The sample vial would be much bigger. It never did any thing for me. Rose 31 Perfume Oil by Le Labo is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women and men.Rose 31 Perfume Oil was launched in 2012. It’s possible I’m tired of this base just because Le Labo popularized these sort of bases. Erm… who said I will get the chance to try new Le Labo’s?

I think it’s because it’s simply not special (to me), though it’s very pretty in its own right. This brand is so popular that I smell at least three people on mass transit wearing a Le Labo product daily. This actually makes me not want to wear it. Mohur extrait broke the budget until the end if the summer. Do we just breathe them out again? And, I happily blame you one day I hope to recommend you a scent that will equally bowl you and your bank account over!

Not sure if this is an original LeLabo Rose 31 product or if it is a diluted Hotel Blend. I had thought you’d told me a while back that you didn’t love it. But honey lovers should try Hedonist. You fell in love with Hedonist and Ambre Russe?? Le Labo Rose 31 is a beautiful, alluring, ethereal fragrance for those of us who adore the contained fragrance notes. Given how the vetiver note is often paired with ISO E Super and given your comment about Le Labos having a lot of it, I’m hoping I can handle it. The best dirty-rose scent that I've smelled. I’m always surprised when I hear or read reviews that Le Labo Rose 31 isn’t a rose. A nice summer scent for cooler days; just hovering at the border between a neutral and a positive score due to the substandard second half. To me this smelled like pure incense , which is not a smell I like. Headache within the hour. Does the laundry musk mask it? If I smell something noticeably rose in public, then it is most likely the delicate sillage of Le Labo Rose 31. To those unfamiliar with the synthetic, all they detect is “extra, extra pepperiness.” Some people are completely anosmic to the note, while others get extreme headaches from it.

I really adore that first opening to Rose 31 that I experienced. Period.

Cathee Dahmen in Brooklyn circa 1969 by Claude Guillaumin in NYC. In a nutshell, though, the synthetic is used most frequently for two reasons: 1) as a super-floralizer which is added to expand and magnify many floral notes, along with their longevity; and 2) to amplify woody notes and add a velvety touch to the base.

My favourite outfit to wear with Rose 31 is a pair of black, leather boots, black waxed denim jeans, a loose, flowy-t shirt tucked into my jeans, and a little attitude. ( Log Out /  If you’re a tiny bit daring and like to make an [albeit subtle] statement, this fragrance could make an excellent signature scent, as it is for me. The names are thus not necessarily related to what the fragrance is meant to smell like.

I’m very tempted to try the Patchouli and Labdanum perfumes from Le Labo, but I suspect it may be a while before I get around to ordering samples. LOL! Rose 31 is a 'rose' fragrance that is beautiful and frustrating. Both spices share equal space on Le Labo’s stage with heaping cups of ginger that is, simultaneously, both freshly pungent and spicy, and slightly crystallized and sweet. Rose 31 is one of the few scents with prominent rose that I decided to add to my collection. Although there are masculine notes, it's still feminine. It’s a similar theme (cedar and musk) but it works so much better on my skin than the Le Labo.