I recommend always having a phone with the internet at hand, so you can check the route on Google maps or ask people by showing them a translated phrase in Google. You shouldn’t have any problems with this, because if you stay in a hotel then you are automatically registered and will be handed a confirmation paper. Another safety tip for Moscow is staying in the properties around the city centre or within the Sadovoe Koltso (Garden Ring). It’s always better to form your own opinion, unless, well, the region is really dangerous and your government advises you against all travel to that region (e.g. However, if you’re planning on traveling to Moscow, keep in mind that you should always keep your guard up and remain aware of your surroundings, just in case. The most reported types of crime include fraud, robbery, embezzlement. Especially for the fact Russia is very much on the edge when it comes to fighting terrorism domestically and over the world. Bathroom Refurb Cost in London: How Much Do You Need To Budget? It was held in Moscow and attracted millions of tourists into the city. Russia is not the case. I sense a serious bias, here. This may sound off-putting, but keep in mind that countries such as the UK, France, and Italy also fall into level 2 travel advisories by the U.S. Department of State. Is Moscow safe for tourists? Always use a licensed taxi. However, in 2018, crime reported in Moscow declined by 9%. Have a map of the city that will work if you lose access to the internet. The situation improved drastically when it comes to kidnappings and muggings. I’ve been to both cities visiting family! For example, Moscow is a city of 16 million people, therefore, there are areas to avoid, drug abuse, petty theft, corruption, and potential environmental hazards. In general, you can feel safe knowing that the authorities are doing their best to keep the city safe from terror attacks. You have entered an incorrect email address! However, LGBTQ+ travelers in particular may face some difficulty, especially if they are traveling with a partner.

Despite all of the risks and considering Moscow’s size, it is surprisingly safe in terms of crime. You need to change your ratings!! There is a police station at every metro station. Somalia or Yemen at the moment). It is an offense to smoke in public places, this includes near subway exits, in parks, at a bus stop, or any other public place. Don’t believe everything you hear about Russia in the news, if I haven’t been and lived in Russia, I would probably be sceptical of going to Russia as well. Head to this post about the best cities to visit in Russia >>>. © 2020 | Expatriant | All Rights Reserved. This is common advice that applies anywhere in the world though. I hope that this information was useful for you, guys! Pay attention to your belongings, don’t leave them in plain sight and be especially careful in crowded places like stations or near tourist attractions. It is highly unlikely that you will become a victim of a crime while in Moscow and the overall rate of crime is no different than that of other major cities in the world. Also, the latest terrorist attack in Moscow happened in 2010… so how can you honestly say that the risk is still “high”? Russian militaries and police are very strict when it comes to taking photos.