Video, 00:01:00Female Aboriginal MP's landmark speech, Up Next, The Russian provinces buckling under Covid-19. She explains what it is she stands for, who the people of her electorate are, and the background she has come from. Really appalling. Read about our approach to external linking. 2 0 obj Many of you were here,” she said. stream

Video, 00:02:44Asia’s last rainforests under threat, Covid-19 grief: 'I do talk about it' Video, 00:03:12Covid-19 grief: 'I do talk about it', Two-minute silence held for Armistice Day.

endobj endobj © 2020 BBC. The former NSW MP joked it was ironic her federal seat of Barton — named after former prime minister Edmund Barton who introduced the White Australia policy — was now one of the most multicultural in the country. One-minute World News. “But I will not be stereotyped and I will not be pigeonholed.”, Linda Burney joins indigenous Labor Senator Pat Dodson at Shadow Ministry meeting at Parliament House in Canberra. Video, 00:01:45Republicans decline to acknowledge Biden victory. And with that information, at the time, Linda Burney was the President of the New South Wales Aboriginal Education Consultative Group, part of our community grouping, and she took it up with the Minister for Education, and the Minister for Education said, “Right. At the time, she said, Australia knew how many sheep it had, but not how many Aboriginal people. “It was the first sitting of the new Labor government, 13th February 2008. The white cockatoo is … Linda Burney was sung into Parliament by indigenous women in the public gallery. First speech to the House of Representatives as Member for Barton Linda Burney A largely autobiographical political address incorporating song and personal anecdotes, the speech moves fluidly between personal, social and political contexts. Aboriginal Languages

<>>> Video, 00:01:22, Biden: 'Embarrassment' that Trump has not conceded.

Video, 00:02:07Is it too early for Christmas decorations? She reflected on the journey of Aboriginal people in Australia’s modern history, saying she was born at a time were “a white woman having an Aboriginal baby was shocking and doubly so if that woman was not married”.

The new member for Barton outlined what she wanted from her time in Parliament. ���9{�`T�6�\ �1S��$�&��]����? The usual rules of the Lower House were relaxed to allow Wiradjuri woman Lynette Riley to sing the Labor MP into the house from the public gallery.

Utsa provides a streamlined application process and knowledgeable engineering bs electrical engineering bs mechanical engineering bs college. 1 0 obj Video, 00:02:44, Covid-19 grief: 'I do talk about it' Video, 00:03:12, Two-minute silence held for Armistice Day. (ABC News: Adam Kennedy) The outline of the sulphur crested cockatoo was burned freehand into the kangaroo skin cloak worn by Ms Burney as she began the speech. Its purpose: to allow parents to take time off from work to look after children in their critical early months of development – critical to the health and development of both birth mothers and children. “I wish in this house … to be respectful, to be gentle and be polite,” she told parliament. <> The longtime politician, who swapped state politics for Canberra at the invitation of the ALP, invited fellow Wiradjuri woman Lynette Riley to sing a traditional song from the public gallery. Picture: Mick Tsikas/AAPSource:AAP.

Picture: Kym SmithSource:News Corp Australia.

“People in our community know that the invisible hand of the market cares little for the needs of the most disadvantaged.” She paid tribute to her late partner former politician Rick Farley, saying the world was a worse place without him. … Video, 00:01:16Students take part in rapid coronavirus test. <> I was 10 years old before the 1967 referendum fixed that,” she said. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

4 0 obj But the chamber felt a long way from that, she said.

Valedictory speech by the Hon. Watch: Linda Burney includes Wiradjuri song as part of maiden speech “I was born at a time when the Australian Government knew how many sheep there were, but not how many Aboriginal people.

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Aboriginal MP Linda Burney makes landmark speech, Female Aboriginal MP's landmark speech. Ms Burney acknowledged the land’s traditional owners, and said “these lands are, always were, and always will be Aboriginal land”. Parliament Office. Linda Burney, member for Barton, delivers her emotional maiden speech at Parliament House. %PDF-1.5 Federal Labor MP Linda Burney has warned that Indigenous leaders may have to compromise in order to reach a broader consensus position that will succeed. Linda Burney entered Parliament in a kangaroo-skin cloak featuring her clan totem and personal totem.

The motion was carried on the voices. Australia's first female Aboriginal MP has given her maiden speech in the House of Representatives and spoken about the discrimination she suffered as a child. ¬ʳ��=��tR,��>Z�~��e�rZ��U!�T�:/�����z�/�@p����|��ل �N��r���-A��.u�̗�cVn�S��h��˭Z-w n* b^��G�6i�Tv��D��pإl���>�r�Z�Қn���< “So, what was that remarkable moment? Is it too early for Christmas decorations? “If I can stand in this place, so can they — never let anyone tell you, you are limited by anything.”, Welcome:

Video, 00:01:22Trump appears at Veterans Day event, Biden: 'Embarrassment' that Trump has not conceded. Linda Burney MP, tells the story of her kangaroo skin cloak in maiden speech at Parliament House. Video, 00:03:27, Two-minute silence held for Armistice Day, Trump appears at Veterans Day event. Is it too early for Christmas decorations? Wearing a kangaroo-skin cloak that detailed her personal story, Labor MP Linda Burney marked her admission to Parliament with a song in her native language. Labor MP Linda Burney, who will represent the New South Wales seat of Barton, said she was not a registered citizen until she was 10. Constitutional recognition for indigenous Australians was the next step for the parliament and country in the reconciliation journey, she said. Picture: Mick Tsikas/AAPSource:AAP. Video, 00:03:37, The Russian provinces buckling under Covid-19, Asia’s last rainforests under threat. “However I say to my elders, that the last bit may not always apply in question time.”.