Thanks for your comment. As for your question, I’m going to have a chat with one of the guys who works with me at Frontier. So why not rule out the chance of a longer stay in the wilderness than needed by getting a compass that will easily guide you out and back to safety in no time!

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Because of the drinking and walking capabilities (long distance).

A brief question though, I’m looking for a new pack and I do like the way the Sabre 45 packs up nicely. Yeah, synthetic bags are bulky, particularly those which are suited to the colder months. Should i take a tent with me, i pack it and the sleeping bag vertical. Not the most important comment.

Elen Hi Paul thank you for another interesting video, I was a serving soldier for many years and carried a lot of kit and equipment and now I carry a lot less but still use my old issue bergan which is a beast but will take a lot of abuse, I have now got to get out of the habit of over packing it, look forward to watching a video on the food you take with you as when in the army we were issued with rat packs. Thanks for the video, good demo and information. I got a 120l rucksack off eBay, I’ll let you know his thoughts on the pack. This is also a kind of value producing protest to the out of control modern world so replete with wasteful consumerism and mind controlling technology. So in my Sabre 45 backpack, I use an Ortleib dry bag which has 57 litre capacity. And it is nearly nothing, because i am a well educated bushcrafter. In this video I show you how. You can get various sizes of sidepockets but most will add more than 15 litres to the overall capacity. Do you use some sort of bag protector that would slide on top of your bag to keep it dry? I will be using this as a guide to pack my kit when I go on my first bushcraft weekend. It was a great camera but with even the GoPro Hero 3 turning out 1080p HD video, I wanted a compact camera that could match it. ;0) This is a good thing because there is no substitute for individual skill sets and knowledge when it comes to basic survival, which helps with understanding some important differences between standard survival prepping and serious  bushcraft. Since FIRE is a supportive factor in wilderness survival, it takes second priority, at least in cold weather situations, in my personal sequence when I was training personnel. The poncho (instead of your tarps) i carry in a side pocket, an additional rain jacket perhaps in the main compartment outside the drybag liner and over the sleeping bag. I enjoy your videos. G’day Chris, thanks for your comments and observations. Frank. What would be a good pack to use( I live in USA) Do you suggest using water proof bags on all items that you packed??

Now this list won't cover every situation and climate, that's where your necessity for thinking comes into play. I like your straightforward article on how to pack a rucksack Even the personal carry pack or kit is a lot less than a typical mission oriented high-speed low drag modern BOB (Bug Out Bag) set up.

However you want to do it is the right way! • Shelter/sleeping – either … As for myself, this video and your blog in general have helped me reorganise my kit and the way I pack it. As with most books, the content starts to get repetitive very quickly, so I’m not sure of the value of reading all of the listed books, but it is a great resource for when you are searching for good reading material in a particular category. The newest air mats come with a pump bag, they aren’t self inflating any more. Fortunately for me I saw this just before las weekends essential bushcraft course! I like sharing what I know and I aim to be as clear as I can. That is more or less all.- For people with knowlege! Another great informative video. expeditionary pack, like Kelty or a Jansport make for long distance mountaineering. Slip it inside the main compartment (handle downwards is easier) while in such environments. Instead, it will be the tried and true shoulder bag or belt carry kit, which is what you usually see all the original mountain men and Native American Indians carrying.

I’m very happy with the footage it produces. Very useful. And then of course there’s the weight of food … and I do NOT like any of the dehydrated packaged meals I’ve tried so far so now I need to get a dehydrator and do my own. We’ve been pretty busy this year with our semester programs at Jack Mountain, as well as getting our southern Vermont campus set up for the FFP.

I’m glad my presentation style goes down well. Hello everyone, it’s been a while. Ebay £7.98 including P&P ,for a careful Yorkshire lad that was a bargain.. Click the button below to add the Jack Mountain Bushcraft Basic Kit to your wish list. I was just looking at the Karrimor SF gear in the Sports Direct Sale. Bigger backpacks certainly do encourage a less stringent packing regime – both in terms of packing too much and possibly packing less well too. Thanks for your comment. Will have to take it all out again and think about it. Thanks for your feedback Gareth. I use british snugpack bags! Thanks Paul, The multipurpose tool we recommend is the Leatherman Skeleton CX. Or nearly no equipment.

And yes, I have seen people who can carry everything they need in their Cargo pants, on their belts, and/or in a jacket/vest with multiple pockets, to include a mylar pup tent, enough packed food for a couple of days, and even an animal trap for extended stays in the bush. To make this kit complete for one of Tim's courses you need to buy a carbon steel Mora knife. What are your views on closed cell vs inflatable valve carry mats? Re watched your video just as good as the first time, as if anything would have changed but am now on the look out for a Sabre 45 Ltr sack, would I be right in checking out army surplus, especially for the side pockets. Blog contents mostly old - but I remain young. Marcus. The tarp goes up first. I’m glad you have found my blog and it’s proving useful – particularly the photos and videos, given your learning style. Hi Paul – great video – thanks for taking the time to make it and for sharing. Very interesting and practical advice, thanks. They all make good sense. After a hard day of chopping wood and setting up camp with a basic sleeping shelter, I don’t mind kicking back by the warm campfire and enjoying the sunset with a little background music, and a sip or two of libation as the night owls and other critters begin their evening concert…, I also like a small first aid kit, a mylar tube tent and a mylar blanket (also good for making a solar still), 50’ of paracord, and a day or so worth of emergency food rations. Also, my drybag is for immersion (unintentional or intentional) as well as rain. I prefer to keep my waterproof dry as it weighs more when wet.

Hej Frederick!

No doubled edged or serrated edged blades (ie. I’m always conscious of trying to pare everything back as much as possible but it’s not always easy. I always pack too much in the way of clothing. In the meantime I think you’ll find the thread of comments below the related kit article very useful too, as many people offered various suggestions for lighter weight alternatives or variations. From the picture the Sabre 60 looks more adjustable and more comfortable. Best Lightweight Survival Gear of 2020 – Kits, Hatchets, and Tents, Best Whittling Knives of 2020 – Buyer’s Guide Review, Best Out The Front (OTF) Knives – 2020 Buyer’s Guide, 8 Skills to Ensure Wilderness Survival – [Informational Guide], Best Bushcraft Boots of 2020 – [Bug Out Boots for Survival]. For instance, if you are doing a lot of hunting and game dressing for the campfire cook out, you’ll want to carry more sanitary ‘wet wipes’ in a plastic sealed food pouch. I’m glad to hear that you are finding the content of this site useful.

Your videos have improved the way I pack my equipment and the ease of finding what I need, when I need it. You put so many things in your bag, and food?

It sounds like yours works very well , Paul, you’ve really set me off, it’s very good.

You only need to be caught out at twilight in the woods, to realise just how easy it is to misplace the tiny important items, so baging gear is a great system. take up 80% of the interior. The one in the last picture below is a sturdy aluminum two pot European model for $3.95. We use cookies, just to track visits to our website, we don't store personal details. Bushcraft was almost a lost art before the growing popularity of survival prepping also coincidentally stimulated a new interest in it. I use a couple of decent roof bar straps to compress it all, then, as it’s waterproof thanks to the bivvy bag I tie it to the bottom of my bergen.

I’m don’t really explain what the equipment is or why I’ve chosen it as you can go back to that original article if you like, You might have to live off the land, as the expression goes, like our ancestors and the pioneers often did.

Great video Paul, only a 45ltr rucksack – blimey.